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Did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up? I think I have the answer.

2020.07.26 23:02 ameliegreen Did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up? I think I have the answer.

I'm an aspiring detective so there's no one more qualified(?) to investigate who Taylor Swift's newest album, Folklore (2020), is about. Taylor Swift has said that the album is not just about herself, but also stories she came up with during quarantine. Unlike with her Lover (2019) album where it was safe to assume basically every lyric was about her boyfriend of nearly four years, this makes it hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. Taylor herself has clarified that only three songs are about a fictitious Teenage Love Triangle, but I've seen some hot takes that either the entire album is somehow about these characters, or that it's all about her breaking up with Joe Alwyn. I want to clear one thing up: there are several songs about Joe Alwyn and none of them are break-up songs.. I can (almost) prove it.

1. Invisible String:
Centennial Park is in Nashville where Taylor Swift moved as a teen to pursue music. In an interview from January 2020 with Red Magazine, Joe Alwyn mentions having worked for a yogurt shop prior to acting.
The red thread/string of fate is an East Asian belief that you're connected to your soulmate by an invisible red cord tied around your finger.
"Bad Blood" is the name of a popular Taylor Swift song released on her 1989 album from 2014.
Most fans interpret Taylor Swift's lyric change in her cover of "September" to mean their anniversary is September 28th 2016, so their third anniversary would have been this past year. In September of last year, Joe alwyn and Taylor Swift were photographed boarding her private jet. Joe Alwyn was photographed by paparazzi from JustJared in Soho a few days later on September 25th 2019 (3 days before their anniversary). "The Lakes" is a colloquial term for the lake district in northwest England, an hour from Soho. Taylor Swift was absent from social media and public appearances from September 21st to October 3rd. I can't confirm they went on a trip to the mountains in England to celebrate their third anniversary, but what I can say is that there is significant circumstantial evidence they went on a trip to the mountains in England to celebrate their third anniversary.
Taylor Swift had multiple high-profile relationships in 2016 before dating Joe Alwyn. She references a meeting in a dive bar, which is interesting because in her song "Delicate" she references meeting a blue-eyed lover in a "dive bar on the east side". Her song "So It Goes.." from the same album also references that she "met you in a bar".
Taylor swift often uses the color "gold" in reference to her relationship. She was in a "gold cage, hostage to my feelings" in "So It Goes", she was "deep blue, but you painted me golden" in "Dancing With Our Hands Tied", love is "Golden, like daylight" in "Daylight", and a lover made a "mark on me, a golden tattoo" in dress (maybe a reference to a golden henna tattoo she was sporting on September 28th 2016, their presumed anniversary date).
Taylor Swift wrote the better half of an entire album as an open letter to her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, and publicly called him out on the Ellen show for breaking up with her over a 28-second phone conversation. Joe Jonas is now married and has a baby on the way with his wife Sophie Turner. Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were friendly with each other when they appeared on the Graham Norton Show in 2019.
In Taylor Swift's "False God", another song presumably about Joe Alwyn, she sings "I know heaven's a thing, I go there when you touch me." This would not be the first time she's likened him to heaven.
I find it hard to argue this song isn't about her relationship with Joe. The timeline works too well.

2. Peace:
I have two things to say here. 1. It's a common fan theory that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are in a fake relationship, either for publicity or to conceal Taylor Swift's (and possibly Joe Alwyn's) sexuality. This has been brought up enough that it wouldn't surprise me to find out she knows about it. 2. Throughout her career Taylor Swift has become known for her high-profile relationships, her last two (Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston) being the subject of multiple Instagram posts on her and her close circles accounts. Her courtship with Joe Alwyn has been uncharacteristically private by comparison, with fans often questioning the status of their relationship due to their general refusal to answer questions about each other in interviews, having never posted a picture together on social media, and never walking the red carpet at the same time even when both are in attendance of events. Their relationship didn't even become public until May 2017, eight months after they're believed to have started dating.
This line is eerily similar to "he built a fire just to keep me warm" from "Call It What You Want".
It might be worth noting that in mid-2016, when Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are believed to have met, he was promoting a film where he played a war veteran.
Joe Alwyn has a younger brother. One can assume from his previous public statements defending her this means they get along.
This is not my strongest argument, but I have interpreted it to be her asking if Joe will be okay spending his life with someone who's life can be so tumultuous.

