Dating Aussie

My boyfriend believes Australia doesn’t really exist. I’m Australian.

2020.11.28 11:07 West_Cow9948 My boyfriend believes Australia doesn’t really exist. I’m Australian.

My (24F) boyfriend (25M) wasn’t like this when we first started dating a year ago. I guess he has gotten bored and started going down the conspiracy theory spiral. So of course now he believes the Earth is flat. And yes, it physically hurts to even type that out.
He’s on board the whole “Australia doesn’t really exist” train which is 100x more unusual considering I was born in Australia and moved to the states when I was sixteen with my family, I have an Aussie accent and everything. So of course I mentioned this fact and he told me that I’m faking my accent and I’m from a different country than what I “claim.”
I wish he was just joking but he’s becoming a little obsessed with this theory and it’s basically all he talks about these days and I’m getting tired of trying to prove to him that Australia is in fact, a real fucking place.
So uh what do i do when my own boyfriend believes i’m lying about my life just because he watched some youtube videos?
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2020.11.28 03:35 AussieSkyblock AussieSMP [SMP] [Hub] {Australian} {1.16.3+} {Discord}

Server Location: Sydney Australia
Detailed rules + documentation: ( )
Discord invite link:
About the server:
AussieSMP is a survival server that aims to stay close to the vanilla Minecraft experience by not drastically changing gameplay. The server has been about for around two weeks now so the world is still very fresh.
When looking for Minecraft servers I have always struggled, partially due to most servers I find being US or EU based and the fact I have zero patience for the latency issues that come with an Australian playing on servers in those locations. I also don't like the approach that a lot of admins take with their servers in regards to pay to win aspects or gameplay features.
All ages and demographics are welcome!
  1. Player driven spawn with player owned shop plots
  2. A simple diamond based economy with a method for safe player trading
  3. /rtp, quickly escape spawn and teleport to a random location
  4. Quite a large world (30k by 30k Overworld)
  5. Discord integration
The server aims to have a quite casual and laid back experience, however there are still rules that need to be followed to ensure that everyone is having a good time. A more detailed description of the rules can be found on the wiki which is linked above but I will also give a quick run-down here.
  1. Don’t be a dick
  2. Absolutely no griefing
  3. No spamming
  4. Be respectful of each other
  5. Don’t swear excessively
  6. No hacking or exploits
  7. Please use common sense
Currently the network has two servers, a survival server and a skyblock server, they are connected in a way that allows for players to easily communicate and switch between the servers.
Feel free to join the Discord, it is a great place to keep up to date on what is happening on the server.
At the end of the day if you just wanna play some Minecraft with some friends or even by yourself, this server will be a great choice for you.
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2020.11.27 19:57 Grotesquette Episode 1, "Grotesquette's Arc" [SPECIAL 15 MINUTE PREVIEW]

Season 6 has ended, and a new current reigning, u/StrawPedro has been crowned. However, the time has come for a new drag superstar. We've gathered the nine best queens from all over the internet! Who will show us the GRIP (Google, Reddit, Imgur, and Pinterest) we're looking for in Spoiled Drag Race's next Superstar? Chile, I can't wait to find out!

SDRDR Season 7

INT. Werk Room
🎶 Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max
u/TelevisionHeaven enters the werk room in her entrance look.
She turns to the camera and smirks. "It's Ava for you bitches!!!"
🦗 Silence fills the werk room 🦗
"As in... it’s over for you... get it, it’s a pun... anyway " TV gives up and settles by one of the werk room mirrors.
Talking Head: u/TelevisionHeaven, "My name is TelevisionHeaven but I can take you to hell, too... ;) You might know me as the queen who terrorized the spoiler sub with Ava Max spam for an entire week but I’m here to prove I’m more than just that!"
🎥 The camera cuts to her posing in her... Ava Max inspired entrance look. 🎥
Talking Head: u/TelevisionHeaven, "I would describe myself as irreverent, ironic and always iconic. I’m mostly known for my super ex beauty queen aesthetic and being emotionally unavailable when needed the most. I’d like to believe I’m a wild card, as I have MANY faces and aces up my sleeve... but I’d rather want the rest to think that I’m JUST pretty. I mean, it’s worked my entire life."
TV flips her maxi cut in the mirror and giggles.
🎶 Funky R&B music
u/Brezn enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"In a room full of 5’s... I’m 7 inches🥰🥰"
TV looks Brezn up and down. "Hm... Good to know!"
Talking Head: u/Brezn " Hey girls it’s me your masc4masc icon Bre🥰🥰🥰 I’m a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a WHOLE more than what you’ve seen before. Two inches to be exact."
Brezn walks over to TV who gets up to greet her. "You look gorgeous darling" Tv smiles as the two kiss each others cheeks.
"So like, what kind of drag do you do?" Tv inquires.
Bre smirks. "I'm a little bit classy, and a WHOLE lot of assy baby." She turns around, giving her ass a slap.
"That's cool." TV replies. "You know who else is a little bit assy? Ava Max. And Carly Rae Jepsen. Oh and-"
u/Brezn, Talking Head: "Girl.... Will this bitch ever shut up about these little whitey hoes?! I get it! You're on popheads!!!"
🎶 Wacky banjo music
u/soupcereal enters the werk room in her entrance look.
" I-I-I’m that Bisque, I-I’m that Bisque!"
TV and Bre both burst out laughing.
Talking Head: u/soupcereal, " Hi! My name is Soup. My expiration date is June 2021 and I’m the subreddits number ONE shitposting queen. My drag is stupid, pointless and upsetting. I’m planning to turn the heat up on this competition. And I’ll send a bitch home... to a nice warm meal."
"C'mon Campell's chicken noodle bitch!" Bre laughs as the two greet each other.
"So are you like... A comedy queen?" TV asks.
Soup shrugs. "I mean, considering the trajectory of my career the word 'tragedy' might be more appropriate."
Everybody laughs.
Talking Head: u/TelevisionHeaven, "Soup seems like a really funny bitch. But like... Will the judges get her? Personally, I hope not!"
🎶 Sailor Moon music
u/MissiClipse enters the werk room in her entrance look.
She strikes a fashion pose, a glamour pose, and then a weird pose. " I'm ✰Missi Clipse✰ and I'm here to eclipse ALL of you with my talent and beauty 💄 💅 "
Bre stares at her. "How the fuck did she manage to say an emoji out loud?"
Talking Head, u/MissiClipse " Hi!! I'm ✰Missi Clipse✰!! I just got here off of the galactic-express, straight from the sun! I'm the universe queen (but I haven't won Miss Universe lmao) and I'm here to outshine all of these other stars! I think the thing that I am best at is creating my own looks with the resources I have around me. I'm very resourceful!! I'm very excited to get to know each of the queens and I really hope we become good friends. I feel like people are gonna underestimate me because of my age, but I'm certainly ready to shock and surprise everyone! I wear a star on each of my looks! It is a metaphor for ME being a star! And metaphors are important ... ( jk I HATE Rachel Berry lmaoo ) "
Missi runs over to the other girls to greet them. "✰ I'm so excited to be here with you all! ✰" Missi giggles. "We're gonna have so much fun. And then we're gonna get to see each others runways, and we're gonna win challenges together, and we may even have a rumi-"
TV clears her throat. "So Missi, what type of queen are you? I'm guessing... A talkative one."
Missi rolls her eyes. "I'm mainly a look queen as you can see, but I can also do a lot of comedy."
TV giggles. "Looking forward to seeing those things from you."
Bre clutches the table. "Ooh, shade this early in the morning?!"
Talking Head: u/MissiClipse. "Already Miss TV is rubbing me the wrong way. And it's not just her ratty lopsided wig."
🎶 Defying Gravity - Adele Dazeem
u/missforadollar enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"The theater queen has arrived. My next role? Winner."
Talking Head: u/missforadollar, " I’m missforadollar or Dollar for short, though I’ll take a quarter if it’s all you’ve got. I’m a Broadway gal, so no offense taken if you call my looks costumes. I’m the oldest queen on the season and possibly of all time. So, hopefully, the references I like to incorporate in my runways and my jokes aren’t too dated - although at this point I think I’ve been “dated” enough. I’m excited to show everyone at home that I’m a triple threat: Singing, dancing and holding a big knife just out of frame during judging. Think the other queens are ready to meet their leading lady? Hello, Dollar! "
The other queens greet Dollar as she saunters over to the werk room tables.
"I love theater so much!" TV chirps. "One day I hope Ava Max's documentary plays in a theater near me!"
Missi scowls. "That's a DIFFERENT type of theater."
Dollar smiles. "Oh, it's all the same to me. Showbiz is showbiz! Jazz hands out for the boys!"
The other contestants stare at her in bewilderment.
Talking Head, u/MissiClipse "✰ I don't mean to sound like a bitch, but drag's evolved so much in past century. Is Dollar maybe over her head here? ✰"
🎶 Heavy metal music
u/King-Yogimar enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"Send hole."
TV wrinkles her nose. "Ew-uh!!!!"
Talking Head: u/King-Yogimar, "Hi! I’m King-Yogimar but everyone just calls me yogi. I’m a big ol queen from a lil ol redneck society and I’m here to show everyone that rednecks aren’t just racist! We’re glamorous too!"
The other girls get up and greet Yogi. "Bitch, I knew you'd be here!" Soup laughs as the two hug.
"Sorry for keeping you all waiting!" Yogi smiles with a wink and a flourish.
Talking Head: u/missforadollar, "Yogi is really well known in the drag scene for being a hooker. Blow jobs for 25 cents in the back alley. That's right, her price went up!"
🎶 Seductive burlesque music
u/Cremationbloc enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Cremation is here and I'm about to bust."
"Oop! The girls are horny!" Bre observes, fanning herself.
Talking Head: u/Cremationbloc, "Hellur, my name is Cremationbloc, I am skdkfhsn years old and I’m from the sunny city of zootopia 💕 My hobbies include stealing pictures from pinterest and money laundering! hehe💰💰 It may have taken me a while to get here (7 seasons) but I’m happy to be here by popular demand. I guess the one thing I’m worried about is letting all of my fans down (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) but that will motivate me to rise to the top even more! I love my Cremators ♛ #teamcre"
"So Cre, what are you known for back home?" Missi inquires.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Cre asks, raising an eyebrow.
"Like, are you known for anything in particular in your local scene?"
"Oh! Uh..... No." Cre replies, giggling awkwardly.
🦗 A profound silence fills the werk room 🦗
Talking Head: u/missforadollar, "Cre reminds me of a very good friend of mine back in high school. And yes, before you ask, she was special ed."
Cre turns around to show the detail on the back of her outfit, giggling and shaking her ass.
"Ugh, you're SO pretty girl." Yogi admires.
"And thank God for it!" Dollar replies, causing the other girls to laugh.
🎶 Exotic snake charmer music
u/JohnTheLesbian enters the werk room in her entrance look.
"Your middle eastern queen has arrived and she’s ready to bomb this competition."
The girls all look at each other nervously.
"Hold on chile, lemme look for the exits" Bre murmurs.
Talking Head: u/JohnTheLesbian, " Bonjour! I'm John, also know as the Lesbian. I am years of age and do enjoy the occasional fruity cocktail every now and then. I'm also very competitive and will sleep my way to the top if necessary so hmu if interested. Luv yall mwah"
"Oh, do I hear an accent?" Yogi inquires.
John nods. "Yeah, I'm aussie fish. The plane ride I had to take to get here was sooooo fucking long!"
"And who's fault was that?!" Dollar asks, causing John to laugh.
"Okay guys, let's NOT joke about that." Missi huffs.
"Yeah, Lady Gaga didn't sing about having to pop the 9/11 for this level of disrespect" TV adds.
Missi plants her face into the table.
Suddenly, two members of the pit crew walk out carrying a big blue furry box. The girls all gasp in fear.
Talking Head, u/CremationBloc, "Is this gonna be a Shangela moment?! I hope not, I never read Season 6!"
The box begins to shake, until all of a sudden, u/FreedomWillowtree pops out in her entrance look!!!
"The BEST thing in life is FREE!!!"
The girls all scream, cheering and clapping.
Talking Head, u/FreedonWillowtree, "My name is Freedom Willowtree. Formerly known as Freewill310. Last season I was first out, but, the only eliminated girl to not die, quit, or be disqualified. I am literally a Phoenix risen from the cursed ashes of season 6. These other girls on season 7 need to be worried. Last time I checked I’m the only bitch here who has shaken her blue ass and titties on this stage."
"I can't fucking believe this" Yogi laughs as she helps Free out of her box.
"I had a feeling this bitch would be back!" John smiles.
"You can't keep a good bitch down." Free smiles. "Just ask the Honduran police. To this day, I'm still at large."
🦗 The girls all stare at each other as a sense of imminent danger fills the werk room 🦗
Talking Head: u/TelevisionHeaven, "Free might dress like she's from the movie Avatar, but she's up against an Ava-tar now!!! I'll cut this bitch quicker than I cut the left side of my hair!"
Suddenly, u/AutoModerator walks in!!! The girls all cheer and holler as he walks down the stairs.
"Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to the seventh of edition of Spoiled Drag Race Drag Race!!! Now I looed all over reddit, and found all of you, because I saw something in you that I might be able to shape into my next superstar. And for that reason, we're going to be throwing you girls off the deep end, and into the flood!"
The girls all look at each other in confusion.
Talking Head: u/MissiClipse, "A flood?! Like, a water photoshoot! ✰ Omg! Wouldn't that be fun?! ✰"
Automod continues. "For the first time in drag history, you will be boarding Grotesquette's Arc! Just like the animals entered the arc two by two, each of you will be entering and lip syncing against one of your fellow contestants! Now this season we will be doing a split premiere. Those of you who win your lip syncs will be on the Winner's premiere. And those of you who don't win your lip syncs will be on the loser's premiere! So good luck, and don't fuck it up!!!"
The girls all look at each other in horror.
"What the fuck?!" TV gasps. "We have to lip sync already?! Um.... Is Sweet but Psycho an option?!
The girls all rush to put on their lip sync outfits and get ready for Grotesquette's Arc.


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2020.11.27 01:48 BleachedSweetFlower How do I check for ticks with all this fur??

