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Message that Crashes the entire PS4 system???

2018.10.14 04:11 _Khof_ Message that Crashes the entire PS4 system???

I was playing Rainbow 6 Siege with my friends and we were up 2-0. All of a sudden all of us get a strange message from a guy on the other team consisting of something like 9 juegos and a bunch of strange emojis and icons. Next thing you know, all of our ps4s froze up and we’re all booted out the game. Currently none of us has control over the PS4. Can’t force turn it off, lost all ability to do anything on the controller (PlayStation button in the middle), and randomly Black screening. An error occurred screen would randomly show up every once and a while, but once the error was reported, the whole cycle would begin again. My friend unplugged his PS4 and booted it back up and the issue is still going on. Still frozen and he can do nothing along with the rest of us. If anyone has any information on this issue, please let us know. We think our entire PS4 was fried as there is no fix. PLEASE HELP
Edit: You must delete the message via the PS4 message app and then reboot the database of the PS4 through safe mode. That should fix the issue. Worked for me
Edit 2: There is now a FIX for the problem. First you must download the PS4 messaging app and sign into your psn. There, you must leave the group where the message was sent to you by swiping from right to left and then pressing the red “leave button”. Now comes the PS4 part. Hold down the power button until you hear a second beep. The first beep=rest mode and the second beep=shutting off the PS4. Once the lights on the PS4 stop flashing, hold down the power button again until you hear a second beep (Takes about 7 seconds to hear the second one). With your usb charging cable, plug your controller into the PS4 and then turn it on. Select the 5th option which should be re build data base. Once you click on this, the system should start rebuilding the data base which took me about 3 minutes. Once completed, everything should be fixed and I suggest to set your messages to private to prevent future incidents by going to account management and clicking on privacy settings.
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