3. Exile (feat. Bon Iver):
Male narrative, Exile (2020)
Female narrative, Exile (2020)
Cornelia Street, Lover (2019)

Male narrative, Exile (2020)
False God, Lover (2019)

Female narrative, Exile (2020)
Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Reputation (2017)
I opted to just compare lyrics from Taylor Swift's Lover (2019) album to support my argument that this song is the break-up alluded to in Cornelia Street told from Joe Alwyn's perspective, with Taylor Swift's own point of view in the female narrative. This song is co-written by William Bowery, believed to be a pseudonym for the following reasons: At the time of writing this, no one has found evidence a William Bowery even exists. One of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's earliest public sightings was at the Bowery hotel. When they were believed to have met, he was promoting a film where he played a character named William. His grandfather is also named William. Joe Alwyn has an English literature degree, and fans have claimed he writes poetry.. I can't find any news article that support this, but if it's true it wouldn't be a stretch to say he can write song lyrics.
I've been seeing a lot of theories that they've broken up and it's got me worried about Joe's housing situation (this is a joke lol), so this is me trying to comfort myself about it. I like to think they're still together and most of the break-up tracks on this album are about Big Machine or the Love Triangle, but I haven't come up with a good enough argument for that which hasn't already been made. There were 5 holes in the fence. Thanks for listening.
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2020.06.29 22:56 finnagains Where Can People 'On the Go' Find Short Videos? - The fall of Quibi: how did a starry $1.75bn Netflix rival crash so fast? - Adrian Horton (Guardian) 29 June 2020