Hey Aussie experts :) my daughter was holding my 12.5 week old puppy this evening when daughter noticed a tiny tick on her pants leg. Now I'm kind of freaking out about the thought of ticks on my puppy. Pippa rarely stops moving and still dislikes her slicker brush and undercoat rake. How do you all effectively look through all this fur? She's up-to-date on her vaccinations but Lyme's disease is weighing heavily in my mind.
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2020.11.26 19:22 Aoskkun La Journée Défense et Citoyenneté en ligne, ou comment donner à un stagiaire la tâche de faire un tutoriel pour tous les jeunes de France

La Journée Défense et Citoyenneté en ligne, ou comment donner à un stagiaire la tâche de faire un tutoriel pour tous les jeunes de France
Bonsoir à tous,
Il y a peu, j'ai reçu, comme de nombreux jeunes de notre belle nation, une convocation à la JDC. La date était pendant le confinement donc "pas de chance" je me retrouve à devoir la faire en ligne. Je reçois le mail suivant et je me retrouve fortement intrigué par la fin de celui-ci proposant un "tutoriel".
Jusqu'ici tout va bien
Et bien, disons que je ne m'attendais pas vraiment à ça :
Vous le sentez le professionnalisme ?
Ah le sacrosaint Comic sans MS !
Bon, ce PDF n'est pas très vendeur (on passera outre les couleurs qui arrachent les yeux) mais je clique avec entrain sur la troisième partie, après tout j'ai besoin de savoir comment tout cela fonctionne !
Ceci est l'intro de ce chapitre
On notera des dialogues à en faire chavirer le poti cœur de tous les lecteurs, aussi les personnages particuliers (mais on y reviendra plus tard).
Je vous ai fait une petite sélection des meilleurs moments de ce chapitre, parce que honnêtement je me suis beaucoup bidonné devant ce document officiel de l'Etat : (Je précise que cela n'est pas une ancienne formation, ça parle du Covid à l'intérieur)
Ah oui la priorité des djeuns : le goûter

La claque

Timmy n'a pas de notion du monde extérieur et le découvre grâce au JDC

Timmy veut faire la bagarre
Voilà voilà...
On va pas se mentir ça fait un peu pitié et donne l'impression d'être fait par un collégien qui découvre le pouvoir de l'informatique. Et vous savez le plus rigolo ? Le niveau de fainéantise n'est pas fini.
Donc dans ma grande curiosité de jeunot je me suis demandé : "Mais c'est bizarre, ces personnages ne ressemblent pas du tout à ceux habituellement dessinés par le gouvernement, mais plutôt à de vieux png volés de google. D'où est-ce qu'ils peuvent bien venir ?"
Eh bah de vieux png volés sur google :

Elle vient d'un site portugais de png

On voit toujours le watermark sur lui.
Yep, le png de cet homme est normalement payant mais le stagiaire qui s'en est occupé en avait rien à foutre et à juste fait une capture d'écran du bougre.
Bref, tout ça pour dire que l'administration française a vraiment besoin d'engager des professionnels du design au lieu de refourguer ça à n'importe quel pélo qui a OpenOffice.
Madame Parly, j'ai une question : "Pourquoi ?" et aussi super ce tutoriel, j'ai hâte de recevoir mon certificat de JDC ! /s
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2020.11.26 03:04 paprikese 25 [m4f] Middle TN / Anywhere - seeking the other half

[Thanksgiving-related innuendo]
So at this point, the love quest I'm on or claim to be on or seem to be claiming to be on or some variation of those words boils down to the search for that special someone that'll put up with my shit, but unfortunately this is an ungodly high standard, so we're going to boil it down to the search for that one special someone that won't look at me funny when I tell her my dream summer destination spot is America's northernmost city: Utqiagvik, Alaska.
You know, where it's cold af all year round.
And dark.
so enough rambling on that note hi there folks I'm undecided if I'm looking for a relationship or a really intimate "are you sure we're not dating" friendship, but I would like communication with someone who doesn't make me feel like I'm forced to carry the whole conversation. You wouldn't believe how normal this has become. I come with these pre-installed features (list incomplete):
Anyway that's the end of that before I go into way too much listing. As for hobbies, I enjoy board games, video games, video game versions of board games, reading books, learning things and filling my smooth brain with useless knowledge, and playing various stringed instruments terribly. We're keeping this SFW for the time being because frankly I have no bedroom antics I'm willing to tell anyone about in the first message.
Please note that "anywhere" in the title does in fact mean "anywhere" because please god help me get out of here I really have no set sleeping schedule other than "insomnia" and time zones don't really mean much to me anymore. I don't exactly have a type because I haven't dated in 10 years and the only preference I can say with conviction is "I like people who shower", so please make the subject line your preferred brand of soap.
If by some miracle you've made it this far and are wondering "why tf did I just read this" (the same reaction I had after finishing Moby-Dick, the driest novel about the wettest place on earth), feel free to express your displeasure in the form of a PM in which you've taken time to actually write about yourself, because unfortunately I'm a big smelly willy who doesn't reply to messages that make me feel like no one read anything I wrote. I'll get back to you between "some time after message received" and "too late".
More notes on messaging: I actually don't use the chat function, so if you're actually interested in me, you actually have to send a PM. The following messages or anything resembling them are things I refuse to reply to:
My conceit is showing, I know.
anyway feel free have day nice afternoon night good.
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2020.11.25 11:18 iamgodandashamed I drink a lot

I was born in 1968

At first it may be because of a failed relationship with a neighbour because she hooked
up with my brother. On that what sort of person does that, seriously. I wasn't ready for
that. I have decided not to swear on here. I will also not give away names or businesses.
They could possibly work it out but I won't name anyone. I just want to tell my story.
Later it became more of I just want to forget. And sleep. I can't kill myself or hurt

Some more reasons are that I was bullied throughout my life. My stepfather abused me. My
real dad was an alcoholic. My mother was controlling from my 20's. When I met the
neighbour I was 21. My Mother kicked both my brother and I out if we didn't stop seeing
the neighbour. But then again the neighbour was a waste of space. Around the late 2000's
my mum actually wrote me a letter to say stop seeing a mutual friend.

Some local kids decided to throw condoms with water inside them because I was friends
with a gay guy. I knew he was gay. So what. But local kids thought it was wrong. They
were homophobic. I could really get them into trouble now with that. But why bother. I
really just drink so I will die soon hopefully. I have lost all hope for humanity.
They threw them at my car.

Anyways, after my abuse I still didn't work out my sexuality until probably 1994/1995.
I am not sure.

My father was an alcoholic and lost the family business early on in my life. My mum and
dad separated when I was 5. I remember little about my early childhood. Mainly things at
school. One home incident really stuck out early. I have a scar above my eye because a
steel ladder hit it. 5 stitches.

I am pretty sure my dad use to abuse my mum and gave us all the belt at one point. My
oldest brother acted out a lot and left when he was 16 I think.

After my parents separated I would visit my mum on weekends and holidays and see my
stepfather and his kids. Then in 1975 my mum and stepfather moved to another state.
Starting in December, 1978, I visited my mum and stepfather in the holidays staying
about 5 weeks. This happened in 1978,79,80,81. In June 1982 my dad had the accident and
I stayed with my mum for about 3 months.

Another incident was a German Shepard ( named that way at the time) attacked me when I
was walking home and I got some bad scratches and a lifetime fear of dogs. Found out
later the dog attacked someone else and was shot dead.

I am one of three brothers. The oldest is now dead from a heart attack but was an
alcoholic. Around April he started drinking heavily and was told not to drink again.
The second oldest now has cancer but was born with brain damage. He was the
brother that the neighbour dumped me for him. ( again yea who does that?) Me. I am an
alcoholic and had been abused, bullied, cheated on, lost a son to a girl who cheated on
me. Yea so life is great hey.

I worked out my sexuality in 1994? Maybe. Well in 2000 I moved to a big city and started
driving a taxi. I left a winery because the lead hand wouldn't stop pushing his ideas on
me. One of my last conversations to him was that I would kill him and bury him. I think
I got the point across.

In 1978, I had a weird conversation with my stepsister. She asked me how I masturbated.
I didn't at that point. 2 years later after my mum and stepfather met another couple,
some of my abuse started. Yes it was sexual. I can't say I was forced. I wanted to do
it. I know that doesn't make it right. Its just what happened. With one of the sons of
the other family some things happened. We visited a nudist camp and nudist beach. The
other family had 6 children. They were a blended family. The oldest was about 16. The 2
stepsisters were a year older then me. The 2 stepbrother's were my age. There was a
younger girl. About 3 years younger. In 1982 I had extra relations with the other
brother and both stepsisters. We were all about 14 and 15 when this happened.

Actually in 1982, my father had a bad accident. He was going to buy a bottle of sherry
from a pub. Apparently he said he did a u-turn and hit a tree.
Actually he hit the tree at speed. He claimed someone ran him off the road.
He hit that tree with such force that the car, a ht panel van, had a rounded dent in the
front that it was amazing he was still alive. He had broken ribs, broken legs, and
troubles with eating and other things. He couldn't walk properly afterwards. When I saw
him in hospital I fainted. It was horrific. So I went to live with my mom. When he
recovered I went back to him. He continued to drink. We moved from one city to a town
then to a beach town. At this point I was experimenting with wearing women's clothes.
And in the beach town I continued with meeting men.

In 1984 my father died. He couldn't eat properly. And still drank. I started stealing
things from 1982 and ended up spending 3 months in a detention centre in 1983 ( I think)
then had probation until age 18. When I left the centre I again run away but my children
services officer found me. Anyways. I stopped acting out and lost my father.

In 1981, I was in a school in grade 8 in a high school that I knew nearly everyone in
the school. 1982 year 9 I did it then had to continue year 9 in another school where I
was bullied. 1983 I had to repeat year 9 but when I was sentenced to 3 months prison
after stealing bicycles, a boat and tried to steel a car and succeeded in stealing my
dad's car and drove to a big city, my dad took me to the police. In the police interviews
they first tried to pin a lot of stuff on me and i played along until i got sick of the
righteous cop who thought i was some sort of crime wave. I wanted to leave school. One
of the best things I made friends with the strongest guy in that place. Funny thing I
remember when a yacht won for a small country. And a song about still standing. I made
a coffee table too.

After my father's funeral me and the second oldest brother returned to my mother's and
stepfather's place. A caravan with all of my toys and coffee table, my brother's models
and telescopes and clothes was stolen as well as school photos. The caravan was recovered
but nothing else. Who steals photos and toys?

2 incidents that happened about 8 years apart in 2 different states really affected me
badly. The day after my birthday in 1986 I picked up my car from the pub, saw some
friends, then drove home when I got to my turn I saw some police cars and an ambulance
and a car that looked like it was sideswiped. Turns out the driver who was killed was a
local popular girl and was pushing her car after running out of fuel. The drunk driver
lost his licence and not much else. I reckon he should have been locked up for murder.
Another 8 years or so in another state a local kid hopped into his classic car and headed
into town but a big 4wd driven by another drunk driver was headed towards him and
collided and killed him. The drunk driver got a slap on the hand. He, too should have
been put in jail for murder. 2 more wastes of spaces.

I want to tell my story to everyone for free. I don't want money. I am a unemployed carer
for my brother who has cancer. If anyone wants to donate, donate to a worthy cause of
your choosing.

In year 7 the teacher's kid was in his class and because of that I got the cane for
several times. Of course I would like to find that kid now and whip him but he is another
waste of space.

The principal was also a waste of space and at one time kept us all on the parade ground
where someone fainted from the heat. À girl at the school who I liked lied that she
liked me but was joking. I did see her again in 1989 maybe. The third bf of the
neighbour punched me because I started stalking her, oh yes I did stalk her but again
who the hell hooks up with my brother after dumping me.

That couple later was arrested for drugs and later left the area. A local drunk who
abused me for the following and stalking ended up getting run over and died. I thought
at least one waste of space is now dead.

A stupid idiot died. Good.

There were some great experiences from my childhood. Like a cat that was blind that I
called pinky. She was a white albino cat. She was probably blind.
She was the greatest pet I ever had. She had a litter in my dad's doctor's case. She
once followed me all the way to the local shop ( about 4 kms) and back but I had to
carry her the last few hundred yards. But as all great things it ended with tragedy. I
came home from school and couldn't find her. My dad said he found her after being
attacked by dogs, her back broken he had to put her out of her misery. I have never
since had a pet like her. I don't know what happened to the dogs, but another
reason I hate dogs.

Put it this way. If I had a gun and a dog walked up to me I would pull the trigger.

On my stepfather. Yes he abused me and another kid. His reputation could be ruined by
this. His paintings are hanging in a council office and a park is named after him. If
anyone thinks they should be changed then I will get that done. If not I will leave it.
My stepfather passed away in 2005 from a heart attack because he still smoked.

My mother was controlling. I think in the early 2000's I told my mum and stepfather
about a girl I was interested in. That didn't work out. I never told them any other
relationship again. I think I picked younger girls because I missed out on girls from
21 to 33. I met many girls from 2001 to 2019. Most were younger. Only one was older.
But they were always of legal age. I could never be an abuser. And I couldn't be with
a married woman either.

Some of the first girls were Aussie, but I soon moved to Asian ladies, even marrying a
Vietnamese girl so she could stay in Australia. It failed though cause she was too busy
making money as a hooker. She claimed she was a stripper but she would bring guys back
to the house. In 2010 I changed to mostly African girls. My last lady friend was

A "gf" in 2017 to 2018 who I had a baby with who was still born because of her not
telling me that her water had broken. She also cheated on me. I don't know when it
started. Soon after leaving a job where I was bullied and treated like rubbish a guy
came to the house and she hoped I wasn't home. After some distinctive noises I did
leave. She wanted to have a second baby but after finding out she cheated I didn't want
to have another kid with her. Soon after we left the house and I went back to living in
my car.

Living in my car. Pretty sure I did this from December 2009. Anytime I had work in big
city. At one point I joined a gym so I could shower. Other times I went to swimming
pools. Later I found a truck service station that wouldn't mind who used the showers
as long as you bought something.  Actually some great meals and people at the
place. I couldn't really afford it but at least I wasn't paying rent.

Yes I am an alcoholic. I won't stop. I want to die. I am ashamed. If anyone wants to
stop me guess you will have to lock me up. In the world we have a megalomaniac who
wants to rule the world. We have minorities who are continually dying in custody. If
even one person doesn't do anything then nothing changes.

Met a lovely person in 2011. Things ended in 2012 when I left a Job to be with her. Job
later folded. Owners were another waste of space. But I loved this person. I know it
wouldn't have worked though. I was too old. If I had met her in, oh that wouldn't work
out. Let's just say if I was 20 years younger it would have been better.

I can only think of one woman who was my perfect match but that didn't work out. Or if
we were born in different times.

Pretty sure that I will never find true love or another job.

Thanks to the federal government for forgetting unemployed people over 35. Thanks
for one state government for blaming another government for closing state boarders
then recording more infections. And thanks to a waste of space.

Pandemic. Look at the numbers. One country has the most. This country never took
proper precautions. Their leader is another waste of space.

My new catch phrase. Another waste of space.

Jobs I left. 2 times at the winery. Firstly one couple couldn't work fast enough. I
know I am slow but this couple was retarded. Second time was because of that leading
hand. Driving taxis I just moved depots when I moved houses. In 2002 I worked for a guy
to deliver junk mail. He was another waste of space. I lived with him and his gf ( being
a friend of mine) I woke up one night to his swearing, actually turning out to be a
reminder to my dad.

I worked for a depot in 2008-09, because the mechanic thought it was funny to trap me
in the window. Guess what another waste of space.

I worked for a depot where the owner was a waste of space.

A dealership I worked for where I was bullied and that. Well everyone there was a waste
of space.

Oh yea bonus material. A girl and a cop tried to frame me for hitting her car. She
actually reversed into me. Her and parents ran a shop with adult videos and drugs. The
cop was involved. Anyways later on I heard he tried to pick up another girl and got his
brains blown out.

In that place before we moved I could get anything I wanted. For instance I could buy
a gun.

So should I keep drinking.

I also ran a few businesses of my own. And even one on an app. Again probably making
less then $10 an hour. More wastes of spaces.

Talk about slave labour. Even in this country they still want people to pick fruit
and be paid for weight. Again another waste of space.

From October 2018, after I left that house I would work up to 8 days then drive up to
the little country town and buy and cook dinner for my brother. Sometime in September
2019 I noticed my brother had a lump on his neck. He said he had it for awhile. I got
him to see a doctor and when he did she referred him to a ct scan. Then he referred to
an oncologist. He was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

Mum passed away in 2013 from cancer.

I moved all my stuff up to the house to care for my brother at the end of September.
Cook and shop and stuff. Drive him to his appointments. We have visited another town
which is 100kms away 26 times. My brother has had all of his treatments and all is good
for now.

I will no longer risk my brothers life now. I won't be meeting anyone for years.

Now to this year. I have almost paid off a big debt. Started in 1994/1995 with a
bankcard. Up to $13000. Paid it off in 2012 after my ute got written off. But then
made it again after the move to be with that girl. This year I also got the remainder
of me super. ( a stupid idea. Why not have your money now). Anyways bought some gadgets,
paid off debt and may have a road bike end of this year.

My body isn't too good. I am overweight and have high blood pressure. I had also
started smoking when I was 15 then gave up when I was 23. So at a later date I may
develop cancer as well. Do I want to know. Part of me does and my doctor has suggested
I find out via an x-ray. Part of me does not. We all die. I have now reached out to
see a psychologist to talk to someone about my mental health and life. But I also want
to tell my life story to my family, some day.

I stopped drinking the other day will now take it one day at a time. I know I have to be
here for my brother. After that I don't know.

Now my sleeping pattern is all over the place. Wake up at midnight after a few hours
sleep. Fall asleep around midday sleep til 8 pm. Then it changes again. Last night fell
asleep around 9pm and woke up at 4am. I hope it is all good now. Was thinking of drinking
again to make my sleep right but didn't.

