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2020.12.03 20:11 OldDeadEyez Thank God for reddit after what I just seen on Facebook.

Out of interest I thought I'd see what Rep watch groups are about on Facebook in my country (England)
Instantly 2 main groups stood out with the most members
Both had "Super Clones" and shit in their name lol
I go on and I see the same 4 people posting "AAA Super Clone" Submariners etc
No details at all, just a photo of the watches
The most basic DH Gate Shitters I've ever seen.. still with the stickers on from the original DH Gate sellers.
Instantly dozens of people are asking for prices and by the looks of it they're selling super fast
Out curiosity I posted on one asking for the price.. and instantly I get "Inboxed you mate"
£150 for a DH Gate Shitter thats not even at a U1 factory Tier
But thats a great price they told me.. down from £399 lol
By the looks of it they're selling a shit ton of watches a week.
I almost feel sad for the people buying them.. but for god sake do some fucking research, ask for some details instead of just desperately throwing cash at them because they have a shiney looking watch lol
Long live Reddit
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2020.12.03 20:10 crock-bonson "I'll send you £10 in the post", is this some sort of scouse idiom?

This has been bugging me for a little while, I work for a tour company in Edinburgh and a few months back I had a scouse family who had booked tickets. Due to a technical glitch they were unable to get on the tour, they were understandably annoyed but I tried making jokes about the management to make it clear I was also annoyed about the situation. After a while the guy puts his hand on my shoulder and says "Don't worry mate, I'll send you £10 in the post". I laughed it off but I have no idea what that means.
I asked my girlfriend who's as scouse as they come and she said she thought she might have heard it before but had no idea what it meant. I've tried googling it but am yet to find an answer.
Any ideas?
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2020.12.03 20:06 OldDeadEyez Thank god for Reddit after what I just seen on Facebook.

Out of interest I thought I'd see what Rep watch groups are about on Facebook in my country (England)
Instantly 2 main groups stood out with the most members
Both had "Super Clones" and shit in their name lol
I go on and I see the same 4 people posting "AAA Super Clone" Submariners etc
No details at all, just a photo of the watches
The most basic DH Gate Shitters I've ever seen.. still with the stickers on from the original DH Gate sellers.
Instantly dozens of people are asking for prices and by the looks of it they're selling super fast
Out curiosity I posted on one asking for the price.. and instantly I get "Inboxed you mate"
£150 for a DH Gate Shitter thats even a lower tier than a U1
But thats a great price they told me.. down from £399 lol
By the looks of it they're selling a shit ton of watches a week.
I almost feel sad for the people buying them.. but for god sake do some fucking research, ask for some details instead of just desperately throwing cash at them because they have a shiney looking watch lol
Long live Reddit
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2020.12.03 20:06 ARobertz LF 3rd Ranked PC 25+ UK

Looking for a 3rd who would fit in to join me and a mate for some ranked. We currently on gold 4 starting last week (both of us usually mained tarkov as a game but have swapped recently). Trying to get plat before reset. Very chill chat n games but trying to win I'm 31 n 420friendly. Let me know and I'll add you on discord
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2020.12.03 20:04 kkarthick12 22 / M / INFJ / IN / Fill-in-the-blank

Hey penpal-ers!
First of all, kudos to you folks for having such a sub to exist! Happy Cake day infjpenpals!
Birds of the same feather, flock together. But where are these birds IRL?! I often wonder how it would have been for the INFJs in the world before internet.
Enough of me trying to please you guys (read somewhere that INFJs do secretly fantasize attention).. Let me get into business. We all crave for that "meaningful relationship/ deep friendship". Even though that's a fantasy we all want to be a part of (we thought we were a part of - that heart shattering moment, arghh), comes a moment, deep down somewhere in the corner of our brain, with a sharp voice which says it isn't just realistic.
We are a small group (hope we don't get extinct at the end of 21st century) of idealists - diplomats, who look at the world as it is, for what is already such a dark place, yet we hope to see a better world, by believing in the humans as a whole.
In recent times, I got myself buried with a lot of heavy questions (loss of naivety), and felt like battling the world on my own like the mighty handful of spartans in a battle except that I didn't know how to fight but luckily at the expense of trading my hair to turn grey and being able to talk to few people I am beginning to enter the next phase.
To you mates out there, when you are struck by Zeus's lightning, you dont have to do take the battle on your own. Be it loneliness, lack of competence, lack of confidante, I want to let to you know that you can hit me up.
What I seek from this post apart from the above, is to get to know you zealots, personally. Please DM me if you need a buddy, someone to talk to, a project partner to collab on, want to debate your ideas on politics, philosophy (Hail Jordan Peterson), or share your playlist (Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major ?)or curious about tech (I am lookinng for one too XD).
Let's build a better world. We definitely need your strength.
"Greatness is coming!"
P.S: 4w5 here..
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2020.12.03 20:01 xTynini slate author killed her innocent cat and defends it