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s short-form content platform has struggled to make an impact with bad reviews, lack of interest and legal issues swirling
Adrian Horton
Nearly three months ago, in early April, the $1.75bn content experiment known as Quibi lurched from its rocky, much-maligned promotional campaign into full-scale launch. The service offered a tsunami of celebrity-fronted shows segmented into “quick bites” (hence, “qui-bi”) of 10 minutes or less – a Joe Jonas talkshow, a documentary on LeBron James’s I Promise school, a movie with Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner surviving a plane crash, all straight to your phone. At the time, many of us wondered if Quibi could deliver on its central promise – to refashion the style of streaming into “snackable” bites – or if, teetering under the weight of its massive funding and true who’s who of talent as the world shut down, it would become shorthand for an expensive mistake.
The service, the brainchild of the DreamWorks Animation co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and the former Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman – two billionaires deeply entrenched in the Hollywood and Silicon Valley establishment – was “either going to be a huge home run or a massive swing and a miss”, Michael Goodman, a media analyst with Strategy Analytics, told the Guardian. Given a string of bad news since its 6 April launch – missed targets, executive departures, Katzenberg singularly blaming the pandemic – and the sunset of its 90-day free trial with millions fewer subscribers than anticipated, the scales seemed decidedly tipped toward swing and miss. But while it’s too soon to declare the end of Quibi, it’s still worth asking: is the promise of the quick bite already over? And what went so wrong?
Since its launch, Quibi has been a battered by a slew of disappointing news. The app staggered early, falling out of the top 50 most downloaded within a week of its launch, and only attracted about 1.5 million active users by the end of May, according to the Wall Street Journal – a drop in the bucket compared to over 50 million subscribers drawn to Disney+, which launched in December 2019, and Netflix’s whopping 183 million global users (Quibi is only available in the US and Canada). Most of those users were on the service’s free trial, which ends this month (a Quibi subscription is $4.99 a month with ads and $7.99 a month without). The company anticipates landing just 2 million paying customers by the end of the year, less than 30% of its first-year target of 7.4 million subscribers.
The much smaller than anticipated subscriber base left the billion-dollar experiment cash-strapped; the Journal reported that Quibi was on track to have spent $1bn by the end of the third quarter of 2020 and though it raised an additional $750m earlier this year, would require another $200m of new funding by the second half of 2021 to stay afloat. Meanwhile, tentpole advertising partners such as Pepsi, Taco Bell, Anheuser-Busch and WalMart were seeking to renegotiate their agreements with Quibi based on pandemic hits to their business and Quibi’s less-than-promised viewership.
Meanwhile, several unflattering reports have depicted internal strife behind the scenes. The Wall Street Journal detailed longstanding friction in Katzenberg and Whitman’s working relationship. Its head of brand marketing, Megan Imbres, departed in April – another high-profile executive exit after the departures of the head of daily content Janice Min and Tim Connolly, the head of partnerships and advertising, last year. Staffers reportedly “seethed” at Reese Witherspoon’s $6m salary for voiceover work on six-minute episodes of the nature series Fierce Queens as Quibi’s poor performance threatened layoffs, according to Page Six. (Witherspoon’s husband Jim Toth is the head of talent and content acquisition at the company.) Quibi’s signature “Turnstyle” technology, which allowed content to flow from portrait view to landscape and back again seamlessly on your phone, is tied up in a patent lawsuit with a deep-pocketed hedge fund.
The bad press has filled a void of commentary on Quibi’s actual content, despite a slate of 50-plus original shows unveiled in its trial period, which the company itself seems to acknowledge: “see guys, we have a good show,” the Quibi account tweeted with a positive story about the Most Dangerous Game, a movie starring Liam Hemsworth broken into chapters – a tongue-in-cheek admission from a service whose inherent lack of shareability (the app did not allow screenshots, precluding memes) stifled potential good buzz.
Katzenberg has blamed Quibi’s struggles on the pandemic – and, to be fair, it did not help the rollout of a mobile-only service designed for the harried weekday’s interstitial moments and bannered with celebrity name power to launch at a time when Americans were quarantined with their TVs as celebrity culture burned. But to attribute all of Quibi’s issues to the pandemic is “fallacious”, said Daniel D’Addario, the chief television critic at Variety who reviewed Quibi’s debut slate of series. The content’s blanket strategy of celebrity – Witherspoon narrating a spot about cheetah female empowerment on Fierce Queens, Chrissy Teigen as Judge Judy in relationship court – was “uniquely poorly suited to this moment” he told the Guardian, but “the format would’ve always been a disaster”.
Notionally, Quibi endeavored to industrialize a new frontier of television: short-form narratives – that is, episodes of 15 minutes or less – at its shortest and most expansive. The concept is not entirely new to Hollywood – Netflix originals such as Special, Bondingand the sketch comedy series I Think You Should Leave, as well as Nick Hornby’s State of the Union on Sundance TV, zipped in 15-minute episodes – and has long been the staple of YouTubers and creators on short budgets (think Issa Rae’s YouTube mini-series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, her precursor to the HBO series Insecure). But Quibi’s pitch was no less than redefining the unit of corporate Hollywood entertainment to the “quick bite”. “Five years from now, we want to come back on this stage and if we were successful, there will have been the era of movies, the era of television and the era of Quibi,” Katzenberg told a crowd at South by Southwest in 2019. “What Google is to search, Quibi will be to short-form video.”
But in practice, Quibi’s content felt less revolutionary than underbaked, slapdash concepts sledgehammering the viewer with abrupt hits of celebrity. The overarching theme was of “celebrity names without thinking through what they would be doing that is interesting or novel”, said D’Addario. Its chunked movies and unscripted offerings felt “undernourishing”, D’Addario added, and offered little marginal benefit to the free celebrity fare on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok. Why pay for Quibi, when “if you want snackable Chrissy Teigen content, her social media provides that for you without this sort of hackneyed, first-thought courtroom set-up.”
The Quibi experience has been decidedly less than fresh thanks to numerous hurdles built into the service: first and foremost, the mobile-only limitation, which precluded viewing on a bigger screen and also the ability to text, scroll, or multi-task while watching the content pitched to our fractured attention spans. Quibi’s mobile-only imposition especially hampered the service as many Americans quarantined at home with the option of larger screens and ever-growing streaming services – Netflix and Hulu, obviously, as well as Disney+, Apple TV+ and the new HBO Max – to fill them.
Quibi’s business model assumed an endless appetite for entertainment until we die, but its mandates, short-form, mobile-only, paid subscription, subsumed the all-important choice from consumers used to frenetic, constantly refreshing and expanding amusement on demand and on phones with YouTube and TikTok, for free. “We’re in a world where the viewer expects to have control over the what, the when, the where, the how they’re going to watch content, and Quibi has taken a lot of that away from them,” said Goodman.
With the three-month trial ending, can Quibi turn the ship around? Goodman noted the service’s sometimes quality content as a point in its favor; D’Addario pointed to Quibi’s sillier, confectionary unscripted options – Dishmantled, a cooking competition hosted by Tituss Burgess, and queer culture competition Gayme Show – as promising ideas for an app that gets less risible the more it leans into unserious, unburdened fun.
Quibi’s saving grace may lie, ironically, in reneging on what was supposed to be its breakthrough: the streaming wars’ novel mobile-only, short-form service. Quibi has already indicated a move away from the mobile-only part, as the company is in talks with Amazon Fire and Roku to bring the app to TV. And Quibi could move away from the hard 10-minute caps, allowing viewers to segment the shows as they please and creators more wiggle room. Which means Quibi’s survival might not depend on becoming the new Netflix, but becoming Netflix – perhaps a tough pill to swallow for a service aiming to become its own verb for short viewing.
“They’re learning that the decisions that they expected to hang their hat on are not the things that consumers want,” Goodman said. “It’s not a question of pandemic – it’s a question of: do consumers want it?”
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2020.06.07 04:23 tonnie_taller Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Attend Black Lives Matter Protests