We did have a memorial for my stillborn son and I named him after my stepfather. I don't
know why but it was the first name that came to mind. He is buried at a cemetery that I
have never visited. As far as I know there is no plaque. I will reach out to the cemetery
to find out if he has one.

I heard some wonderful news on sunday. I am drinking now. I am celebrating. I am an alcoholic.
In 2012 I stopped drinking for a few years. A few weeks ago I stopped drinking for a bit but
started again. I don't care if it kills me. A ducking dunt is still not gone from the usa
He should be removed.

Finally some good news. The ducking dunt didn't get enough votes. Now if he doesn't leave he
can be removed by the secret service. You will be able to guess who he is. I think he is
insane. My country is trying to get the country responsible for the pandemic to face some
sort of charges. That country has told my country to really think about what they are doing.
Probably a good idea not to pick on a very large country in terms of population.

Some things did happen in 1979. with that other family we did visit a nudist beach. In 1980
the other family purchased my stepfather's mothers' house after her passing. Then after
that we would visit the nudist camps. I cant remember much else that happened in 1979. At
one point some time early on i saw both my stepfather and mother naked. Probably was in
1978 now that I think of it the night I saw them was the same night my stepsister asked me
about how I masturbate.

I have found out where my son is buried. I checked some records from a council and found
out where he is and asked the council if he had a plaque. He doesn't so I am visiting the
cemetery soon and will get a plaque for him as soon as I can. He was light skin but still
be a person of colour if he lived, with all of the rascism that is still abundant in my
country. White people just don't know what it is like to be treated differently because
of the colour of your skin.

I had deleted some of these paragraphs but decided to reuse them. I dont want the world
to end. I just want my world to end.

My mum sent me a letter sometime in 1996 about my father having been abusive to her.
That's why she left him. I ran away to a big city for a year.

Going to get a gew more gadgets like a video camera to film my story to put up on
youtube using narrator to tell it. This is my life now. drinking to sleep and trying to
forget my life. I could of course stop drinking but where's the fun in that. I dont want
to live forever. I think the world will end soon. We have many countries that want to
start world war 3. Luckily the reign of a dictator has been ended. But i dont put it
past his stupid chrildren trying the same thing. I think the best solution is to kill
him and his entire family. That would save the world. But then again there is 7.8
billion people on earth. So why not end human life.

Actually I think all of the human races' problems are because of politicians. Lets
get rid of politicans if you want the human race to survive another 1000 years.

We have many websites where people scam other people, troll other people and
bascially treat other people very terribly. Why cant we stop these people. How
about get rid of the internet. It is not working. Many other things throughout
history has killed many people. Cigarettes, Alcohol, Coal, Oil and more that
without the world would be better off. There has been many wars too. Many
terriost actions and gun related crimes. One big country has a right to bear
arms. But they continue to have gun deaths and many other crimes. Get rid of
the guns. GET RID OF THE GUNS.

Remember hearing about a guy who actually shot his dad because his dad use
to beat his mother.

One last thing a stupid country voted in a complete dunt. And now there are
rumours you will vote in his daughter. What is wrong with these people??/?

In 1997 a certain popular person died in a car accident. I was making my
style of picnic tables when I heard. It was a sad day.

About 2005 I was driving to big city to do some job that was supervising
taxi ranks. I would finish at 5 am drive halfway home to the country then
sleep in my car. Wake up and drive home. Sleep a bit more then drive back
to big city.

I have sent an earlier update to my stepfather's kids and a friend. I don't
think I will see them again. I want to actually remove the paintings, the
gravestones and the sign at the park.

Actually I think a certain polictical party in a big country is to blame
because they didn't want a woman in office so they put up a candidate so
fundimentally stupid and he was voted in and now with rising deaths in
the country and now they can't get rid of him.

Tell you what let's get rid of violent games. I like violent movies but
they should be stopped too. A great movie trailer I saw was for Tom &
Jerry. Yes it is violent but it is a cartoon. Why should we watch movies
about killing then not think it in real life.

From 2000 I used a chat program on yahoo until about to 2006. Then
changed to one called tagged. where I met most of the girls. Met a
couple through facebook too.

Loved seeing movies at the drive-in or cinema. Saw a few great movies
up until 1978. The next movie I saw at a cinema was in 1989. Missed out
on a lot of great movies. Though now I have a great collection of dvd's,
CD's, records, tapes and videotapes. And Books.
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2020.11.24 19:06 edge269 Cas pratique: immobilier locatif, succession et retraite

Bonjour à tous,
Un post pour vous parlez d'un cas réel que je rencontre actuellement et qui concerne l'immobilier locatif et la succession. Ceci illustre la réalité de ce type d'investissement, dans toutes ses composantes, et donnera du grain à moudre à nos jeunes contributeurs théoriciens de l'immobilier locatif. Je fournis ici des chiffres concrets sur les rendements et les contraintes liées à l'immobilier.
Ma situation et mes objectifs financiers: en couple, sans enfants donc sans héritiers. Je suis dans la gamme 45-50 ans à 15 ans environ de la retraite, idem madame. Revenus: 6-7k/mois pour le couple après impôts (donc net de net) , 7k c'est quand on intègre l'intéressement /participation et les épargnes employeurs. Patrimoine essentiellement composé d'actifs financiers à hauteur de 450k pour le couple. Notre objectif est de partir en retraite avant d'atteindre le taux plein. Comme on a fait tous les deux des études longues on doit partir aux alentours de 66 ans pour atteindre ce taux, on souhaite partir à 62 ans.
Nos dépenses mensuelles incompressibles sont de l'ordre de 4k/mois. Tout compris: location du logement, assurances, nourriture, voyages, loisirs, plaisirs. On vit très bien ainsi et ce sera vraisemblablement nos besoins à la retraite. Nos espérances de vie actuelles, sur la base des données actuarielles et de santé, est de l'ordre de 35-40 ans. Notre objectif est clairement de diminuer notre temps de travail effectif nous séparant de l'âge de 62 ans.
Juste pour fixer les idées, une petite expérience de pensée: avec des retraites SS + complémentaires cumulées de 3k / mois (ca sera vraisemblablement plus) et 450k de patrimoine financier on aurait que 1k / mois à compléter pour maintenir notre train de vie. En épuisant notre capital on pourrait vivre 450 mois sans soucis, y compris donc en payant le loyer de notre logement, soit jusqu'à la fin de nos jours. On n'a donc ni besoin ni d'intérêt financier pour acheter un bien immobilier comme RP.
Un achat immobilier représenterait pour nous un intérêt de 'confort'. Le bien que nous louons actuellement est confortable, en centre ville, rien à lui reprocher. Mais avec l'arrivée du télétravail on souhaiterais peut-être avoir une résidence secondaire à la campagne (pour y travailler en télétravail et s'éloigner un peu du brouhaha de la ville). Notre bail est reconduit sans soucis, on connait la propriétaire qui ne souhaite ni vendre ni s'installer dedans avant longtemps. Je dirai qu'on a au moins 10 ans avant d'avoir à quitter le logement (bien intégrer que dans ce cas de figure on a le temps de voir venir).
J'ai hérité, avec deux autres héritiers membre de ma famille, d'un bien situé à Lyon. Nous sommes en ligne directe et héritiers à 1/3 chacun. C'est un complément d'héritage car on avait déjà 50% du bien en nue propriété, acquise en 2008. Pour ceux qui suivent on est donc passés chaque héritiers de 1/6 sans usufruit à 1/3 en pleine propriété. Le prix de référence qui avait été retenu pour le bien (surestimé) était à l'époque de la donation de 160k.
Le bien a une surface de 53 m2, T3 (environ 50% plus petit en surface du bien que l'on loue actuellement, pour 1050 euros, charges comprises). Il est bien situé, rez de chaussé. La copropriété est bien entretenue. Le bien a été acheté en 1987 pour 30k. L'inflation des prix à la consommation est de +60% depuis la date d'achat. Les prix immobiliers ont augmentés beaucoup plus depuis. Avec le notaire on estimé le bien entre 180k et 200k. Les 180 k correspondent à l'estimation PATRIM mais sur des transactions de 2018, on a retenu une estimation à 200k. Le bien s'est donc apprécié de 200 - 48 k = 122 k en 33 ans. L'investissement initial était de 30 k, le bien vaut 122k, le rendement brut lié à l'achat est donc de 4.3% / an. (+ voir edit plus bas)
Ce bien a servi a loger différentes personnes de la famille puis a été loué. Il y a eu des frais de crédit et assurances pour le financement (par mes parents), il y a eu de l'entretien (plusieurs chaudières, des parquets, portes, double vitrages, diagnostics), des taxes foncières, des frais de syndic, une réfection importante à 10k de travaux extérieurs etc.. Je n'ai pas les données en détail mais il est important de noter que ce 4.3% a certainement été amputé de façon notable. J'oserai dire qu'il se situerait en net aux alentours de 2% / an. Ca reste surestimé car le prêt (pris à l'époque sur 5 ans était de l'ordre de 8 ou 10% / an, de mémoire).
La situation aujourd'hui. Déjà 1200 euros de frais pour établir l'acte de propriété définitif et régulariser la succession. Sur les 200k on a environ 12 années d'ancienneté sur 50% de la propriété (donation de 50% de la nue propriété de 2008) et on commence le décompte aujourd'hui pour les autres 50%. Pour modérer les impôts sur les plus values immobilières à la revente il faut donc viser une détention comprise entre 10 et 30 ans.
La situation locative: quelques vacances locatives (1 mois environ) entre deux locataires. Le bien est loué 680 euros / mois (charges modiques incluses, 70 euros / mois). A noter que l'on a souvent été obligé de baisser le loyer entre deux locataires pour pouvoir relouer rapidement. Ce type de baisse à la relocation reste modique (30-50 euros / mois). Mais l'expérience est que le loyer augment avec l'IRL quand un locataire est en place (généralement entre 1 et 3 / 4 ans, parfois plus) mais qu'il fasse réajuster à la baisse quand arrive un nouveau locataire. Une fois que l'on a déduit les charges diverses, les taxes foncières, les réparations et entretiens, assurances, gestion locative, vacances locatives on se retrouver avec des frais de l'ordre de 20%. Du coup l'imposition en microfoncier, aujourd'hui sous le régime de l'indivision, est la suivante:
610 x 12 = 7 320 euros de loyers annuels bruts, déclaration IR: 30% d'abattement en microfoncier, reste 5 124 euros.
Sur cette somme, cotisations sociales à 17.2 % soit 882 euros et pour moi, TMI à 30%, 1 537 euros d'IR. A mon niveau le rendement net (*) est donc de 7 320 - 882 - 1 537 = 4901 euros sur un bien à 200k soit 2,45% / an. Bien sûr je ne toucherai à l'avenir qu'un tiers des loyers mais c'est pour donner une idée du rendement locatif. Pour un bien qui se loue facilement, bien situé , qui correspond à un besoin identifié, avec des charges locatives réduites et qui n'amène donc que ce rendement modeste. Sans compter les éventuels travaux, soit d'amélioration, soit carrément de rénovation énergétique.
(*) non inclus dans ce calcul: les frais de réparation / remplacement type chaudière (l'entretien est à la charge du locataire) et une taxe foncière de 500 euros / an. Ainsi le rendement net est plutôt de 2% / an dans l'hypothèse ou il n'y a pas de gros travaux. A nouveau quand il y a eu un ravalement de façade à 10k ca signifie qu'une année et demi de loyers ont été redirigés pour régler ces frais. Au niveau fiscal il y a donc eu un passage aux frais réels et quelques travaux supplémentaires pour profiter des trois années imposées sous ce régime avant le retour au microfoncier.
Les héritiers:
héritier #1: moi, bonne situation, pas de besoin immobilier. Le bien est petit mais il pourrait servir de pied à terre dans l'optique de l'achat d'une maison à la campagne. Soit pour se rendre en ville pour les rendez-vous médecins, pour assister aux spectacles, profiter de la ville en somme. Du coup je pourrais le louer aux autre héritiers ce qui ferait un loyer modique. La fiscalité actuelle et le rendement étant pas terrible, on pourrait envisager de faire à la place des travaux d'amélioration au cours du temps (pour améliorer j'entends, je doute que tout travaux puisse améliorer le loyer).
héritier #2: aussi une situation confortable mais déjà plusieurs bien immobiliers sous le coude (dispose de sa RP et de un ou deux PINEL) avec un endettement important. TMI également à 30% donc imposition assez forte sur les loyers perçus qui d'ailleurs perturbent les défiscalisations réalisées par ailleurs (rogne sur la capacité à produire un crédit d'impôt via l'augmentation de revenus à l'IR).
héritier #3: situation assez mauvaise. Peine à rembourser un prêt immobilier à un taux élevé . Le prêt est difficilement renégociable pour cause d'une situation professionnelle instable et le montant qui reste à régler et d'environ 50k, sur encore 10-15 ans. TMI à 0% mais la perception de loyers peu impacter l'accès actuel à des prestations sociales (type APL).
J'ajoute que ces héritiers #2 et #3 ont des enfants d'âges divers ce qui fait qu'en cas de décès l'indivision risque de devenir compliquée à gérer.
On voit bien un problème qui se retrouve lors de la transmission d'un bien immobilier: le caractère insécable (nous sommes pour l'heure en indivision) du bien, la perturbation qu'il cause sur des situations hétérogènes et des intérêts divergents. Heureusement nous nous entendons bien.
Prenons l'exemple de travaux d'importance à réaliser dans la copropriété, disons pour une quote-part de 5k pour notre bien: je suis le seul à pouvoir réagir sans pouvoir m'endetter voire même à pouvoir réagir tout court.
Financièrement le mieux serait d'ailleurs pour moi de vendre. Je préfère prendre en main la gestion est créer une SCI dont j'hésite encore sur le type IR ou IS. Les deux ont des avantages. Dans tous les cas l'idée est de réguler le flux de trésorerie et de restituer le caractère sécable de l'actif:
Ce montage présenterait de l'intérêt pour tout le monde. Et c'est un montage qui n'est pas gratuit, en commençant à chercher un peu partout ça représente 1-2k à lâcher rien que pour cela. Plus un du temps à y consacrer mais ca reste faisable, tant pour la rédaction des statuts que pour la comptabilité et la gérance.
Voila un panorama concret des 'bienfaits' de l'investissement locatif. Je ne crache bien sur pas sur cet héritage et je remercie nos parents pour leur démarche. Nous avoir légué une AV aurait été plus simple mais c'était pas dans l'air du temps de leur époque (je précise que mes parents n'étaient pas des boomers mais de la génération d'avant guerre, elle était AMHA moins bien lotie que celles qui leur ont succédé, je ne parle même pas de celle de ma grand-mère, le seul grand-parent que j'ai eu la chance de connaitre).
Avez-vous des réactions, des idées pour m'aider ? Une esquisse de solution à laquelle je n'aurais pas pensé ? Une opportunité.
Merci de m'avoir lu.

edit: je viens de me rendre compte que mon calcul de valorisation annuelle n'était pas correct. Ici la correction avec démarche de calcul et ajout d'informations, à toute fin utile.
cout initial d'achat du bien: 30k en 1987
inflation entre 1987 et 2020 (environ 33 ans): +77% (source:
coût d'achat actualisé en 2020 aprés prise en compte de l'inflation: 30 x 1.77 = 53.1 k
prix de revente estimé en 2020: 200k, soit une plus value de 200-53.1 = 146.9 k
taux de croissance annualisé du prix, assimilé au taux de valorisation brut:
(146.9 / 30)^(1/33) = 4.93 % / an, ca ne change pas l'essentiel du raisonnement et les propos sur la valorisation annuelle nette.
submitted by edge269 to vosfinances [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 17:47 beaniemoo [NA][PvX][SoS][Chillax][Casual][New player friendly][Mmm]Intense Pleasure. Returning/vet are welcome. LF West Coast players, night time players

Every guild has a history. Avoid watching videos if you're eating/drinking. You're welcome.