really doubt she would've killed her daughter if her daughter pissed on her cat's bet huh. " I regret I couldn’t make Goldie happy, but since he’s been gone the feeling of dread I lived with for years has been lifted. My other animals are a joy. I’d even say since Goldie’s demise they’ve been on their very best behavior."

moral of the story mate, animals have different personalities if you're not willing to put up with one/make compromises don't get one, i know plenty of people who would've taken Goldie and there were plenty of avenues to give him the proper care he deserved,

but nope author states "Please don’t tell me you would have taken in Goldie. You wouldn’t have, and he wouldn’t have wanted you to. There are three things he couldn’t bear: change, other animals, and confinement. We never considered just dropping him off at a shelter."

because they're definitely more experienced than an actual professional and knows what other people wants

i swear this shit is akin to if someone killed their child bc they were mentally disabled and felt relief afterwards
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2020.12.03 19:55 forestnymphgypsy How to bring in new cats with VERY attached cat.

Hello hopefully someone can give me some pointers. I have a 2 year old tuxedo male named Oscar, who I found outside as a kitten. Due to a polyp that has since been removed he has a permanent head tilt and some neurologic issues multiple vets can’t put their finger on. He’s on gabapentin every day for life and has absolutely no balance. Besides the few health issues he’s the only pet in my house and EXTREMELY attached to me. He is a little skittish with people but does warm up. He never warmed up well with my boyfriend who absolutely adores him, I assume it’s because I’m giving someone else attention besides him. The problem is my boyfriend will be moving in, in the spring. He also has two cats who are litter mates. They have amazing temperaments and are as sweet as can be. I have tried to slowly introduce my cat to a kitten about a year ago but ended up having to return the kitten (heartbreaking) due to Oscar being so aggressive with him. Oscar also stopped eating which really made me certain I made the right decision in returning the kitten. Anyway, with my boyfriend moving in I obviously am hoping for the best outcome with introducing his two cats. I wish they all 3 could be best friends but I’m also extremely nervous. I’m nervous he will stop eating again, I’m nervous someone will get hurt and just nervous that he will change and start resenting me for the new brother and sister. As I’ve said he’s still not too open with my boyfriend even after 2 years. When my boyfriend leaves Oscar will hold a bit of a grudge. My boyfriend’s family did offer to take his two if need be, but I would feel terrible. Does anyone have any advice or similar situations with a very attached cat? Is it even worth the attempt? Especially with his very aggressive behavior with the kitten, even a month or more of scent swapping, visual through the door. Thanks so much!
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2020.12.03 19:54 DoneDealofDeadpool Saying that Spec Ops the Line's narrative loses weight because it forces you to do bad stuff for the game to progress is missing the point.