Read more on WordPress Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attended Black Lives Matter protests in Mammoth Lakes, California on Saturday. The couple was joined by friends Greg Garbo and Paris Carney. In photos and a clip shared for the “Game of Thrones” actress on Instagram, she could be seen holding a sign reading, “White Silence Is Violence”. She … Continue reading Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Attend Black Lives Matter Protests
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Hollywood celebrities are always one step ahead when it comes to New Year celebrations. If you haven’t made any New Year plans yet, take this chance to experience and celebrate the star-studded New Year and visit these beautiful New Year destinations to experience the fireworks and welcome the New Year like the top celebrities of Hollywood do and who knows maybe you get a chance to spot some famous faces during your new year celebration.

OH, all the things we heard about Vegas! Las Vegas is the most happening destination when it comes to New Year, Christmas or any other occasion. This destination host stars 12 months a year and apart from this place is where all the craziness happens on New Year’s Eve. With various different places, Sin City is the one place where you’ll have the most fun and you can also catch some of the Hollywood creams including Maroon 5 performing at Mandalay Bay, Bruno Mars at Monte Carlo and many others.
How can we forget the sensational and oh so snowy photo-shoot of Kendal Jenner on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado? The three sisters Kendal, Kim, and Kourtney gave us serious New Year vacation goals with their amazing selection of destination.
The newlyweds decided to take the New Year celebrations to the next level with a complete change in their destination. Along with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, the newly web decided to vibe up their celebrations with a Swiss touch. The beautiful Instagram postcards pictures speak wonders of the couple’s destination choice and gives us a new destination to add on to our list for New Year’s celebrations.
Let the sunshine this New Year the Naomi Watts style. While many people love to celebrate the snowy New Year Naomi Watts decided to celebrate the last New Year in sunny Puerto Rico. A different yet a warm New Year welcome is what Naomi is preaching with her destination pick.
If you’re someone who enjoys country music and are a Keith Urban fan then pack your bags and head straight to Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and catch on your favorite singer Keith Urban performing live there and not just that you can spot on many other famous Hollywood celebrities while enjoying the beauty of country music and starting your year with rhythm.
If you think about the Shay Mitchell last New Year destination it’s pretty basic but beautiful at the same time. Shay picked the Vancouver Island to celebrate the last year's New Year and hosted the feed on her gram to let people know the beauty of Vancouver Island and that it can be picked as a holiday destination if you want the simple basic calm celebrations.
This exotic add on our holiday destination list is given to us by Karlie Kloss who chose the destination to celebrate New Year and honeymoon with her husband Joshua Kushner. Her pick for this exotic tropical setting speaks of the fun and adventure this place must have brought her way.
Wood’s New Year pick was Italy and how can we not add Italy to our list of destinations to visit during the holidays. Italy itself is a beautiful cultural place and to be there on New Year’s Eve doubles the dose of cultural activities and celebration all around the country.
Cape Town always tops the list of destinations to visit during any festive occasion or even around the year. The model celebrated the New Year in Cape Town, South Africa enjoying the calm and peaceful vibe of Cape Town.
Cardi B, who’s always the talk of social media started her New Year’s celebration in Australia last year giving us some serious Aussie vacationing vibes. The nightlife and the New Year parties in Aussie land is no different than the U.S. and with that Cardi B celebrated her new year in full swing giving us a major party vibe.
Author’s Bio:
A well-versed business-writer with an immense passion for innovation and technology. I am a trend enthusiast and like to explore trending practices in various industries. I have written a detailed review of the Frontier FIOS Bundles for its major overhaul in the 100% Fiber Optic connection for a vivid online experience.
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2019.11.18 19:20 autobuzzfeedbot 26 celebrity moments that went viral in 2019