A little too much about us

  • Our guild started with 4 loners doing drunk Dragon's Stand, got caught up in guild politics. We got hurt, left, then went our own ways till I got sick of flicking my bean alone. So I turned my personal bank into this mess. It was just a few weeks before PoF release, but a year later, we climaxed at level 69 and located at Windswept Haven. Our guild hall is beautifully decorated for max efficiency when it comes to daily harvesting. The hall is also boasted with subtle landmarks from different generations of players who have been groomed here before they moved on to other top tier guilds.
  • If some skip getting laid to join a specific guild event, you know how much Intense Pleasure we’re pumping. (Spoiler alert! He still got laid after we discussed all the possible excuses. Win win~). This post gonna be slong. If you don’t read and swallow it all, you clearly don’t deserve us cuz spitters are quitters >:]
  • We have 2/3 inactive, it’s that time to refresh our roster with fresh meat. We tend to keep our medium girth for ultimate satisfaction, minus any complication. Size matters sometimes. TL;DR skim through bold texts for our main info. Requirements for Potential Members and time table waist down below.
  • The guild will not only be a home for me and my homies, but also for filthy casuals and drama free folks. You want to get online and enjoy every a$$ pecks of the game, minus drama? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. Why solo when you can have an extra hand for rubbing? Why run with people nagging like your co-workers? Or who treat this like a job? Why so serious? Come on now. The whole guild thing should be fun! The choice is in your hand. (Prefer a clean one cuz)
  • We're on the thick side, but not overly populated so we have a chance to get to know you from your head to your toe. Mmm We have players from Murica, Snow Mexican, Kiwi, Downlander, some in Pacific Ocean, lurkers from Europe, etc. The fact that people in remote areas try to bypass security to sneak in our Discord while at work; plus, the amount gamer gorls we have are big testaments for how fun we are as a guild. We want to revive that feeling every time we re-post our recruitment. We also make many discoveries that we're proud of. Like this. Or this
  • Our primary goal is to mentor new/returning players, and fuel some passion onto the vets. So we can get to know each other dirty little secrets better while giving back to the community. The more you know about the game, the more you can help yourself and others. This is from one guildie, quoted from our Discord: “i've had the game since early 2013 or 2014 and barely leveled one account to 80 and despite buying HOT on launch i never played it very much at all despite my professed "love" for the game, but once i joined this guild it gave me a reason to play, it reminded me of all the things i had enjoyed and the sense of community that made guild wars 2 special." Some people found their unlucky way to our post on either reddit, or gw2forum. Otherwise, we single-handedly pick our members. So we know exactly what we're looking for and the personalities that suit our standards.
  • Our motto is Play the game, not the meta. Join for the fun, and stay for the pleasure. You’re highly encouraged to run builds that scream your personality, but also work well in a grouping environment. We have an absolutely no repping environment. We have members who rep 98% of their other guild(s) cuz they have to, or get kicked. But they run 83% of their time with us, in-game and Discord. Repping a guild to us is to show off which hole you're from, it shouldn't be a dealbreaker. Although, we lie a little. We'd appreciated if you rep in guild events so we can round up the numbers. Rep is because you're proud to be a part of. And do rep us during childbirths so we can receive the credits. We usually call our daddy for help
  • We're working professionals, scientists, doctors, nurses, drug dealers, strippers, etc. We understand time is of the essence. If you can only play a little naughty every night, you probably don't want to waste time with an unfit group of people. Or worse, end up stressing out in a toxic environment. This is a game. We want to improve ourselves as players but we don't want it to be our second job. Let's have fun getting it on! If there's any heated moment, we talk it out like grown-ups. We refuse to play the cold-war game (aka no talking). Cuz it'll only fuel unnecessary drama due to misunderstandings.
  • We’ve groomed so many generations of players, especially social anxiety folks and loners. We’re proud to bite them lightly, so they could be open to pugging for group contents and genuinely get better and be more confident IRL. When they best themselves, they venture out to high-end guilds, but still check up on us on a blue moon. That’s the type of community we try to uphold.
  • Got a guild website. It's a big, bad, outdated one. Eventually, we're aspired to make it into the like of Snow Crows, but only for casuals, nubs, and funsies uptime so they learn to play the game a little better. Our ancient site hasn't been touched since the guild release and would need a Lawn Mower 3.0. But it has huge base info from drop-down menus. We hope new players find it useful when starting out. Things you can focus on a specific part of the game. Wikipedia can be a pain to navigate. One of our guild mates comments: "dude thisa website is super informative :open_mouth:"

What we do

  • We're passionate lovers when it comes to fractals. The scratching, biting, pinching type of passion. It is one of the most rewarding end-game contents, and open to those who own none of the expansions to certain levels. And doesn't need to spend time organizing like raids. Hence we choose it to be our PvE focus. It promotes team play a lot. Since the guild's establishment, we run fractal training almost nightly, and has trained approximately over 143 people now on different tiers, with pugs and ex-guildies included. Not big of a number but it's some honest work since I'm the only one training. We strike to level the majority to at least tier 3 fractals. So nobody has to pick up groups ever again. We make it easy for people to learn mechanics and start their own journey to obtain better gears as well as yielding better rewards/golds. I personally run fractal CMs train on Sundays. And I could escort you for tier 1 trainings on most week nights around 8pm or 9pm CST. Absolutely no experience, nor gears required to start doing fractals. You don’t even have to be level 80! Yes, you heard me right. Do say something in guild chat/Discord before LFG because we want to run with each other. That's the point of having guildies, right? Bring in the bitches! First day of Slippery Slope instability. 100CM! Omegalul
  • We are chillax sPvP players A lot of us are in gold/platinum divisions, duo/put up against top 30, or on the 250 leaderboard ourselves. Now we mostly play unranked for funsies, especially for daily completion, or occasional sPvP guild missions. sPvP is only fun when play with friends, even if getting killed and stomped en masse. Hey, it's a game, gotta laugh at ourselves on voice comm, or hear the girls freak out and scream cuz they get jumped at. Definitely more fun than a doctor can prescribe for your heart. We're rusty and we don't mind to admit that we are. But if you ever need to learn the basics of this game mode, you know where to find us. We also exchange homemade builds that are so scary none dares to try. Girl finally learns to take "intense pleasure" phone capture
  • We embrace drinking metas/fungeons/raids (Have to adult in order to join although it's not always involved drinking) "Alcoholism not required but strongly encouraged". We run dungeons because they’re nostalgic af. Just kidding. We have dungeoneers who can teach you anything you need to know about sex dungeons, dragons, and more. We're trying to make fucking dungeons fun dungeons a thing again instead of a thing of the past. Because fungeons are one of the best places to test builds, get rekt, or get familiar with a new class. There are lots of achieves and achieve points for doing dungeons too! And map breaking. They're also free access to people who don't own any expansions. Currently we're running them quite spontaneous so all you have to do is ask if anybody runs it, and we shall group up. Here's our take on a drunk dungeon tour.
  • We run strikes at least once/twice a week on all bosses. Once you finish a run with us, you'll get the mechanics down to the T and get ready to run whenever. Strikes are fairly easy as they're a 10-man introduction to raids, with only a few bosses that are kinky.
  • We try to raid To us, raiding should be a big bad orgy with full of laughters. No gear check; however, require matching underwear. (If you happen to wear them at all) Off-meta builds are acceptable, as long as you do your homework and pull the numbers. Or at least know which side of your face to smash against the keyboard. Our stand for raid is simple. There are 2 things. One. We're not Gods and can't pull dead weights. Two. Meta is the optimal standard, but it shouldn't hinder you from joining/learning mechanics. Therefore you can run any class you have your eyes on, something that is not too scandalous of course. We'd help with build crafting if need be. So you will love what you run and it makes learning a breeze. Because there are already enough guilds/groups that force play certain classes. Even if you're new, and you don't have a big wallet in-game to afford these fancy panties, you can still enjoy the contents. We currently are in need of more bodies who are interested in the game mode. That way we can set up a few progressive, or training runs across different time zones. We try to run spontaneous trains during weeknights around 9-11pm CST. Raid time is always our biggest enemy due to needing 10 people online at the same time. Not only that, we know people are very afraid of flaming and toxicity. So we try our best to drag you into the contents with the intention to have fun and learn something new. Hey, if we won't make it, maybe next time. It's no biggie. That's the attitude we want out of you. One of our first music trains~
  • Typical girl missions run on Friday night, starting @8-9pm CST. We want to move guild missions to a different night cuz it overlaps WvW reset night. But most peeps just save that time slot to catch up with us, so we keep going on Friday night. We just think these guys make an excuse to drink. Since we max out the guild hall, we tend to dedicate that time slot into training raids, or doing meta events, achieve hunting, help our with hero point training, etc. Our missions can also be activated at any time, by a lot of members. You don't have to wait for any officer to open them, just ask around and party up. "Guild commendations" that generated from guild missions are great to get early-game ascended trinkets. Hence we keep running missions. Discord is highly recommended for team sexicommunication and explanation.
  • We have bring-your-own-booze events on Saturday nights. Like dis. It's when Discord is crowded with shit and giggles. We promise no satisfaction since our insurance hasn't covered for that part yet. But you'd save 15% or more on car insurance if you switch to Intense Pleasure. And sometimes we do need professional help..
  • So far we've run Dragon's Stand drinking meta, finding Princess, group jumping puzzles, guild races, slo-mo hp trains, Becky wanna smash sPvP night, gambling dates, drunk Arah, card against humanity nights out, yearly secret Santa. In the future, we hope to incorporate guild hide and seek, guild truth or dare, guild karaoke, guild movie night, etc. It's any guild's dream and we're a big fking dreamer. We currently try to get guild dungeons and dragons going. Buy it's tough since people have their own D&D in real life. With each event, we try to invent our own rules to take shots/sips if you're drinking. Or just something to have a laugh at. You can join drinking juices/milk/wateme. No drinkingcism at all. We had 2 casual meet-ups IRL and we keep telling each other if this shitty guild is still up in the next 5 years, we may make it in Vegas!

Potential members

  • 21+. Our bouncers will ID check you upon joining. And in order to apply for the 'Gamer Grill' tag on Discord, you have to send nudes to Deddy. We’re not quite je ne sais quoi “family friendly” that you can’t even say a fucking swear word. We're also not an ERP (erotic roleplay) guild as much as our guild tag implies. Sad, isn't it? But you can use the tag as a disguise to sneak into one of those parties. There’ll be banters, F bomb, C bomb, you name it. We're very classy though, we only drop them on special occasions, or not. There's no filter around here. At the same time, we're not bad sailors. We would somewhat prefer you to not be a very bad one. Definitely not 7-swear-words-in-one-sentence type or we'll use spanking paddles. We keep our Discord clean from porn and too much vulgarity so it's totally safe for work. We have quite a crowd in their sexy 30s while the rest are 23+, hungry women and men. There’s some exceptions for 19 and 20 babes. But, they have to possess either kissable lips or a spankable derrière. [Mmm] We pick a mature crowd so we could hold a decent, rather spicy conversation. Plus, it won't make you feel out of place in a bunch of teenagers when you're sexy and you know it. Anyone at any level, new/experienced, with some unholy common sense. Who want a no stress zone, and a laid back community to play contents together, you are all very welcome. And thank you!
  • DO NOT talk about anime. It’ll likely go on for hours and kill your phone battery. Be careful of the weebs.
  • You're highly encouraged to get on Discord with us. This is somewhat important. We tend to have Discord toggled on while playing. You don't have to join voice chat or anything, just try to be active on Discord text chat for call-outs and updates. Even if we play different games/game contents, it makes MMO an MMO with some communication. Discord remains our source of interaction during the day when we're at work doing NSFW stuff. That's the only way to get to know you before we could group up at night, if any. It's ok if you don't have a microphone; or under IRL circumstances, you cannot talk. We will never force you to do anything you're not comfy with. The ability to listen is a must. Period. Not required but it does make a huge difference in group contents. A lot of us are shy and some mute themselves on Discord, just so they can listen and reply through text chat in-game. It's totally okay. It makes processing info faster and you focus on the things that matter the most instead of typing 5 paragraphs just to ask questions. And that's what we're trying to promote one way or another. So we social anxiety folks can improve little by little. Discord makes training runs/guild missions/most group contents 10 times smoother. And we're here to do group contents, right? We understand wholeheartedly if your voice may cause certain body reactions to us and that's what you're afraid of. Fear Not This Night and let your voice porn be heard! It will give us a chance to get to know you better.
  • We don't judge a book by its cover and have been recruiting people who just turned into new mums/dads, LGBTQIA+, couples, special needs, etc. We'd treat you with respect and we'd want the same in return. One for all and all for one vibe. We want our community to be rich with different backgrounds, stories and even accents. Our peeps are mature oriented, at the same time we don't take shit seriously. This is a game and casual at its best too. We group up to play other games, like D3, Smite, Overwatch, Monster Hunter World, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, etc. But GW2 remains our go-to for the rich lore since GW1, endless exploration, and group events that never get old of bugs. And because of its casual nature, GW2 is very good to play with friends, de-stress after work/after kids going to bed. It's just a great, dynamic, engaging MMO to play when you don't have that much time to grind.
  • There's only one thing to strictly keep in mind is to respect others, regarding of their genders, statuses, races, nationalities, religions, or sexual orientations. We maybe beautiful for our own good but we don't want to be featured in a soap opera series. For that, we don’t tolerate drama, sexism, harassment, or verbal abuse under any case, especially against our female part of the population, in which we have quite a growing number. Ooh and no elitism please. Thank you.
  • Since work/school/quickie gets in the way during the day, we often get online and play after reset. (Reset time is 6pm CST now) So we'll want anyone who can fit these bills: You are always welcome to join <3 even if the time table is not your prime time.
     * OCX night time. * Aussies: 11:30am – 5:30pm ACST Kiwis: 3pm – 9pm NZDT. * NA prime time. 8-9pm CST until 2-3am CST Or 6-7pm PST to 12-1am PST. NA insomniacs, where ya at? 
  • Aren't you tired when joining a new guild and get asked to represent them? Like whatttt? You barely know anybody there. Or get face spammed in map chat to join this guild A, that guild B which you know nothing about? What the heck they stand for and what are they doing? If you're a big lurker? And let's be real, you never really run anything with your near 500-member guilds. You're there for the max guild hall benefits and have bodies to do group hugs. Eventually, you'll leave because they’re glorified map chats that your tiny weeny chatbox can’t keep up with. Or end up playing alone too often because your smaller guilds are too dang small to satisfy you have anyone to play with. Smaller guilds tend to have fewer online people at any given time. We've been there done that. It makes you feel like playing solo because there's no one online when you do. Nobody to group up with. Know those feelings quite well, don't you? Time to put an end to all that misery, hiding, and lurking. Come out and play, you * censored *. Although, our thick, medium size might not reflect anything because we have members who are inactive for a millennia. We don't have a heart to kick them yet. We got a rich vein of ore you’d love to swing a few times for extra experiences if our offer is not moist enough already.
  • We won't ask 100 first-date questions. There isn't any application to apply. We get asked that a lot, as to why. This is actually a very simple test. You feel amused, you like what you see, you'd love to sign up even if all this is bluffing. If you don't, you walk away because of this huge wall of text. So yeah, consider us an upscale lounge with drinks on the house. Come on in, chill, have some fun. If we're not what you're looking, our door is open 24/7. There are a lot of amazing guilds out there, you have options, you have more choices. Ask for an invite, we'd provide one. Ask for any extra services, we will charge upon the hour. Jk. We require some common sense. Humor is a plus. When it’s needed, you’re not afraid to get down and get dirty. Ooh baby. We have fun in the allotted time while trying our best for the team/the guild. That's the mentality in almost anything guild related contents. It's ok if you suck _____ (Fill in the blank) But as long as you try your best, we appreciate you. That's all that matters. Don't worry about wiping and failing. It's part of the process. If you read this far (we secretly hope you do), and you've been nodding with a few things being said and soon to be done, that is more than enough to show our chemistry. We hope to expand that chemistry into a beautiful relationship. The deeper the better. (That's what -She)
  • If any of the above hits your Gspot, whisper in our ear your account name (ex: NUDE.6969). Or either let us know your sluttiest character name, or simply comment here if you're an exhibitionist. We cannot wait to bend you over, and do all these wonderful things to you. We know you're biting your bottom lip just thinking about it now. Stahp it. We wish you an incredible day/night wherever the f you are. We also thank you very much for your precious time to tap into this enormous zone post and consider us at some point. And of course be stupidly brave enough to apply. Sometimes people just don't click. We understand that. #feelbadman if it happens between us. If you pass us by, we wish you nothing but the best of luck in finding your one true home. If you have further questions regarding our guild, feel free to shoot them, preferably on the belly. Not the hair! We'll get to you as soon as we are able to. We're waiting patiently for your reply. Until then P.S. Huge congratulations on reading this shit post all the way through. Woooo.
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2020.11.24 16:30 Zhannabelle_ Le solstice d'hiver : comment fêter cette journée ?