Just for some context for those unfamiliar, spec ops the line was a 3rd person military shooter released in the early 2010s during the heights of the CoD craze. It starts off as your typical Gung ho action military shooter before transitioning into breaking down the lead character (Walker) through portraying the horrors of war and is a meta critique of the fps genre at the time. Throughout the game the player is made to carry out many atrocities as part of the plot such as the infamous white phosphorus chemical attack that ends up getting a bunch of civilians killed due to the main character's impatience and a few other factors.
However, given it's linearity the player technically isn't allowed to do anything else. If you don't unleash the white phosphorus you don't get to progress through the rest of the game. For many this can feel a bit patronizing, forcing the player to do something bad and then feeling like the game is calling them a bad person as a result. While understandable, I feel it's missing the point somewhat. First off, the plot is a deconstruction of Walker as well. While the player technically doesn't have much autonomy in the plot, Walker as a character does. Walker is a representative of the standard Gung ho action hero but instead of resulting in a happy ending, his actions lead to the deaths of many innocents as well his two squad mates. Walker could just as easily have not utilized the white phosphorus and he knows that chemical weapons aren't legal in warfare. His choice in using it is part of the game's critique on his action hero/cod protagonist archetype that would in other games use a variety of generally unethical weaponry.
But the game is also a critique of the player, the loading screen asking "do you feel like a hero yet" makes that clear enough. If this game existed in a vaccum I'd agree that this element is sort of half-baked, and games like F:NV manage to create moral dilemmas and critiques while also allowing for player agency. But in the context of the shooter market of the time its perfectly valid. It's not like shooters were averse to depicting war crimes, cruel weaponry like flamethrower, etc, and while I'm not saying that those games never try to show the "horrors of war" angle, it does spend most of its time trying to play up the cool factor than making you think. How many similar situations to the one that Spec Ops the line presents have veteren cod fans gone through? How many war crimes-esque scenarios have been played through? I'd wager most weren't actually giving it much thought especially considering the age range of young teens who did make up a sizeable portion of the player base. All spec ops the line really does is present a lot of the same instances present in other games of its genre but with the intent to make you feel bad rather than cool. It's not saying "why did you do this you're a such a bad person", it's saying "why are you feeling bad? You've done this before so many times so why are you feeling bad now? What makes this different?".
As a final note, I really love one of the last lines of the game after you "confront" Konrad, the main villain. "don't be too hard on yourself. Even after all you've done, you still get to go home. Lucky you". Like a lot of great lines it has a double meaning, one being its literal meaning to Walker as he does in fact go home. The other being to the player, no matter how much fucked up shit you do in a game and no matter how bad things get for both your character or the world of the game you can still "go home", turn off the game and not give it a thought. Whereas of course irl, a soldier doing any of the things you did in game will have that stick with them forever. It's the perfect conclusion to the critique of dissonance between war portrayed in media and war in real life, and many a media (propoganda poster, movie, game) have encouraged people to sign up for the latter based on their experience with the former.
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2020.12.03 19:52 plac3boeffect Ultimate MW War Zone Perk Re balance

Hello everyone after 20+ days on warzone and using the same three perks EOD, Ghost, and Amped i was thinking about how they could implement a perk re balance to get players using more varied class and not be at a dis advantage. I made a similar post a few months ago but believe i have much better ideas then before. Yes i know they most likely wont update the perks and the games set but it just feels wrong having 75% of the perks completely useless IMO. So here are the ties and changes.

Tier One
Double Time - Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
E.O.D. - Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Resets fuse when picking up frag grenades.
Scavenger - Resupply ammo from dead players. Scavenger packs provide throwing knives.
Cold-Blooded - Undetectable by AI targeting system and thermal optics. Does not trigger High Alert warning. Still visible to Recon Drones, but cannot be marked.
Kill Chain - Increases your chance of finding killstreaks in supply boxes. In multiplayer only, killstreak kills count towards your next killstreaks.
Quick Fix - Killing players immediately starts health regeneration.
Tier Two
Restock - Recharge equipment over 50 seconds. Throwing knives can recharge 1 extra knife, decoy grenades and stim recharge twice as fast. In multiplier only the recharge takes just 25 seconds.
-Will now recharge a single Heartbeat ping every 60 seconds.
Hardline - 25% off kiosk price for killstreaks, field upgrades, and armour plates. In multiplayer only your killstreaks cost 1 less kill and reduces Specialist perk cost by 1.
Overkill - Carry two primary weapons. Cannot equip two of the same weapon, secondaries cannot be equipped.
High Alert - Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. Multiplayer: also triggered by enemies controlling chopper gunners, wheelsons, IAVs and APCs.
Ghost - Undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones and Heartbeat Sensors. Still appear on killstreak radar when firing a weapon, and detectable by Advanced UAV but removes direction.
Pointman - All members of your team earn more money from completed missions. Multiplayer only: turns your killstreaks into scorestreaks.
Tier three
Tune Up - Reduce the charge time of field upgrades by 40%. Warzone only: Reduces revive time by 25%.
Amped - Faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed. Does not affect swapping to pistols and knives. Most equipment is used faster.
Shrapnel - Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration by 3 seconds.
Battle Hardened - Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun, EMP and gas effects. Immune to snapshot grenades.
Spotter - See enemy equipment, field upgrades and killstreaks through walls. Mark them for your team by aiming down sights. Hack enemy claymores, proximity mines, C4 and trophy systems. Advanced UAVs can't be marked.
Tracker - Enemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markets at enemy death locations and hide the death markers of enemies you kill.

Heartbeat senser battery will have 15 charges. Ammo box/crate will recharge fully
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2020.12.03 19:48 Horcruxia The Monkey Wrenches

The Monkey Wrenches: Conjuration
Jane summons a pit crew of monkeys of various species. Each one is highly adept at mechanical work but all have various specialties as well as special abilities. When summoned, each monkey has a headset/earpiece that makes it possible to communicate with each other and a toolbelt with overalls.
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2020.12.03 19:46 SR21- Times are hard for people on disability benefits....