  1. Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and broke the app.
  2. Kylie Jenner singing "rise and shine" to daughter Stormi Webster instantly became a meme.
  3. People couldn't get enough of Reese Witherspoon's son teaching her to use TikTok.
  4. Jennifer Lopez shut down Milan Fashion Week by wearing a look similar to her iconic jungle Versace dress that led to the creation of Google image search nearly 20 years ago.
  5. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello showed fans how they "really kiss" after they were accused of smooching like fish.
  6. Keke Palmer's "sorry to this man" became the new "I don't know her."
  7. People were disgusted after seeing a viral fan video of Kanye West appearing to eat his own earwax.
  8. Fans were distraught over the loss of Tom Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when a deal between Disney and Sony fell through, but thankfully, peace was restored.
  9. Harry Styles became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter after he was reportedly offered the role of Prince Eric in Disney's upcoming "Little Mermaid" remake and turned it down.
  10. People were astounded to learn that Robert Redford is the face of a famous meme that everyone thought was Zach Galifianakis.
  11. Kardashian West changed the name of her shapewear line from "Kimono" to "SKIMS" after facing backlash.
  12. Kendall Jenner's take on the viral bottle cap challenge was met with criticism.
  13. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's dog became an internet sensation after wearing a tuxedo to their second wedding.
  14. Jake Gyllenhaal had a hilarious response to a person who called Sean Paul "massively overrated."
  15. No one could have predicted that "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson would land a role as Batman.
  16. Kylie Jenner was criticized for washing her face while seemingly wearing foundation in a viral video to promote her new skin care line.
  17. Keanu Reeves went viral for his random acts of kindness.
  18. Jason Momoa sent fans into a frenzy when he shaved off his beard for the first time in seven years.
  19. Kim Kardashian West made headlines when she revealed that she was studying to become a lawyer.
  20. Gemma Chan, Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Jameela Jamil all smuggled food into prestigious events to keep their hunger at bay.
  21. The Jonas Brothers returned with a new album, tour, and documentary after abruptly breaking up in 2014.
  22. Chris Evans went viral for being chivalrous and jumping out of his seat to help Regina King to the stage after she won an Oscar for best supporting actress.
  23. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's steamy performance of "Shallow" at the Oscars has people convinced that they were in love, but it was just an act.
  24. Will Smith's blue Genie from the live-action 'Aladdin' movie was turned into a hilarious meme.
  25. Nicole Kidman accidentally ignored Rami Malek while on stage at the Golden Globes.
  26. Bebe Rexha famously called out designers who refused to dress her for the Grammys because she's a US size 19.
Link to article
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2019.10.31 19:25 Ben_Michael98 Famous Christmas Celebrations of Hollywood Stars