Le solstice d'hiver : comment fêter cette journée ?

Le moment où vos désirs peuvent être réalisés
Nous avons l'habitude de fêter le début de l'année le 1er janvier, c'est déjà une tradition. Cependant, nos ancêtres connaissaient et respectaient les lois de la nature, qui ne coïncident pas toujours avec les jours fériés. C’est pourquoi ils considéraient le solstice d'hiver comme l'événement le plus important du cycle annuel. C'est une date énergétique spéciale, et ce n'est pas pour rien qu'on dit : « Comment vous rencontrerez l'année nouvelle, c’est comment vous la vivrez ». Zhannabelle vous aidera à comprendre comment passer correctement le jour du solstice d'hiver afin que toute l'année soit réussie.

Un jour qui peut être un tournant dans votre destin

Le solstice d'hiver marque la nuit la plus longue, après laquelle la durée de la journée commence à augmenter. Cette année, le Soleil atteint sa position la plus basse le 21 décembre. En astrologie, il passe du signe du Sagittaire au Capricorne et l'hiver astrologique commence.
Nos ancêtres ont marqué le jour du solstice d'hiver avec la collision des forces de la Lumière et des Ténèbres. Puisque les forces de la Lumière gagnent dans la lutte, ce temps symbolise la renaissance, l'émergence de l'espoir et le début de la voie vers l'abondance solaire. Il est tellement imprégné de l'énergie la plus puissante qu'il permet de réaliser les rêves les plus intimes et les plus incroyables d'une personne, de se débarrasser de tout ce qui est inutile, d'attirer le bonheur et la prospérité.
C'est durant cette période qu'il est important de suivre les recommandations que nous donne Zhannabelle. Elle appelle à porter une attention maximale aux pratiques personnelles et à repenser votre vie.

Comment faut-il se préparer ?

Quelques jours avant la fête, faites un grand nettoyage de la maison.
• Ranger vos affaires dans les placards et les mezzanines, débarrassez-vous des déchets
• Donnez le reste des choses inutiles à ceux qui en ont besoin (aux orphelinats ou aux refuges).
• Nettoyez tous les coins de votre maison.
• Remettez tout à sa place.
Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'un grand nettoyage ? Avec son aide, vous libérerez une place dans votre vie pour quelque chose de nouveau et de bien dans l'année à venir. Cela peut être une promotion au travail ou même un nouveau membre de la famille. En vous débarrassant de ce qui est inutile, vous évitez également des problèmes et des échecs de votre vie.
De plus, Zhannabelle conseille de faire n’importe quelle bonne action avant le solstice d'hiver.
Vous pouvez aider un ami que vous connaissez, devenir bénévole ou même organiser vous-même un événement caritatif. L'esprit du soleil appréciera certainement votre action et vous aidera à faire du bien.
Ensuite, assurez-vous d'analyser votre vie et d'écrire tous vos objectifs et vos rêves. Après avoir effectué des rituels spéciaux en ce jour magique, vous pouvez commencer le processus de réalisation de vos désirs.
Déterminez vous-même ce qui est vraiment important pour vous et ce dont vous voulez vous débarrasser. Après cela, passez aux rituels dans lesquels les forces de la Lumière vous aideront.

Le rituel pour l'accomplissement des souhaits

Pour réaliser même les rêves apparemment impossibles le jour du solstice d'hiver, Zhannabelle recommande de préparer un gâteau spécial de désirs. Il est préférable de le faire la veille, le 20 décembre. Rassemblez toute votre famille si possible. Tout le monde devrait participer, y compris les grands-parents et les enfants. Essayez de trouver une tâche pour chacun.
Ne cuisinez que dans une ambiance joyeuse, avec le sourire aux lèvres, imaginez un avenir heureux pour votre famille. Profitez de l'unité de la famille, car, en préparant le gâteau, vous offrez un cadeau à l'esprit du soleil et vous unissez également les générations - les plus âgées et les plus jeunes. Rendez le gâteau rond, comme le soleil, mettez toute l'énergie positive que vous pouvez y mettre.
À l'aube, le 21 décembre, commencez à faire des vœux. Pour ce faire, placez-vous face à l'est, prenez le gâteau . Le membre le plus âgé de la famille doit le tenir ou il doit se trouver devant vous. Saluez l'esprit du soleil mentalement. Dites à voix haute : "Accepte ce sacrifice comme un signe de respect pour toi, sois favorable à nous."
Remerciez le soleil pour toutes les bonnes choses qui vous sont arrivées l'année dernière. Souvenez-vous de différents moments. Revivez les émotions que vous avez ressenties. Chaque membre de votre famille doit aussi le faire et saluer également le soleil.
Maintenant, faites un vœu. Fermez les yeux et visualisez votre rêve en détail. Si c'est une chose, par exemple, une belle nouvelle montre, alors imaginez qu'elle est déjà sur votre poignet, vous la sentez, la regardez de tous les côtés. Eh bien, si votre objectif n'est pas matériel, par exemple une promotion au travail ou le rétablissement de votre proche, alors vivez ce moment. Essayez de ressentir les émotions qui surgiront lorsque ce que vous voulez se réalisera.
Le jour du solstice d'hiver, il est préférable de faire des vœux qui impliquent un changement dans la vie et l'apparition de quelque chose de positif. Si vous rêvez de l'apparence d'un animal de compagnie ou si vous déménagez dans un appartement plus confortable, l'esprit du soleil sera ravi de vous aider à réaliser ce rêve.
Après cela, découpez le milieu du gâteau et placez-le sur la plus belle assiette que vous puissiez trouver chez vous. Assurez-vous qu’aucun membre de votre famille ne mangera pas ce morceau. L’assiette avec le milieu doit être placée dans la rue ou sur le rebord de la fenêtre afin que les oiseaux et les écureuils puissent manger. Ces invités de la forêt sont des assistants de l'esprit du soleil. Ils lui transmettront votre message positif.
Si personne n'a touché le gâteau, cela signifie que l'esprit du Soleil n'a pas accepté votre don et ne vous aidera pas à réaliser votre désir. Alors contactez d'urgence Zhannabelle. Ce comportement des oiseaux et des animaux de la forêt signifie que quelque chose ne va pas dans votre famille et que vous devez le corriger. L'essentiel est de ne pas s'inquiéter, les séminaires de Zhannabelle vous aideront certainement !
Divisez le reste du gâteau pour que tous les membres de la famille reçoivent un morceau. Mangez comme vous le faisiez dans votre enfance, en réjouissant sincèrement, en faisant l'éloge, en souriant et peut-être même en mâchant un peu de plaisir.
Pour que tout se passe bien pour vous dans l'année à venir, pour préparer le programme d'une bonne année, venez à un séminaire spécial dédié à cette journée. Lors des prochains trainings, vous apprendrez à vous préparer correctement pour cette journée, vous pourrez faire une amulette pour la bonne chance et renforcer la protection de la Famille.

Amalia, Koper

"Pour la première fois, je suis venue demander de l'aide à Zhannabelle, et cette rencontre a complètement changé ma vie. À cette époque-là, j'étais au plus fort du désespoir : je n'avais pas de couple, alors que toutes mes amies étaient mariées depuis longtemps. J'avais peur d'être complètement seule, mais à cause d'une dépression constante, j'avais l'air fatigué et mon apparence ne correspondait pas à mon âge. Dès la première consultation, Zhannabelle a compris où la racine du problème se trouvait. Il s'est avéré que je suis tombée sous l'influence négative de ma propre sœur. Sans s'en rendre compte, elle envoyait des pensées et une énergie mauvaises dans ma direction, et cela a gâché nos relations et a détruit ma foi en moi-même. Tout cela nous a rendues malheureuses, malgré le fait que nous étions autrefois inséparables.
Zhannabelle m'a donné une amulette protectrice et m'a également raconté du solstice d'hiver qui approchait. J'ai appris que c'était le meilleur moment pour le pardon et l'accomplissement des désirs. C’est pourquoi je me préparais sérieusement pour la fête. J'ai appelé ma mère pour faire un gâteau de désirs. En suivant les conseils de Zhannabelle, j’ai invité aussi ma sœur. Lors de la préparation du gâteau, nous avons eu une conversation à cœur ouvert et elle a dit qu'elle était très jalouse de moi. Et elle avait aussi peur que si j’avais ma propre famille, je l'oublierais. Et elle a ajouté : "Nous ne nous rencontrerons plus pour boire du thé et pour bavarder !" Ses paroles m'ont ému, je n'étais pas du tout en colère contre elle et je lui ai promis que je serais toujours à côté d’elle.
Le reste de la soirée se déroulait dans une ambiance très joyeuse, ma mère a raconté des histoires de notre enfance, nous avons rappelé des moments heureux. À l'aube, nous sommes toutes les trois allées au belvédère d'hiver de la maison, nous avons fait les vœux les plus intimes. J’ai fait un vœu sincère de trouver l'amour et de me marier.
À partir de ce jour, des événements incroyables ont commencé à se produire dans ma vie! Ma sœur et moi, nous sommes devenues à nouveau les meilleures amies, je me suis épanouie et il semblait que je suis devenue plus jeune. Moins d'un mois plus tard, j'ai rencontré un homme au gym. J'ai oublié mon portefeuille à la réception, mais il l'a remarqué à temps et me l'a remis en me disant qu'en retour, il voulait recevoir mon numéro de téléphone. Bientôt, nous avons commencé à sortir. Il est parfait à la fois à l’extérieur et à l’intérieur. Il n'y avait pas un jour où je suis restée sans son attention et ses soins. Et une fois à un rendez-vous, il a organisé une farce qui s'est transformée en proposition de se marier ! Nous sommes ensemble déjà un an et chaque jour avec lui est rempli d'un vrai bonheur ! "
Le solstice d'hiver est une journée vraiment magique. Il est capable de réaliser même les désirs les plus secrets et apparemment impossibles. Lors de ses séminaires, Zhannabelle vous apprendra comment tirer le meilleur parti de cette journée pour vous et votre famille.
Il est important non seulement d'étudier, mais aussi de mettre en pratique les connaissances acquises dans un cercle de personnes partageant les mêmes idées. Nous vous invitons à rejoindre la compagnie de personnes heureuses, ouvertes et aimantes dans nos cours et retraites!
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2020.11.24 10:40 vogelpoel A history of the Unofficial World Championships Time Trial

Hello friends, buddies, amigo's, lovers and people who wish they could be my lover.
So you know how there are sometimes Wikipedia-articles which make you go "Whooo boy/gal, this is heckin' interesting!". Well, for me it was the Unofficial Football World Championships. For those of you out of the loop: the UFWC is based on a system quite similar to boxing. It goes back to the first interland between Scotland and England. That was a tie, but the second game they played yielded a win for England. Thus England became the unofficial world champion football, and held that title until they lost to Scotland again. Because of the "one-win-takes-the-title"-rule, you can get quite zany (🤪) results, like North Korea holding the belt (I'm calling it a belt because of the boxing parallel btw) for more than a year.
I was like; ooh, I'd be curious to see who'd be the unofficial world champion cycling then. I could check for all winners of every race since the beginning of time, but that takes a lot of effort, and I'm not someone like Sappert or The_77 who have all the free time in the world. Thus I decided to check it for time trials. This has four major advantages:
  1. The World Championship TT kit already kinda looks like a belt, so it's easy to imagine cyclists wearing the belt.
  2. The first World Championships ITT was only in 1994, and it makes sense for me to track the unofficial world championships at the same time as they begin tracking the official world championships.
  3. There's fewer ITTs in a year than road races, innit.
  4. No lame domestiqueing stuff which makes it all uneven.
Before I go into the history, I guess it's good to define what counts as a time trial: time trials, prologues and mountain time trials. Basically, every race (that's on, where there's purely solo starts. Team/couple time trials do NOT count as time trials, so the belt is not up for grabs in those races. I take the database from First Cycling as holy, thus the winner in their eyes is my winner. This includes their scrappings as doping. Lance Armstrong for instance has a lot of time trials to his name, and they count for me. It would be crazy to have to go back to 1999 because he confessed for doping in 2013, meaning the belt would get a completely different timeline.
First I'll go into a short oral history of the highlights of the belt, and then I'll go into meaningless statistics of a meaningless stat. I'll post the full table of belt changes in one of the comments.
We begin our story in 1994, on the lovely island of Sicily. Chris Boardman of GBR wins the time trial by 48 seconds, and gets both a world championships jersey (who gives a hoot?), and the belt (hype!). He'll only hold the belt for two and a half weeks, as he loses it to the Swissman Rominger during the GP Eddy Merckx. He defends it for four times until losing it to his compatriot Alex Zülle. The belt goes to Indurain and back to Boardman for a bit, until Zülle retakes it in the Setmana Catalana 1996. He defends the belt 5 times (longest streak til date) until he loses it in the Tour to Evgeni Berzin. I am not going to describe every change of hands of the belt, but noteworthy is that the belt changed owner three times in the 1997 Tour. In the 1999 Tour we see Lance Armstrong take the belt, and he has a great tactic for securing the belt for long times: don't ride any more ITTs that year after you got it. It gives you the offseason bonus, and it means that he has a crazy streak of 266 days around the turn of the millennium.
In 2000 a Portuguese fellow named Victor Gamito took the belt from the Latvian Raivis Belohkevics. This is big news as Gamito is the first rider to never race the Tour and wear the fashionable belt. He loses it during the Olympics in Sydney tho. 2002 is a weird year as the belt changes ownership 9 times, before landing in the hands of Santiago Botero, the first South American to wear the belt. He loses it in the Classica Alcobenda 2003 to Joseba Beloki. 2003 knows 5 different belt owners, four of which are Spanish (namely, Beloki, Pecharroman, Nozal and Heras.) Fabian Cancellara wears his first belt after the 2004 Tour prologue, and this won't be the only time we see him wearing the belt. He loses it to Armstrong, who has another incredibly long spell with the belt, 229 days. In 2005 we see a long spell with David Zabriskie being the UWCTT, but in 2006 the belt gets an unlikely wearer in Ivan Basso. Not known for being a great time trialist, but he holds the belt for 277 days. It helps that his team decided to ban him for presumed doping (no conclusive evidence was found). In 2007 Stijn Devolder takes the belt in the Driedaagse De Panne (huh??? wasn't that a one-day race???), and in 2008 Edvald Boasson Hagen and Roman Kreuziger wear the belt. They go back quite a long time indeed.
In 2009 we have my favorite span of belt-wearers. Andreas Klöden takes the belt during Tirreno - Adriatico, but loses it in the Circuit de Sarthe to prologue specialist Jimmy Engoulvent. Jimmy, unable to do a proper time trial longer than a few kilometers, loses it to Timofey Kritskiy, a 22 year old Russian with a lot of promise. Kritskiy goes on to lose it in the U23 European Championships to Marcel "Fight for your hair" Kittel, who loses it to Jack Bobridge in the U23 World Championships. Crazy how the belt even travels to the espoirs races!
In 2010 we have 10 different owners of the belt, including GT legend Martin Velits. In 2011 the early season leads to wacky belt wearers. Cancellara loses the belt to Boom in the Tour of Qatar who loses it to Gesink in the Tour of Oman. Gesink TT legend confirmed. Furthermore Bert Grabsch, Taylor Phinney and Jesse Sergent all gain the belt in 2011, who aren't the largest names in TT world. 2012 is also a nice year for the belt, as Bradley Wiggins gains the belt, loses it to Larsson, gains the belt, loses it to Thomas, gains the belt, loses it to Cancellara and gains it yet again. Quite a big year for the Eurosport rambling man. I have nothing much to say for 2013 and 2014, except that in 2014 there is a nice trend starting. Between 2014 and 2018 the belt changes ownership every WC ITT. We also see Wiggins 8th and last spell in the rainbow cummerbund. In 2016 we have Cancellara's 10th and last (a record) spell in the belt, who loses it to Dumoulin, who loses it to Roglic, who loses it to Foliforov. /pelotonmemes rejoices! The belt changes ownership 11 times that year. In 2017 we have the reverse, only 3 changes of hand. 2018 sees /TejayWearingARainbowBelt.
Then we are in 2019, so now it's recent enough to discuss the changes of hand. Rohan Dennis wins the rainbow jersey and belt in Innsbruck, but on the first race of the year, the Aussie NC TT, he loses it to Luke "Turbo Durbo". He only gets 42 days with the belt, before Victor Campenaerts takes it in Tirreno-Adriatico. Jan Tratnik beats Vosnor however in the prologue of the Tour de Romandie, but he gets beaten by Roglic in the second Tour de Romandie ITT. Roglic succesfully defends his title in the first two time trials of the Giro, before Chad Haga wins the final stage against the clock in Verona. Haga doesn't stand a chance against a yellow Alaphilippe in that one wild ITT of the Tour 2019. That was the last time trial Julian rode that year. Firstcycling mentions a DNF for him in the San Juan ITT, which means Evenepoel wins the belt. He defends it in Algarve, before a first lockdown and a short second part of the season for him. This means that Evenepoel has the title for 301 days and counting, which is almost a record for longest amount of having the title. I stand by my choice of Evenepoel as the leader, but some sources claim that the ITT in San Juan wasnt a DNF by Alaphilippe, but a DNS. If we then say that ITT doesnt count, Alaphilippe loses the title in Paris - Nice to Soren Kragh Andersen, who loses it to Pogacar during the Tour. However, I stand with my point that Evenepoel is the rightful UWCTT, because DNSing on a day with an ITT because of stomach issues equivalent to racing with a bad time in my book.
Important update: FirstCycling is officially wrong, the ITT in San Juan was a DNS. This means that Pogacar is the current belt wearer at 67 days. I can't be arsed to change all the statistics tho hihi
So here we have an abridged history of a stat I came up with yesterday. Here are some statistics following this train of thought:
Most days as UWCTT
  1. Fabian Cancellara (868 days)
  2. Lance Armstrong (859 days)
  3. Tony Martin (559 days)
  4. Bradley Wiggins (447 days)
  5. Rohan Dennis (428 days)
Longest spans as UWCTT
  1. Bradley Wiggins (307 days) ~~2. Remco Evenepoel (302 days and counting) ~~3. Miguel Indurain (297 days)
  2. Ivan Basso (277 days)
  3. Lance Armstrong (266 days)
Most days as UWCTT per country
  1. Switzerland (1740 days)
  2. USA (1381 days)
  3. Spain (1128 days)
  4. Germany (1087 days)
  5. Great Britain (896 days)
Most unique UWCTT holders
  1. Spain: 15
  2. Germany: 11
  3. USA: 9
  4. Netherlands/Italy: 8
  5. France: 7
  6. Australia/Great Britain/Switerland: 6
  7. Russia: 5
  8. Belgium/Slovenia: 3 14: Colombia: 2
  9. Belarus/Czechia/Denmark/Latvia/Lithuania/Norway/New Zealand/Portugal/Slovakia/Sweden: 1
Year by amount of lead changes
  1. 2011, 2016: 11
  2. 2010, 2011: 10
  3. 2002, 2007: 9
  4. 2001, 2005: 8
  5. 1996, 1997, 2000, 2012, 2015, 2018: 7
  6. 1998, 1999, 2006, 2019: 6
  7. 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014: 5
  8. 1995, 2017: 3
  9. 2020: 2
Races that have hosted the most UWCTT title changes
  1. Tour de France: 21 times
  2. Giro d'Italia/World Championships: 11 times
  3. Tour de Suisse/Tour de Romandie: 10 times
So eh yah there you have it.
Don't really know what you guys should do with this information, but have fun :kooskonijn:
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2020.11.23 21:22 HaniWifey 6 year-old dog with almost 0 training, is there still hope?