I’ve got a mate who’s a dwarf and he’s struggling to put food on the table.
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2020.12.03 19:41 Lewis96mm I feel broken from breakup

I feel scared to open up to someone again and giving my all. I’m scared for it to all come back in my face. I thought she was the one. Had no bad feelings or what ifs. Which is very rare for me. I was suffering from performance anxiety and I feel like my confidence has gone because of that and even more because ex left me (even tho it was my anti depressants that caused it and it got into my head) because of it. Fact she fell out of love because of it. I’ve lost my confidence in girls and myself. I can’t be assed even trying. Like am I always going to feel like this? Will I find someone better? She lied to me about saying she still loved me after the breakup even tho her best mate told me she fell out of love with me. Will I get lied too again? Are all girls like this? I loved her big bum too and that messed with my head that I won’t get anything like that but that’s just stupid and she did me wrong. My head is fucked. It’s all I think about 3 months on. I feel better but my head is still not as good and it’s destroying me
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2020.12.03 19:37 nano40nano HELP! I think my one rat is being very aggressive towards all others in the cage.

TL;DR Introduced two new kittens, one is behaving aggressively towards all of the others and causing fights.
Some backstory: I have had 3 [F,1Y] rats (Turnip, Petunia, Kermit) since they were kittens. They get along very well, with only the occasional scuffle once a week if that, when someone is grouchy or doesn’t want to be groomed. They are all very sweet and affectionate towards each other and myself.
About 2 weeks ago I adopted two new kittens Nutmeg and Clove [F,3M]. They are litter mates and the rescue I got them from said that they had “bonded.”
Initially the introductions went well. The kittens were rather nervous, the older rats were slightly stressed but I always found them all sleeping in a pile so I assumed it was going well and eventually I moved them to the big cage. Even then it went well for a day or two... and then the humping started.
Nutmeg started incessantly humping and dominating one of the older rats, Turnip. It wasn’t an isolated moment either. Almost like clockwork every 15 seconds for minuets at a time, then a break, and then right back to it. This lasted for about 1.5 days and then seemed to settle down and the status quo of the cage went back to normal. All the reading I did suggested that Nutmeg was in heat for the first time so I didn’t think too much of it.
Lo and behold a few days ago the dominating behavior returned, but this time the older rats had a lot less tolerance. When Nutmeg would try to hump or power groom the older rats, or her sister, they wouldn’t backdown and there would be a scuffle. No blood at this point, but I would say these scuffles happened about 7-8 times a day.
Finally last night, me and my partner had all the rats out for some neutral space free roam on the couch and we started noticing some cuts and scratches on the older rats. This was worrying but they seemed to be getting along fine so we kept them all together over night.
This morning I woke up at 6am to the sounds of a particularly bad scuffle between Nutmeg and one of the more dominant older rats, Petunia. The scuffle seemed to resolve itself, but then another happened at 7am between Nutmeg and her sister, Clove, but it was hard to tell if it was a scuffle or just particularly vocal playing. Finally, at 8am Nutmeg tried to power groom Petunia again which resulted in a dangerous chase through the cage. (I say dangerous because Petunia was throwing herself over platforms trying to get away.)
At that point I removed Nutmeg from the cage and put her in a smaller cage by herself to try and figure out what to do. Once I did that Clove then began pretty aggressively pulling on the older rats in the cage. I know this is pretty normal behavior, and squeaking is expected but the squeaking I heard sounded clearly like pain. So, I put Clove in the small cage with Nutmeg hoping maybe the company of a littermate would help them both calm down.
This seemed to work for a bit. The older rats all snuggled up together, looked visibly less stressed, and went to sleep. The two kittens were calm for a bit and then Nutmeg began being aggressive towards Clove. Here are some clips of the behavior.
So now Clove is back in the big cage and Nutmeg is alone in the smaller cage. Everyone seems happy again, but now I don’t know what to do. I can see the stress that the kittens are causing for the older rats. All three have started sneezing and showing signs of URI and have had more porphyrin around their eyes than normal.
Ideally I’d like to make I work, but I also don’t want to make my other rats miserable for months until Nutmeg gets older and chills tf out.
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2020.12.03 19:32 Sherbetorc Has anyone had the gold reset problem

I love the new gold system but I randomly went into a game with my mate and it got reset ( I had 2790) so does anyone else have this
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2020.12.03 19:30 JackTheJokey New dart questions.