Famous Christmas Celebrations of Hollywood Stars
On every merry and bright Christmas, we not only enjoy our Christmas gatherings and parties but of our popular celebrities too by seeing them on our Facebook and Instagram every year. How our favorite Hollywood stars are going to celebrate Christmas is always the hot topic of the year before Christmas Eve. Our all social media profiles are filled with different celebrity’s photos and we always get attracted to the pictures of them celebrating their Christmas with their friends and families. Because no matter what’s going on in the world in the Christmas holidays, how our favorite stars are celebrating their holidays is our favorite distraction to always count on.
Last year in 2018, popular celebrities like Mindy Kaling, John Legend, Kardashian-Jenner family and many more celebrated their Christmas holidays in most adorable, heart-warming and amazing ways that everyone loved them for sharing their special moments with their fans. Whether it be Pink & Carey Hart’s toddler’s cute bicycle ride on his 2nd birthday or Kardashian West’s expensive family annual Christmas Eve bash or with Mariah Carey’s beautiful early Christmas Eve pajama party, they all didn’t let us get bored at our homes on Christmas. Now this year as Christmas is approaching again then why not steal some ideas from our celebrity’s last year’s Christmas holidays and celebrations to make our Christmas Eve more enthusiastic and amazing.
No matter what we do and how we celebrate our Christmas every year, we always seek to find out how our celebrity crush and other favorite stars are celebrating their Christmas holidays. Our Instagrams, twitters and Facebook profiles get filled with warm wishes from all our favorite celebrities around the world which makes our Christmas entertainment gets doubled. Let’s catch up on the cutest ideas from our favorite Hollywood stars of how they celebrated their Christmas last year to make our coming Christmas more interesting like theirs.
The Kardashian-Jenner Family
Khloe Kardashian wished all their fans a Merry Christmas by posting a beautiful family-centric photo in which Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kim surrounded by their adorable kids and are dressed in white from head to toe. This annual family photo got viral in seconds after coming on Instagram. The picture reflected their beautiful Christmas morning with kids and their mothers amazingly posing in their saintly white dresses. KarJenner Krew on Christmas Eve also hosted a family’s annual star-studded Christmas bash which according to the insights cost them about $1.3 million.
Jamie Lynn Spears
As we have seen Jamie Lynn’s newborn Ivey’s beautiful photos on her Instagram, last Christmas Jamie posted the adorable photos of her both daughters in the same pajamas celebrating Ivey’s first Christmas. She also posted the cutest video of her daughters Maddie and Ivey in those matching PJs by wishing Merry Christmas to her fans all around the world.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Nick Jonas
The newlywed and most popular couple around the world celebrated their first Christmas together with both of their families. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner also joint this family gathering for Christmas celebrations. Priyanka Chopra posted this picture on her Instagram by putting a caption of “Love you family #FamJam #ChristmasEve. As Priyanka Chopra is herself a most popular international celebrity, her this post won the hearts of her Indian fans also.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
One of Hollywood’s most iconic couples spent their Christmas Eve with full spirit and in festive costumes. On Christmas morning this hot couple dressed as an even more pair than they are- Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. They posted their bomb pictures in their super cute costumes which were not more than a storm on Instagram news feeds.
Smith quoted that “We look like a 1970’s Cop Duo patrolling the North Pole! Claus & Rudy – Sleighin’ All Night! Slayin’ All Day!”
Joanna & Chip Gaines
Chip and Joanna both grew their fame on the small screen in their HGTV show “Fixer Upper” in which they showcased the charismatic couple turning the outdated and unappealing house decors into stylish and welcoming one. The couple is especially fond of the Christmas celebrations and every year she reveals her signature holiday style which reflects the old-fashioned yet simplest and beautiful style for country Christmas.
Since the family grandly celebrates every Christmas so their approach to Christmas tree is no exception. Last year in 2018, the family with 5 children decorated two Christmas trees, one for the children to decorate and other for Joanna’s unique sense of style and decor. You can copy the look of Joanna’s Christmas tree with a large fleshy cut tree by decorating it with colors close to Gaines favorite including sparkling silver and welcoming white.
Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher
A family of three soon to be four celebrated their Christmas in red Santa’s costume and posed with their cute puppies. Carrie wrote, “Marry Christmas!! And Fisher wrote, “The best day of the year calls for family onesies! Happy Birthday, Jesus!” This will be Isaiah’s last Christmas as an only child, since Carrie and Mike will be welcoming their second baby boy in a few weeks. This super-cute family picture alongside their Christmas tree won the heart of their fans.
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban spent their Christmas down under with their family ahead of his Graffiti U tour. A popular singer and Oscar-winner wife finally took out some of their time from their toughest schedules to meet each other and shared this adorable couple picture alongside their Christmas tree wishing their all fans a very happy Christmas.
Author’s Bio:
A well-versed business-writer with an immense passion for innovation and technology. I am a trend enthusiast and like to explore trending practices in various industries. I have written a detailed review of the HughesNet rural high speed internet for its major overhaul in the satellite.
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2019.09.09 15:12 EccentricBai Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Disappointing Husband Nick Jonas With No-Show At MTV VMAs

Priyanka Chopra has opened up about the guilt she feels for missing this year’s VMAs, revealing that she thinks her husband Nick Jonas ‘felt really’ bad attending the awards show without her.
Fans of the pair – who married in December last year – will remember all too well that the 37-year-old actress posted a hilarious photoshopped image of her with her husband and her in-laws at the VMAs last month.
On the night, Chopra Jones was a no-show at the music event at which her husband and his band, the Jonas Brothers, won the award for the best pop video for their hit single, ‘Sucker’.