Hello everyone. I am about to adopt a 6yo Aussie because the owner of the dog doesn't have enough time and resource for him. Therefore, the dog has a few problems like so:
- During the past few years the dog was created 99% of the time so it is not too familiar with leash walking and dog parks and all that.
- The only command he knows is sit.
- He doesn't have any potty train but at least he knows not to do the business inside the house. However, he would do it in his crate frequently.
- The owner said the dog used to be aggressive a few years ago, but is no longer so. I did have play-dates with him and he is a sweetheart, he never showed any aggression to me even when meeting for the first time. But still, I can see he is not a sociable dog. He does get along very well with the other dog in the house (but they have been together since puppies), and pays 0 attention to the neighbors' dogs who shared a metal fence with his backyard.
- On top of that, he is a bit overweight so he isn't super enthusiastic about playing and running. On the other hand, I'm very active and I would love to exercise with him.
I will have to be honest: I am not super experienced with dog training. But this dog deserves a good life, and I am willing to spend time (and money) to train him and get him the best life possible. It's heartbreaking for me to see such an adorable pup living his life fully crated 24/7 without any physical/mental stimulation.
So my question is: Is it still possible to train him? Is there a chance? I don't mind getting a professional trainer to work with me.
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2020.11.23 20:50 HaniWifey [Help] Training a 6yo dog that received almost 0 training before, is board & train program a good option?

Hello everyone. I am about to adopt a 6yo Aussie because the owner of the dog doesn't have enough time and resource for him. Therefore, the dog has a few problems like so:
- During the past few years the dog was created 99% of the time so it is not too familiar with leash walking and dog parks and all that.
- The only command he knows is sit.
- He doesn't have any potty train but at least he knows not to do the business inside the house. However, he would do it in his crate frequently.
- Despite being an adorable pup, he reacts quite strongly to strangers (not aggressively but also not as calm as I'd like my dog to be). The owner said the dog used to be aggressive a few years ago, but is no longer so. I did have play-dates with him and he is a sweetheart. But still, I can see he is not a sociable dog.
- On top of that, he is a bit overweight so he isn't super enthusiastic about playing and running. On the other hand, I'm very active and I would love to exercise with him.
Therefore I have a few questions:
  1. I don't mind getting professional help to train this dog, and I know there are programs where you send your dog to stay with the trainer for a few weeks. I am just wondering if anyone has tried it or has an opinion about how effective those programs are?
  2. If this program is worth it, should I send the dog there right away after I get him home? Or should I spend time bonding with him first?
  3. If board & train program is not a good option, what would be a better option for me?
Edit: I guess the point of my post is: I don't mind spending a lot of time (or money) on this dog if it means I can give him a second chance to have a great life. I just don't know what would be the best way to go about this (or if this is even possible) and need you guys' suggestion.
Thank you guys for your time!
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On a je pense tous plus ou moins conscience que le pouvoir de Eri est l’un des plus importants de MHA et qu’il porte de nombreux enjeux. Je pense que Eri ainsi que son pouvoir ont une place centrale dans le dénouement de MHA :
Rappel : L'alter d’Eri lui permet de rembobiner le corps d’un individu à un état précédent. Eri est en mesure d’inverser la fusion de Kai Chisaki et Shin Nemoto. Elle a montré la capacité de rembobiner le corps de quelqu’un à un certain point avant qu’ils n’existent, ce qu’elle a accidentellement fait à son père. Puisqu’elle peut rembobiner le corps d’une personne à un état antérieur, elle est en mesure de réparer les dommages qu’Izuku fait à son propre corps quand il utilise One For All à 100%. Alors qu’Izuku est en contact physique avec Eri, il est capable de garder One For All activé en permanence à 100% sans effets nocifs.
LE PLUS IMPORTANT : En raison de son alter qui a muté son corps, le sang d’Eri est capable d’attaquer l'alter d’un individu et d’arrêter son activation. Cette capacité dans son ADN fait d’Eri une partie importante des plans de Kai. Apparemment, il utilise son sang pour arrêter l’activation des alters afin de contrôler la société par la peur (comme la façon dont All For One contrôlait les gens en leur enlevant leurs alters) et l’utilise comme un moyen de détruire la justice.
Source :
Maintenant, seconde chose à rappeler (et c’est là que je demande correction si je me trompe et que j’ai mal interprété ce que je m’apprête à dire) : Shigaraki, à la suite de la confrontation héros / Yakuzas a intercepté Kai Chisaki transporté par la police, et lui a montré son butin de guerre, c’est-à-dire 2 boites de balles anti-alter, dont une qui contient le produit fini, la balle est donc maintenant dans le camp des vilains (dans les 2 sens du terme).
Mais, dans les récents scans, c’est-à-dire lors du réveil de Tomura, il apprend que ces balles que le professeur a produit en masse à la demande du successeur de AFO (chapitre 221), sont « fichues » (chapitre 273), pourtant, lors de son combat contre Deku, Bakugo, Aizawa, Endeavor etc …, il sort de nulle part une balle anti-alter qu’il lance de par la force surhumaine de ses simples doigts sur Eraser Head. Est-ce que c’était sa dernière balle ? Si le professeur n’a (dans un autre labo que celui de l’hôpital) conservé aucun exemplaire du produit quelque part, ça implique que la Ligue a perdu un de leur meilleurs avantages, si ce n’est le meilleur puisqu’ils avaient l’intention de le produire en masse. Mais ça voudrait aussi dire que la balle n’est plus que dans le camp des Héros, parce que oui elle est aussi dans le camp des Héros, puisque ces derniers ont Eri.
Shigaraki demande au docteur de reproduire les balles anti-alter qu'il a volé. (chapitre 221)
Les balles anti-alter reproduites en masse par le docteur sont \"fichues\". (chapitre 273)
C’est là que je rejoins la théorie que My Theorie Academia sur YouTube énonce sur le retour de Kai Chisaki ( , mais que sur certains points : En effet sa vidéo date de Janvier 2020, on en était donc pas encore au réveil de Tomura, et donc à la destruction des balles anti-alter qu’il avait demandé au professeur. Il est le seul à maitriser le pouvoir d'Eri, et il le maitrise sûrement parfaitement ; Il éprouve de la haine envers Tomura, il a tout intérêt à agir contre celui qui lui a tout pris ; Il est en quête de rédemption, il ne peut se permette d'en finir avec son histoire sous le nom d'Overhaul. Ainsi MTA théorisait que le camp des vilains possèderait le poison, et que grâce à Chisaki, les héros possèderaient l’antidote. Mais si le professeur n’a définitivement plus le poison, alors ça ne paraît plus possible, sauf s’il arrive un nouveau twist scénaristique improbable.
Mais scénaristiquement, pourquoi les héros auraient besoin de cette arme que seul Chisaki est capable e produire ? La réponse explique pourquoi j’ai parlé du dénouement de l’histoire. En effet il paraît plus que probable que l’histoire se finisse sur un ultime affrontement One For All VS All For One. Mais à mon sens, l’unique moyen d’en finir DEFINITIVEMENT avec le AFO, c’est de faire disparaître le AFO, qui je le rappelle peut exister en plusieurs exemplaires. Ainsi le pouvoir de Eri se place en kryptonite du AFO, qui s’utilisera une fois que Deku aura immobilisé AFO ou Shigaraki avec le OFA qu’il maîtrisera plus trad à 100%.
Ça impliquerait aussi pas mal de choses intéressantes comme le fait que Eri devra se confronter de nouveau à son démon, que Aizawa sera absolument contre ….
Honnêtement j’ai pensé à tout ça sur un coup de tête donc j’ai essayé de résumer mes pensées assez vite. Il y a peut-être pas mal d’incohérences, de choses fausses etc … mais je suppose qu’on est entre diplomates sur ce serveur et que je peux partager mes pensées sans craintes, et que je peux en débattre avec vous de la meilleure des façons.
Il y a aussi sûrement plein d’autres hypothèses quant au dénouement de MHA, sûrement plus intéressantes que celle-là, mais par rapport à là où on en est dans l’histoire, c’est celle-là que j’imagine. Je pense aussi au fait que l’histoire pourrait se conclure sur la disparition des alters (l’idée de la singularité des alters (problème auquel je ne trouve pas d’alternative) et l’ambition de Chisaki qui se rejoignent), mais comment ? J’en ai aucune idée.
Merci énormément aux courageux qui ont lu jusqu’au bout !
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2020.11.23 04:00 nothingmoorethnlurkn Parvo and Puppy Exposure?

Hi! I have a 6 month old aussie who is the light of my life, I love him a lot. He’s had all of his shots and we go to the dog park a few times a week. My housemate is bringing home a 7 1/2 week old bloodhound pup home tomorrow. Is there anything I should be doing to keep either dog safer? Prior to picking up this puppy, my housemates visited a friend who has a very very sick puppy, they didn’t interact with their friends puppy but picked up the bloodhound a few hours later Should we keep them separate? My dog is perfectly healthy with all of his vaccinations up to date, I’m just curious if I’m missing anything, thanks!
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2020.11.22 13:20 redcattino Problème avec notaire qui ne donne pas mon titre de propriété

Bonjour les Redditeurs,
J’ai acheté une maison dans une banlieue de Val d’Oise. Le vendeur n’était pas un particulier mais un cabinet de notaire qui se trouve à Enghien-les-bains (histoire d’une succession).
Pour commencer, le notaire a augmenté le prix de la maison (ou plutôt à augmenté sa commission). Et puis, il m'a presque forcé de le prendre comme notaire. Cela ne m’a pas plu mais j’étais obligé d'accepter; sinon il allait la vendre à quelqu’un d’autre.
Le notaire se plaignait sans arrêt de son manque d’argent. J’ai même failli lui donner une pièce de 50 centimes mais bon... Quand j’ai vu son véhicule immatriculé de Monaco et son hôtel particulier au bord du lac d’Enghien, j’ai abandonné l’idée. (sourires)
Après tant de magouilles (il faisait traîner le dossier, il retardait la date de signature, j’ai même failli perdre le crédit car la signature a pris 6-7 mois.
Finalement nous avons signé l’acte finale en 2018. Depuis j’habite cette maison mais je n’ai pas de titre de propriété.
J’ai envoyé plusieurs mails, j’ai téléphoné au cabinet une vingtaine de fois depuis mais rien ne change.
On m’a conseillé de faire une plainte auprès de chambre notarial mais je ne m’y connais pas.
Que puis-je faire pour avoir mon titre de propriété?
PS: sur Google lui et sa femme ont des avis très mitigés, soit très mauvais, soit très bon (probablement de sa famille). Pensez-vous que je peux raconter mon histoire sur Google aussi?
Merci pour vos réponses et mes excuses pour le temps pris.
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2020.11.22 11:20 Verethra [Loi Sécurité] Article 24 : analyse vote