I have a set of 24g elite 95's and feel theyre too heavy having thrown my mates 21g darts. Im looking at 22g hurricanes 80% tungsten or 21g 90% tungsten vampires. Does the %tungsten make a difference if they are both same with? Shall i go 21g or 22g? This is hard. Does it matter much? Wish i could get both lol.
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2020.12.03 19:25 SteveTheOrca (How the hell) could the Killer Whale from Orca (1977) kill the Apex Orca (Maneater)

Battle of the whales!.
Context: Somehow, the Apex Orca) (Maneater) accidentally kills the Male Orca's mate, killing their unborn baby in the process. Later, Orca finds his mate dead, and, like in the movie, he wants revenge now. Can he (if it's possible, obviously) do it?.
The battle takes place in open waters. The Orca) must find a way to kill his even larger enemy. Maybe it's not as strong and large, but it's pretty intelligent. (Intelligent enough to do this, but idk if it's enough)
(Reason of why I am doing this: I was running out of ideas, and this is the only thing I thought about)
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2020.12.03 19:14 my_name_gym Want to learn more about Dave’s species? Read down below.

Species name: Equus ceballas pygmaea (Marmahorse)
Size(ft): height;5.5 - 9.5, length; 8 - 13.5, width; 3.5 - 5
Genders: Alpha and Beta, alpha acts as male while Beta acts as female. Both “genders” are made exactly the same, if there are two alphas they will fight, the loser becomes the beta, the beta gets impregnated.
Avrg Lifespan: Unknown, estimates suggest ≈400 years because of the species regenerative capabilities
Behavior: passive/neutral* very aggressive behavior has been noted during mating season. Mating season is the first full moon of December until either they can mate or the next full moon.
Natural habitat: N/A, created by humans in a lab. Although it does seem to like tropical climates the best.
Creation: Equus ceballas pygmaea can be made in either a lab by combining a Cebuella pygmaea (Pygmy Marmoset) and Equus caballus (horse) cells with [redacted], or by having an alpha and beta mate.
Special capabilities: Adaptive sperm that can seem to be able to impregnate almost any mammal on earth to create special mutant versions of the marmahorse. Asexual reproduction is possible in theory but impossible to recreate naturally, asexual reproduced offspring also seem to have many problems such as extra or missing limbs, project was abandoned due to being too immoral.
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2020.12.03 19:05 GatolecheAC FRLG Randomizer Nuzlocke Versus - Part 4

Good evening! Please feel free to check out my Leaf Green Randomizer Nuzlocke versus my mate Treaduse :)
My perspective:
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2020.12.03 19:01 DatBluRex [Help]My dalmatian is having puppies again

Hello everyone; you probably remember me from the last time I posted here about my pregnant dog - receiving a lot of really (understandably) angry comments about backyard breeding my dogs. (To that one person who followed me in anticipation of my next post: I see you. Here it is.) You can look into my embarassingly cringey post history until you find my old post from last litter. If anyone's curious about the outcome of that by the way: There were 12 puppies: none stillborn but one died two weeks after birth. Of the remaining 11 we sold a few for low prices but gave away most of them for free. We gave them their first shots and gave all their new owners on instructions for future shots. We've kept up with a few of them and they are doing fine.
The conclusion of all that puppy nonsense and countless arguments with my mother was that I can't spay/neuter my dogs because it's out of my hands and they are my mom's dogs and she's refusing to have them fixed. The reason she is refusing is because she is a Facebook mom and constantly reads posts about local dog owners lose their dogs tragically to neutering/spaying surgery. She's horrified of them.
Anyway, as this isn't my house the dogs are at, I'm only here on weekends. Lucky for me, I was around and noticed her bleeding with her vulva swollen and inquired here about what steps to take to stop them from mating until she was no longer on heat. I negotiated with my mom that she would keep them separated while this happened, and she agreed. Problem is I'm not around all the time and she is a 50 year old woman with not the best physical health. So, of course, about 30 minutes after I went back home she "accidentally" let them mate multiple times. At this point all I'm thinking is that it isn't feasible to stop them from having puppies and that I should look into all the best resources to become a responsible breeder instead - believe me I don't want to, but my dog is pregnant and I really can't do anything else.
So I looked into everything I need to do and constantly bombarded my mom's text messages with articles about dog breeding and constantly nagged her for status updates. I had a whelping box with plenty of warm blankets set up for the birth and gave her directions on what to do if I'm not around when it happens.
I've left early for this week's visit, and just arrived a few hours ago. Miraculously, the bitch had her first puppy a few minutes after I got here. This is where my problem starts. The first puppy has not moved for about an hour, and no puppies have been born since. I'm seriously suspecting it is stillborn, but since I've never seen a stillborn puppy I'm not sure what to do. The mother looks fine but I'm worried the puppy might have died due to a health problem from the mom and that I need to do something or the other puppies might also be stillborn or even cause complications for the mother.
What I'm asking is simply: is the puppy stillborn? If so, what do I do? Do I just wait to see if it moves and if the other puppies come out, or do I take the puppy now and get rid of it???
Of course: again, you all might be rushing to attack me for backyard breeding again, but I've made it clear I hate the idea of it and am put in the unfortunate situation where my only option is to breed my dogs - so I am trying my best to do it safely. Please be nice in the comments. Thank you.
Edit: Just so I can avoid people asking me about the situation: I am a 17 year old junior college student. I don't really have money to get my dogs fixed. Everything comes from my parents. I don't live with my mom, but I visit every Thursday to Saturday before going back for college. I see my mom as a very incompetent dog owner so I try and give her as big of a boost as possible while I'm around. This is just me doing that again. They aren't my dogs; I'm just basically their caretaker. I don't have any say at all in what happens to them.
As I've stated in the replies, my mom refuses to spay the dog because of fears of surgery complication, which are way more likely where I live.
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2020.12.03 18:58 Angrytoilet21 What is the dumbest thing your imposter buddy has done