Speaking about missing her husband’s big moment, the Baywatch actress said that she was ‘sick’ the day of the awards show and was unable to attend.
‘It was supposed to be this fun night where all six of us got together because we never really get to do it that often,’ the star told Entertainment Tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival last week.

'We all have very crazy schedules, and now that the boys are on tour, we meet as the six of us. So, this was supposed to be that fun thing. We had dinner planned after, and then I was really unwell,' she added. 'I think Nick felt really bad that he was there and I was unwell.'
In the original photo taken on the night of the awards show, brothers Kevin and Joe were snapped kissing their respective wives, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner, while Nick stood between the two couples on his lonesome.
Opening up about her disappointment at not being able to celebrate her husband’s award win on the night, Chopra Jonas continued, noting: ‘I was watching it from my couch at home and when they won, just seeing his face I felt like, “Ugh”, admitting that she felt that she had let him down.
‘I should have been there, but I was so sick, and I saw it on his face,’ she added, before thanking the power of technology for enabling her to photoshop herself into the image taken on the night.
‘The picture makes it look like I was and the internet would believe it,’ she joked.
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2019.09.02 06:07 sladkaazoa The Epic History of John Stamos' Jonas Brothers Fandom

The Epic History of John Stamos' Jonas Brothers Fandom

Perhaps John Stamos was in the know before any of us.
Or the Full House alum is just a sucker for revivals. Either way, there was the actor and part-time Beach Boys drummer wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt as he teamed up with the legendary surf rock band to rehearse for a Fourth of July concert last year in Washington, D.C.
His outfit choice didn't get a lot of pick up that day, what with his latest Instagram of then 11-week-old son Billy Stamos pulling focus, but when he selected a different Jo Bro tee—this one from the group's 2009 world tour—for his appearance at October's American Music Awards, Nick Jonas definitely noticed.
His response, which took some four months to roll out, was worth the wait, kicking off the current Jonas-Stamos appreciation fest that is making the Internet fun again.
In a move reminiscent of Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin's super meta Inception-off, Nick turned up at New York City's JFK airport this February wearing a hoodie of Stamos rocking his Jonas tee. The timing of it all—he posted a photo of his streetwear to Instagram March 2 the same day he and older brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas released their instantly trending comeback track "Sucker"—would suggest the 26-year-old was smartly trying to drum up attention for the new single and accompanying music video.
It proved not to be necessary. The thirst was already there for a Jo Bro reunion, as evidenced by the fact that the song shot to No. 1 on iTunes and debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. And even if fans weren't eager to see what they had been up to, their decision to tap significant others Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas to star in their video would have been enough of a draw.
But even if it was all a ruse, we're not mad at it.
The stunt highlights all of the joyous possibilities that exist on the world wide web when it's not being used as a place for strangers to snipe at each other about their discordant political, religious and moral beliefs. And it's still going.
Reacting to Nick's taunt—"It's your move @johnstamos,"—the 55-year-old You star commissioned a pillowcase of the singer wearing the hoodie of Stamos in his tee. Follow all of that? And when Chopra's husband made the next obvious move of napping under a comforter printed with the image of Stamos and his pillowcase, the '90s icon went all in.
"#jobrosforlife," he captioned his next Instagram of tattoo artist Marisol Preciado inking him with Nick's visage at Treble Art Studio in Corono, Calif.
Because Stamos has been there, if not from the beginning, certainly long enough to be considered a stan.
He and Nick first connected when each was tapped to appear in Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl in 2011. Despite the nearly three-decade age difference, the fact that the production ran for just three nights in August and that Stamos' role as dancing show host Corny Collins gave him few chances to interact with Nick's heartthrob lead Link Larkin, the pair found time to bond over a love of acting and their shared musical roots.
Years before he landed his breakout role on General Hospital, Stamos was a four-year-old kid mastering the art of drumming. He'd move onto the guitar, and a role in his high school marching band, eventually forming a band of his own, a group called Destiny that would play at amusement parks and parties in California's Orange County. All the while his love of rock and music in general was fostered by restauranteur father Bill Stamos.
"I was always in a battle with my dad, who was better, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra," he shared with in 2014. "So he really turned me on to a lot of the other guys, so you'd see a lot of Sinatra and Dean Martin and Rat Pack stuff. My early years...Beatles. I grew up on a lot of classic rock stuff."