Mes chères grenouilles compatriotes, l’Article 24 est passé comme vous le savez. Comme il est hautement symbolique, je vais prendre un peu de temps pour vous montrer comment les Députés ont discutés du sujet. Pour plus d’infos sur la loi Sécurité voire mon postage
Le postage va encore être long, je vais vous mettre des liens autant que possible. L’idée c’est que puissiez lire vous-même et pas juste me croire sur parole. Pour les amendements il faut bien comprendre qu’il y a un ordre, je vais me permettre de citer la fiche 37 de l’AN :
L’ordre d’appel est appelé la « feuille jaune ». En gros pour résumer la situation : on va d’abord commencer par les amendements qui vise à supprimer l’article, puis ceux qui modifient l'Amendement 1363 du Gouv., les Députés vont s'attaquer directement à celui du Gouv. On appel ça des sous-amendements (s/a).
Vu l’ordre tout ceux avant le 1363 seront analysés, ceux après vont « tomber » car si le 1363 (l’Amendement du Gouv.) passe alors tous ceux qui « proposant des solutions concurrentes » ne seront plus utile. Ce n’est pas sans effet, on compte 91 amendements qui suite au vote du 1363 sont tombés… On groupe également dans le même vote les amendements identique pour faciliter les débats. Bien entendu chacun pourra défendre son amendement.
Dernier point : le vote est par défaut à main levée qui du coup ne transcrit pas ceux poucontre. Heureusement on peut faire un vote par scrutin public sur demande par l’une de ces personnes : Président de séance, le Gouv., la Commission du texte, Président de groupe (ou délégué), Conférence du Président (super rare). Pour la majorité des « gros » amendements les groupes d’oppositions ont demandé le vote par scrutin public.
Je vais par la suite faire des liens vers le compte-rendu de l’AN et vers l’outil de recherche des amendements.
Amendements visant à supprimer l’article 24
On commence du coup par ceux qui visent suppression, on compte six amendements de suppression : 758, 773, 799, 921, 995 et 1213. Le lien pointe vers le CR, les députés défendent l’amendement et il y a réponse. Vous pouvez lire si le cœur vous en dit. Ci-dessous l’auteur et le groupe associé, je ne vais pas noter tous les signataires, sauf exceptions car il y a peu de monde ou ils sont seuls de leur groupe à le faire. Je vous laisse regarder sur l’AN rien que pour lire les arguments.
Je vais quand même mettre ceux qui ont déposé des amend. de suppressions mais non soutenu ou retiré.
Le scrutin est le n° 3213
Voici le détail par groupe.
Alors oui, tous les députés ne sont pas présents. Pourquoi ? Je ne sais pas, je sais qu’il y avait une restriction suite au Covid, mais je n’arrive pas à mettre la main sur le règlement (comment en effet décider le nombre de chaque député…). Sachant qu’il y aura toujours des absences rien que pour ceux qui sont en Outre-Mer, ou pour se reposetravailler (on a des débats jusqu’à minuit). Du coup j’ai pas mis le nombre de députés pour chaque groupe, pour ne pas pointer une situation dont je ne serais l'expliquer. Si quelqu’un sait, n’hésitez pas…
Conclusion : rejet de ces amendements, l’article n’est pas supprimé. On passe maintenant aux autres amendements qui tendent à modifier certaine partie.
Sous-amendements à l'amendement n° 1363
On peut demander un amendement sur… un amendement :) On appelle cela un sous-amendement (s/a), qui ne peuvent contredire l’amendement en question. En gros ici l’idée c’est de modifier l’amendement 1363 (celui du Gouvernement qui change légèrement l’article 24). Comme d’habitude vous pouvez les lire sur le site de l’AN. Malheureusement le CR n’est pas encore fini donc je peux que mettre en lien la vidéo, dès que c’est dispo’ vous verrez cela dans le CR de la deuxième séance.
Petits commentaires pour débuter : je vais ensuite simplifier mon propos, je vais appeler « dissident MoDem » ceux qui ont proposé le rejet de l’article, « opposition G. » LFI, GDR, et Socialiste (sauf mention contraire), « L-T » pour Liberté et Territoire et « NI » ceux qui ont voulu rejeter l’article. Je vais faire fi des MonsieuMadame et des prénoms et juste mettre le nom de famille (avec tout mon respect).
Autre point, j’ai regroupé ensemble certains s/a qui sont identique et voté à la suite. Typiquement la LFI propose souvent plusieurs s/a quasi identique et demande à mettre l’un d’eux en scrutin à vote à scrutin public les autre seront à main levée. Ce sera plus simple à la lecture.
Autres s/a
Certains s/a ne sont pas voté à en scrutin public, mais ça vaut le coup d’en parler… Ils sont tous rejetés.
Analyse du Scrutin n° 3219
L’article 4 est donc officiellement passé. Il reste ensuite le vote solennel le 24, Le Sénat, puis les possibles recours au CC et à l’UE. Vous pouvez voir dans les votes, et les débats, le manque de préparation de certains parti (des fois y’a que 2 personnes…) et également le fait que certains n’osent pas aller au bout de leur idée, tel le MoDem qui ne veut pas voter les s/a de l’opposition G.
P. S. : dans mon précédent fil sur la sécu’ privé j’avais indiqué qu’elle pouvait utiliser des drones, c’est une erreur. Ils pourront détecter les aéronefs (donc drone aussi). Merci à u/WinSmith1984.
Vous pouvez aussi lire le postage de u/autruip avec pleins de liens pour comprendre.
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2020.11.22 10:41 mystery_h Thread Horreur court

INTRODUCTION : Bonjour, je m'appelle Clara, j'ai 19 ans aujourd'hui mais je vais vous parler d'une histoire qui date de 6 ans maintenant... Il faut savoir que j'avais des parents assez riches, jusqu'à ce qu'ils dépensent tout leur argent mais bref... J'habitais dans une maison de 8 pièces, avec piscine, caméras de surveillance etc ... Mes parents partaient souvent en voyages économiques et à 13 ans je restais seule chez moi pendant un mois maximum. Ce jour là, mes parents partaient à Los Angeles, pour la 3 ème fois en 5 ans, et je restai seule pendant 3 semaines. Je vais venir au présent pour que vous vous plongez plus dans mon histoire....
Je vais donc manger un bout vu qu'il est midi, je suis seule dans la maison avec ma chienne, Lola. Mes parents veulent que je la garde auprès de moi car c'est une race de chien de garde, un boxer. Mais bref ça c'est un détail. Pendant que je manges un sandwich, j'entends des bruits à l'étage. Donc je monte pour vérifier mais j'ai juste laisser allumée la télé. Je reviens dans la salle à manger en bas, et tout se passe bien jusqu'à 18h:30. Il faut aussi savoir que mes parents et moi habitons à 10 minutes de voiture de la ville, notre résidence est isolée. Donc personne ne vient jamais sauf mes amis ou ceux de mes parents, ou encore les chauffeurs, bref quand il y a du bruit autour de notre maison c'est soit notre chienne soit des personnes que l'on connait. Je reste sur mon téléphone longtemps à parler avec mes amis, mais là j'entends des bruits en bas, car entre temps je suis montée dans ma chambre. Je descends pour aller vérifier, mais toujours RIEN. Ce qui m'inquiète c'est que c'est plus fort que les bruits de tout à l'heure et que même si on a aussi une télé en bas, cette fois je suis bien sûre de ne l'avoir utilisée que avant hier. Je vais quand même vérifier dans le salon, mais là télé est bien ÉTEINTE. Lola est en haut, ce n'est pas elle qui a fait du bruit. Mes amis ne peuvent pas me faire de blague car le portail est sécurisé et il ne peuvent pas rentrer. J'essaye de ne plus penser à ça, je ne réfléchis pas à ce que ça pourrait être, j'aimerai passer une soirée tranquille... Passons maintenant à 00:30. Je suis toujours sur mon téléphone dans ma chambre, mais je commence à être fatiguée... Donc j'éteins ma lumière et j'essaye de m'endormir. Je vois que je viens d'oublier de fermer les volets de ma chambre mais je me dis que ce n'est pas plus mal et que je pourrais me réveiller avec la lumière du jour. C'est l'été, on est en juillet, je pense aller à la plage avec Lola et mes amis demain. Je m'endors au bout d'une demi heure... Mais je me réveille par je ne sais quoi. Je me tourne en direction de la fenêtre, et je vois qu'il y a une Silhouette qui se dessine. C'est le moment où l'adrénaline m'a sauvée je pense. Je me retourne de l'autre côté, et je ferme complètement mes yeux . J'arrive pas à m'endormir. 5 mm minutes plus tard j'ouvre un peu les yeux et l'ombre de la fenêtre créée par la Lune sur mon placard me fait voir que... La personne est toujours là. J'essaye de refermer les yeux mais à ce moment là, la personne toque 3 fois à la fenêtre , lentement, mais fermement . Je sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé tout de suite dans ma tête mais ça m'a fait effectuée cette action précise : j'ai fais semblant de me réveiller et d'allumer la lumière, je me suis étirée pour boire de l'eau et je me suis glissée dans mon lit et j'ai éteins la lumière. Ce que j'ai eu le temps de faire, c'est reprendre mon portable pour appeller la police sous ma couette. Ils sont arrivés une demi heure après, vers 1:45. Je leur ai tout expliquer mais au final ils n'ont jamais rien trouvé. Par contre il y a une seule chose qui a changé. L'échelle que je rangeais souvent dans l'abri de jardin était au sol, devant la façade de là où se trouvait ma fenêtre. On a jamais rien trouvé d'autre, mais quand mes parents sont revenus nous avons changer pour une maison près de la ville, de 6 pièces avec piscine et la personne n'est jamais revenue.
Ce serait cool que Squeezie le lise pour ses threads horreur XD c'est bien d'avoir des rêves hein
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2020.11.21 22:15 Tryrshaugh Comprendre les produits financiers dérivés sur indices d’actions : futures, options européennes et swaps

Comprendre les produits financiers dérivés sur indices d’actions : futures, options européennes et swaps
Dans ce post je vais parler de 7 instruments financiers différents qui forment un écosystème essentiel pour qu’il soit possible de répliquer des indices boursiers indirectement (synthétiquement), écosystème appelé le marché à terme. Voici une brève introduction, nous allons les voir en détail et les lier ensemble plus tard. Ne cherchez pas à investir dans des dérivés sans les comprendre complètement, ce sont des produits avec des effets de leviers intrinsèques et qui démultiplient tous les risques de leurs sous-jacents. Le but de ce post est de donner une explication approfondie des mécanismes de ces produits.


En premier lieu nous avons 3 instruments « classiques » dans la mesure où ils sont négociés sur le marché spot (au comptant).
Le premier instrument est l’indice sous-jacent, qui est un panier d’actions cotées qui n’a réellement d’existence que conceptuelle, les paniers sont rarement réellement échangés dans cet écosystème, il n’y a pas de bourse où on peut directement acheter un panier, il faut faire les courses soi-même si on veut réellement le détenir. Ce qui est un peu plus réel, ce sont ses plus-values/moins-values et ses dividendes. On peut faire trois choses importantes avec le sous-jacent : l’acheter, l’emprunter ou le prêter pour une certaine durée et le vendre.
On a ensuite deux instruments qui forment le pilier central de l’écosystème, l’emprunt et le monétaire, généralement sous la forme de la marge ou de l’emprunt bancaire et du compte de dépôt. Il s’agît de la dette dont on se sert pour effectuer les opérations pendant une période donnée sur le sous-jacent dans le cas de la dette, et de là où on dépose les liquidités excédentaires quand on veut les sécuriser pendant une certaine période, dans le cas du monétaire. Ce sont deux côtés d’une seule et même pièce. On suppose au départ que que les institutions financières sur ces marchés dérivés ont un taux plus ou moins identique au dépôt et à l’emprunt et qu’elles ont zéro risque de défaut (ce qui est faux dans la réalité, mais ce n’est pas le sujet pour l’instant).
Ces instruments sont notre base sur laquelle nous allons construire les dérivés qui vont suivre.
On a le contrat à terme qui est pour son acheteur une obligation contractuelle d’acheter l’indice sous-jacent à une date déterminée dans le futur, à un prix déterminé à l’avance. Pour son vendeur c’est une obligation de vendre le sous-jacent à cette date, au prix déterminé. Le contrat à terme existe sous deux formes : La première est le forward, qui est un contrat négocié entre deux parties au gré-à-gré (en dehors de la bourse, en privé). C’est un contrat basé sur la confiance mutuelle entre les deux parties à ce que l’autre remplisse son obligation.
Quand vous allez voir votre maraîcher local et que vous faites un contrat pour qu’il vous livre un panier de légumes tous les mois pendant un an à 15 euros le panier, réglables à chaque livraison, vous achetez en réalité une série de 12 forwards sur sa production, espacés tous d’un mois. Vous prenez le risque que la récolte soit mauvaise ou qu’il y ait une forte déflation l’année suivante, lui prend le risque que vous ne soyez plus solvables à l’avenir et qu’il n’ait personne à qui revendre ses poireaux ou encore que l’inflation augmente brutalement l’année suivante.
La forme du contrat à terme dont je vais surtout parler dans ce post est le future, qui lui est échangé en bourse avec une entité centrale qui marie anonymement les acheteurs et les vendeurs et qui garantit la solvabilité de tous les participants, avec une immense pile de cash à sa disposition en cas de faillite d’un des participants, afin de compenser les contreparties du participant défaillant. C’est pourquoi cette entité centrale s’appelle la chambre de compensation. La plupart du temps, la bourse crée un future pour chaque mois de l’année, si la demande est suffisante pour le sous-jacent.
La particularité des futures est que le prix fixé sur le contrat est réajusté une fois par jour ouvré, généralement en début d’après-midi, et que tous les participants doivent rembourseencaisser les variations de ce prix à ce moment-là, on appelle ça le mark-to-market (MTM). Si on est acheteur (vendeur) et que le prix du futures a augmenté (baissé) aujourd’hui par rapport à hier, on encaisse la différence et s’il a baissé (augmenté) alors on paye la différence. On peut par ailleurs se défausser de l’obligation que nous impose le future à tout moment si nous le revendons sur le marché (ou si nous le rachetons si nous étions courts), ce qui peut soit nous amener à rembourser la dette accumulée sur la journée, soit à encaisser la créance accumulée, selon les mouvements du prix du sous-jacent dans la journée.
Nous avons ensuite les créances contingentes. Le deuxième dérivé est l’option d’achat, le call. C’est un contrat qui donne le droit à son acheteur d’acheter le sous-jacent à une date donnée à un prix donné. Le vendeur du call est dans l’obligation de vendre le sous-jacent si l’acheteur décide d’exercer son droit (on dit qu’il exerce son option). Le troisième est le miroir du call, l’option de vente, le put, qui donne le droit à son acheteur de vendre le sous-jacent à un prix donné (qu’on nomme strike), à une date donnée. Symétriquement au vendeur du call, le vendeur du put est obligé d’acheter le sous-jacent si l’acheteur décide d’exercer son option.
Pour utiliser le jargon financier, quand on achète un instrument dérivé, c’est-à-dire quand on rentre dans un contrat financier dérivé où on est le payeur, on dit qu’on est long sur le dérivé et quand on est vendeur on dit qu’on est court (short en anglais). Il est important de noter que l’on peut être vendeur d’un dérivé que l’on ne détient pas, on dit en anglais que l’on est la partie qui rédige le contrat (to write a derivatives contract), d’où la distinction entre « to sell » (quand on détient déjà un contrat) et « to short » (quand on le rédige), même si en pratique les financiers mélangent les deux en parlant.
Quand nous sommes longs d’un future ou d’un call ou bien courts d’un put, nous sommes indirectement longs sur le sous-jacent, c’est-à-dire quand le sous-jacent prend de la valeur, ces positions sur les dérivés devraient en prendre aussi pour des raisons que nous allons voir. Inversement, quand nous sommes courts d’un future ou d’un call, ou long d’un put, nous sommes courts sur le sous-jacent, nos positions sur ces instruments devraient prendre de la valeur quand le sous-jacent en perd.