My imposter teammate self reported his own kill when we had 2 seconds left on Reactor and we were about to win so yeah what is the dumbest thing your team mate had done
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2020.12.03 18:54 FrankPujo A modern movie inspired to the beginning of the Iliad

So I just had this idea, but it may be a little bit confusing. I will go with the order of the facts happening in the movie. So the movie, as I said in the title, is inspired to the ancient greek poem: the Iliad, but it will just take the beginning. It substitutes heroes and gods with

Actual Iliad's beggining

So the Iliad starts with the wedding between King Peleus and the Thetis, an ocean nymph. The goddess Eris wasn't invited because she was the goddess of discord. So she goes to the wedding and throws a golden apple with written "for the most beatiful". Paris, a young hero, has to choose whose the apple is: Hera, Athena or Aphrodite, the three main greek goddesses. Paris chooses Aphrodite because she promised him that Helen, a beatiful girl, would have fallen in love with him. So Paris goes to Sparta and gets Helen with him to Troy. Helen was married to Menelaus, so he starts the war against Troy.

My movie

The first scene is "Menelaus" (a big guy I would say) knocking on Achilles' door. Achilles is a young and strong guy of course. Also behind Menelaus you can see his brother Agamennon. The two brothers are gang memebrs-like. They want Achilles to go killing Paris and his gang with them. After this flash-forward we get back to the wedding, so that we understandwhy they want to kill Paris.
The wedding here is between an old ex gang-boss (Peleus) and his wedding (not his first one of course) with the younger woman (Thetis) also there is their son (who is Achilles, so that we also get to know him).
During the wedding a girl (the not invited Thetis) comes and challenges Paris to choose between three women (the three goddesses). But I'm not sure how to make this "challenge" so hard to start a war between gangs, maybe is actually Paris that has something new so the three women actually wnat him. So in this case to make it more meaningful Helen is actually Aphrodite's daughter and the "goddes" offers her to Paris. So Helen was actually Menelaus' girlfriend, but her mother tells her to marry Paris. So that's why Menelaus and his brother Agamennon call Achilles and want to kill Paris and his mates, including Hector and Aeneas.
The interest of the movie would be in all the relationships inside this gang, apparently united as a family but actually divided, with a man accepting to marry a girl with a boyfriend and this boyfriend going to kill the other member. Also this would leave a good sequel (with the actual gang war) ready to go. Now that I'm thinking about it this would fit better as a first episode of a series, because alone it deosn't work very well.
Anyway I would love to hear your ideas, advices and critiques, thank you!
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2020.12.03 18:50 Agsxtoo Among Us Hide and Seek rules basics (rules vary through hosts)

kill cool down usually 10-15: tasks usually have 5 or 6 : impostor vision 0.25 to .50: crew mate vision high: impostor vents or calls meeting to say who it is can’t vent (most games): either can’t sabotage or can only sabotage lights and comms. (sometimes one or the other or both): crew mates need to do tasks to win.: impostor wins by killing all.:
Remember all rules vary between hosts, this is just the basic stuff.
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