But it was his appreciation for The Beach Boys, formed just down the road from his Cypress, Calif. hometown two years before his 1963 birth, that would lead to Stamos' steadiest musical gig.
One of the group's members, singer-songwriter Mike Love noted in a 2016 interview with Texas radio station Awesome 98, "became friends with John Stamos when he was Blackie on General Hospital. That's how long we've known him. He came out in 1985 to play with us at the Washington Monument, a few hundred thousand people were in attendance....He's been just a huge supporter of the Beach Boys, he was involved producing a movie about The Beach Boys and he loves nothing more than coming out and playing drums."
More than 30 years into the gig, Stamos still remembers the giddiness "of those early days when I would be sitting in the corner hearing them rehearse a song," he shared with USA Today last summer. "It was Fourth of July. We were at the Mall of America, and they were singing beautiful acapella. They're mortals, right. They're drinking coffee, talking and joking, and all of a sudden they kicked into 'America The Beautiful' and they became above human. Their voices together, I can't even explain it. It was euphoria."

For Nick, musical success came much earlier in life. The Broadway veteran was barely 10 years old when a song he wrote, "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)", featuring backup vocals from his fellow Beauty and the Beast cast members was released on the compilation album Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 4. The single caught the attention of execs at Columbia Records, Nick relayed in a 2007 interview with Life Story magazine: "For that solo project I wrote a song with my brothers, it became a group project and we started recording together."
Added Joe, "They thought Nick had an angel-like voice, which is what got him signed. He was working on that solo project and one day Kevin and I said, 'Hey, Nick, do you think we can writing a song together?' We wrote 'Please Be Mine,' which was the first song we wrote together and the fans love it. We walked into the label one day and Dave Massey, Nick's A&R guy, freaked out and said, 'Whoa, there are brothers?' From that moment, we immediately became a group project and started working with different people every day. It was just really great and that's kind of the story."

By 2011, though, the group had hit pause, freeing Nick up for extracurriculars such as his turn in Hairspray and a 2012 stint as lead Finch in Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
Having performed the part himself (for his 1995 Broadway debut, he replaced Matthew Broderick in the revival of the Frank Loesser musical), Stamos turned out to cheer his pal on. "He came and saw the show and overall is a pretty hilarious guy," Nick told MTV News at the time, adding that he was still hopeful he could meet actor Bobby Morse who originated the role: "Stamos actually sent me a picture of he and Bobby Morse to kind of rub it in my face, so I'm a bit jealous.
Ribbing aside, though, he noted he and the Full House vet shared an easy camaraderie. "It's like dynamite," he said of their ongoing bromance. "We watch a lot of YouTube videos. We talk about music quite a bit. He's a big music fan. He's a really good dude. He's been really kind through the whole process, because he played the role. He knows what it takes to do it. [It's a] cool older-brother type vibe in that sense. He's everybody's Uncle Jesse."
And in that mentor role, he's proved to be the perfect guy to usher in the new era of Jonas Brothers mania.
"I'm the fourth Jonas Brother," he joked when ET's Keltie Knight made note of his vintage concert tee on the carpet of last fall's American Music Awards where the Fuller House actor was set to help Busy Philipps present Khalid with the Favorite Male Artist-Soul/R&B award. "I love those guys."
While it's unclear yet if loves them enough to permanently stamp Nick's face on his forearm, Stamos' wife Caitlin McHugh has a suggestion for how the group's youngest member can up his game, writing on her husband's tattoo photo, "@nickjonas will have to name his firstborn John Stamos."
Hopefully Priyanka Chopra is also a sucker for this charade...

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