La construction et la valorisation d’un contrat à terme

Essentiellement, acheter un contrat à terme sur des biens et les revendre immédiatement après livraison, pour une quantité et un prix donné, devrait rapporter, dans un monde imaginaire avec des marchés financiers parfait, exactement la même chose que de prendre un emprunt d’une somme suffisante pour pouvoir acheter la quantité de biens voulue aujourd’hui, acheter ces biens aujourd’hui et rembourser son emprunt lors de la vente des biens à l’échéance. En d’autres termes, prendre un contrat à terme est équivalent à acheter le sous-jacent complètement à crédit.
Nous allons illustrer ça avec un exemple fictif : L’once d’or est à 1867 USD aujourd’hui (ce qu’on appelle son prix spot, au comptant en français) et je souhaiterais acheter 100 onces pour 2 ans. Je peux aller à la banque et prendre un emprunt de 186 700 USD à un TAEG de 2% pour 2 ans (intérêts capitalisés jusqu’à l’échéance), acheter l’or aujourd’hui, le revendre dans 2 ans et rembourser le prêt avec ce que j’aurai gagné (ou perdu) avec la revente de l’or. Mon banquier me propose alternativement un contrat à terme pour 100 onces d’or dans 2 ans pour un prix fixé à 190 450 USD. Que dois-je choisir ?
Eh bien avec un TAEG de 2% sur 2 ans sur 186 700 USD, je vais devoir rembourser à la fin des deux années 186 700 * (1 + 2%)2 = 194 243 USD à mon banquier. C’est donc moins cher pour moi de prendre le contrat à terme que me propose le banquier. En d’autres termes, mon banquier me propose avec son contrat à terme, un crédit à deux ans avec un TAEG de (190 450 / 186 700)1/2 – 1 = 1%, à condition que j’achète son or dans deux ans, ce qui m’économise 3793 USD d’intérêts par rapport à l’alternative. La seule différence dans l’histoire c’est que mon banquier fait ce qu’il veut de l’or pendant les deux années si je choisis le contrat à terme, alors que si j’emprunte pour acheter l’or maintenant j’en fais ce que je veux pendant 2 ans. Je tiens cependant à préciser que comme pour un emprunt classique, dans la réalité on vous demande un apport pour rentrer dans un contrat à terme et c’est ça qui détermine l’effet de levier (la marge).
Compliquons un peu cette histoire.
Certaines entreprises se servent d’or comme monnaie d’échange ou comme garantie pour certaines transactions. Imaginons qu’un ami qui a un poste important dans une telle entreprise a besoin de cet or pour une année à partir d’aujourd’hui. Il est prêt à me payer 3780 USD si jamais j’arrive à lui procurer cet or (ce que je peux faire si j’emprunte pour l’acheter, mais pas si je prends le contrat à terme). Je me souviens que mon compte de dépôt me rend 0,5% d’intérêts par an, donc si mon ami me paye 3780 USD dans un an pour le prêt de mes 100 onces d’or, et que je dépose cette somme pour un an sur mon compte, j’aurai 3799 USD à l’échéance de mon emprunt, soit 6 USD de plus par rapport à si j’avais choisi le contrat à terme sur 2 ans. Je vais donc décider de choisir l’emprunt plutôt que le contrat à terme.
L’or a en réalité des inconvénients. Il faut le garder sous protection en cas de vol. Vous pouvez soit investir dans un coffre-fort et prendre une assurance sur vos 2,8kg d’or, soit payer votre banquier pour qu’il le garde au chaud dans un de ses coffres. Disons qu’une fois que mon ami m’a rendu l’or au bout d’un an, je dois investir dans un coffre et des caméras de sécurité pour 1500 USD. Immédiatement, on voit que je n’ai pas intérêt financièrement à faire cette transaction et en plus je prends un risque de me faire voler mon or malgré mes précautions. J’opterai donc pour le contrat à terme.
J’ai ainsi illustré les 4 facteurs qui déterminent le prix que l’on fixe sur un contrat à terme
  1. Le prix du sous-jacent aujourd’hui
  2. Les taux d’intérêts en vigueur à l’emprunt
  3. Le cash que l’on espère obtenir en « exploitant » le sous-jacent pendant la durée du contrat (ici en le prêtant à quelqu’un qui en a besoin, mais ça peut être aussi des dividendes ou des coupons versés par le sous-jacent)
  4. Les coûts estimés de la détention physique du sous-jacent pendant la durée du contrat
Le grand avantage des marchés à terme, c’est de pouvoir répartir les frais et les risques de la détention d’un actif parmi les participants. Cela permet que ce soient ceux qui peuvent stocker l’actif de façon la moins chère et la plus sûre, qui ne veulent pas prendre directement de risque de prix, qui seront les intermédiaires qui détiendront l’actif et seront au global net vendeurs de contrats à terme, et que ceux qui veulent spéculer sur le prix qui seront au global net acheteurs de contrats à terme, jusqu’à ce que de vrais acheteurs et vendeurs soient trouvés. Le marché à terme sert de pont quand la liquidité du marché au comptant du sous-jacent fluctue fortement au fil du temps ou quand le sous-jacent est difficile à se procurestocker à tout moment, d’où son origine historique dans l’agriculture.
A aucun moment l’anticipation du prix futur du sous-jacent ne rentre dans le calcul du prix fixé à l’avance dans le contrat à terme. Si jamais je suis un gros fonds qui achète un paquet de futures sur un actif parce que je pense qu’il va s’apprécier à l’avenir, je vais certes faire bouger le prix du futures à la hausse, mais comme ce n’est pas un changement dans les taux d’intérêts, le rendement en terme de cashflows de l’actif ou des frais liés à sa détention, ça va affecter directement le prix du sous-jacent aujourd’hui, car tous les autres participants de marchés qui m’ont vendu les contrats vont s’ajuster pour refléter ma demande en achetant directement l’actif, vu qu’ils sont pour reprendre mon exemple, ceux qui vont à la banque emprunter pour acheter l’or, le mettre dans un coffre et vendre un contrat à terme derrière pour couvrir leur opération.
Tout ça pour dire que ce qui se passe sur le marché spot du sous-jacent affecte le marché à terme et vice versa et que les prix des futures ne sont pas les anticipations des prix futurs du sous-jacent.
Pour donner un exemple concret avec un indice d’actions, essayons de valoriser un futures SPX qui expire dans 4 mois (prenons le cas du FCEH1 Index, le futures sur le CAC 40 à échéance mars 2021). Je tiens avant de commencer à vous introduire à une autre particularité des futures. Certains sont à livraison physique, d’autres sont réglés en cash. A ma connaissance (mais je peux me tromper) tous les futures sur indices sont réglés en cash. Autrement dit, si vous gardiez un futures jusqu’à expiration, vous règleriez vos dettes avec le vendeur du contrat de sorte à faire comme s’il vous vendait le contrat au prix fixé initialement et que vous revendiez immédiatement le sous-jacent. Si votre vente fictive rapporterait une plus-value alors le vendeur vous la verse et si c’est une moins-value c’est vous qui la versez au vendeur. Exemple : si le prix fixé est à 100 et que le sous-jacent est à 102 à l’échéance, vous recevez 2 euros * la quantité fixée dans le contrat, si le sous-jacent est à 97, vous payez 3 euros * la quantité.
Vendredi 20 novembre à 15h30 heure de Paris, le CAC 40 spot était à 5496 points, l’euribor 4 mois à environ 0,27% et la quantité fixée sur les futures est de 10 unités de CAC 40 par contrat (on dit que la valeur du point vaut 10 euros).
Avec ces informations, on sait que si le CAC 40 ne rapporte pas de cash et ne coûte rien à détenir, sa valeur théorique serait environ de : prix spot * (1 + taux d’intérêt) = 5496 * (1 + 0,27% * (4 * 30 / 360)) = 5501 points (55 010 euros si on multiplie par la quantité)
Comme l’Euribor 4 mois est coté à un taux annualisé, le 4 * 30 / 360 est une approximation de la correction qu’il faut appliquer pour obtenir le taux d’intérêt réellement payé sur la période.
Or le FCEH1 cotait à 5469 points à la même heure, soit 32 points plus bas que le prix théorique qu’on a calculé et 27 points plus bas que le spot. Vous comprendrez donc que cette décote est en réalité une compensation pour les dividendes attendus sur les 4 prochains mois sur le CAC 40, vu qu’il n’y a pas de coûts associés à la détention d’actions. On peut d’ailleurs estimer le rendement annualisé des dividendes attendus par le marché : (5496/5469 – 1) * 360 / 120 – 0,27% = 1,2% de dividend yield espéré sur les 4 prochains mois. Si vous pensez que c’est trop optimiste comme espérance, vous pouvez emprunter un panier de CAC 40, le vendre, mettre l’argent sur un compte en banque et être long sur le future, si vous pensez que c’est pessimiste, vous pouvez acheter à crédit un panier de CAC 40 (pour récolter les dividendes) et être court sur le future (NB : on appelle ça un arbitrage et c’est risqué, laissez ça aux hedge funds, ne vous amusez pas à faire ça vous-mêmes).
Je tiens à préciser que la réalité est un peu plus complexe et que je simplifie beaucoup.

La construction et la valorisation d’une créance contingente et la notion de delta

Juste pour clarifier la terminologie, tout comme pour les contrats à terme, il y a des créances contingentes cotées en bourse et d’autres négociées au gré-à-gré / dans des marchés organisés par des banques. Dans le premier cas on les nomme « options » et dans le second « warrants ». Je vais parler d’options par la suite car c’est plus digeste comme terme.
Dans la réalité, les options sont toujours exercées quand elles sont exerçables à leur échéance. C’est-à-dire qu’un call (put) sera exercé si jamais le prix du sous-jacent est au-dessus (en-dessous) du strike de l’option à l’échéance. Donc si jamais j’ai envie de répliquer une obligation d’achat à un prix fixé à une date donnée, quel que soit le prix du sous-jacent à cette échéance (vous comprendrez que c’est la même chose qu’un contrat à terme à cette date à ce prix), je serai long d’un call et court d’un put à ce strike. Quoi qu’il arrive à mon sous-jacent, ce sera soit mon call, soit le put que j’ai rédigé qui sera exercé et je serai obligé d’acheter le sous-jacent à l’échéance si garde cette position. On l’appelle un contrat à terme long synthétique et symétriquement un call court et un put long forment un contrat à terme short synthétique.
Un call tout seul se comporte un peu comme un future long, mais avec deux grosses différences.
  1. Moins il est probable qu’il soit exercé à l’échéance, plus il perd de la valeur et moins il devient sensible aux mouvements de prix du sous-jacent. Inversement, plus il est certain qu’il soit exercé, plus il se comportera comme un futures long. On mesure cette sensibilité au prix du sous-jacent avec le delta et on peut aussi assimiler ça à la probabilité que l’option soit exercée (en valeur abolue pour les puts). Un futures est d’ailleurs appelé un dérivé « delta one », car il est sensible à plus ou moins 100% des mouvements de prix du sous-jacent et on peut l’imaginer comme une option avec 100% de chance d’être exercée.
  2. Le prix d’achat sur le contrat (le strike) est fixé à la rédaction du contrat et ne change pas tous les jours. Pour imiter cela, il faut vendre puis racheter son call à un nouveau strike en reflétant l’évolution des prix du sous-jacent, ce qu’on appelle le delta hedging, car ça maintient une sensibilité au prix plus ou moins constante et, soit dit en passant, c’est sur ce principe que fonctionnent les ETF à effet de levier.
L’équation pour savoir comment arbitrer une option est
C - P = (F – K) / (1 + r) = S – K / (1 + r)
Acheter un call et vendre un put ça coûte la même chose qu’acheter un future et compenser la différence entre le strike et le prix du future ou acheter le sous-jacent à crédit. Avec de l’algèbre élémentaire on obtient :
Acheter un call c’est la même chose que
C = (F – K) / (1 + r) + P (acheter un future et un put)
Acheter un put c’est la même chose que
P = (F – K) / (1 + r) + C (acheter un future et un call)
Vendre un call c’est la même chose que
-C = -(F – K) / (1 + r) – P (vendre un future et un call)
Vendre un put c’est la même chose que
-P = -(F – K) / (1 + r) - C (vendre un future et un call)
Je vais vous donner un exemple (complètement fictif et à ne pas prendre au sérieux) pour illustrer ces concepts.
Vous êtes un très bon « forecaster » et vous prédisez que si les démocrates remportent les deux sièges sénatoriaux en Géorgie, le SPX va se retrouver à 3650 points en janvier dans deux mois sur des espérances d’un Green New Deal à 3,5 billions de dollars, sinon il va être à 3500 points à cause des confinements des Etats démocrates où se concentre une grande partie des consommateurs et entreprises américaines et du manque de stimulus fiscal. Le SPX est à 3558 points et a un dividend yield estimé à 1,88% annuel sur les prochains mois.
Vous estimez que les démocrates ont 30% de chance de réussite. Le 2 month US Dollar Libor est à 0,17%. L’option Put Janvier 2021 à un strike de 3540 points cote à 98,21 dollars. Dans le scénario victoire démocrate le put ne vaut rien (car le SPX serait au-dessus de 3540 points donc le put serait inexerçable) et dans le scénario défaite démocrate il vaut 3540 – 3500 = 40 dollars. Vous estimez donc sa valeur présente à partir de vos deux scénarios à
70% * 40 / (1 + (0,17% - 1,88%) * 2 * 30 / 360 ) = 28,08 dollars (car le put ne vaut rien en cas de victoire démocrate dans vos scénarios et que la défaite a une probabilité de 70%). Pour vous le put est donc beaucoup trop surévalué donc si vous avez une confiance aveugle en vos talents de prévisionniste, vous allez être court sur le put. Dans le scénario victoire votre gain est de 98,21 * (1 + 0,17% * 2 * 30 / 360) = 98,23 dollars car le put expirera inexercé et on suppose que vous avez mis la recette de la vente du put dans un compte bancaire qui a le LIBOR comme taux d’intérêt et dans le scénario défaite votre gain sera de 98,21 * (1 + 0,17% * 2 * 30 / 360) – 40 = 58,23 dollars car le put sera exercé 40 dollars en-dessous de votre strike, donc vous devrez cette somme à l’acheteur de votre put (vu que le SPX n’est pas un actif livrable). Bien évidemment, si vous vous trompez et que le SPX chute bien en-dessous de 3500 points, vous risquez de perdre bien plus que la valeur du put.
Contrairement aux futures, les anticipations des participants de marché influent directement sur la valorisation des options et il existe tout un tas de façons de tenter de trouver leur « juste valeur » (arbre bi/multinomial, BSM, stochastic jumps etc…). Vous noterez aussi dans mon exemple que les options se comportent très différemment des futures, elles perdent de la valeur au fil du temps et peuvent même perdre de la valeur alors qu’elles finissent par être exercées et que le sous-jacent a évolué dans leur sens (hausse pour le call, baisse pour le put).

La construction des Equity Swaps

Le dernier contrat dérivé important dans cet écosystème est le swap, qui est un contrat financier négocié au gré-à-gré. Un swap sur des actions est appelé un Equity Swap, ou Total Return Swap (TRS) et sa forme la plus commune est une obligation contractuelle d’échanger à intervalles réguliers le rendement d’un actif contre celui d’un autre.
Vous vous souvenez du maraîcher au début du post ? Celui avec qui vous vous êtes mis d’accord d’acheter un panier de légumes pour 15 euros tous les mois pendant un an ? Je ne vous ai pas tout dit mais en réalité, on donne un nom à une série de contrats à terme, on appelle ça un swap – car c’est un échange à intervalles réguliers à prix fixé, lui vous donne sa production et vous lui donnez 15 euros fixés à l’avance.
Bon, imaginons un peu qu’au lieu de paniers de légumes d’un maraîcher, vous avez en face un banquier qui vous propose de vous vendre tous les trimestres un panier de SPX pour un montant initial de 1M de dollars (ce qu’on appelle le montant notionnel) tous les trimestres pendant 3 ans. Ca ne fonctionne pas exactement comme notre swap avec le maraîcher car 1) Vous n’avez qu’un million de dollars et pas 1 million tous les trois mois à mettre sur le SPX et 2) Un panier de SPX c’est embêtant à se procurer. Ce que vous faites avec votre banquier c’est que vous vous mettez d’accord sur la chose suivante : au lieu de s’échanger une pile de cash contre un panier d’actions tous les mois, vous faites comme si vous déteniez une obligation d’un montant notionnel d’un million de dollars avec une échéance dans 3 ans à taux fixe et coupon trimestriel et comme si le banquier détenait un panier de SPX de la même valeur initialement. Lui vous donne chaque trimestre le rendement total de l’indice (plus/moin-value + dividendes) et vous lui donnez les coupons de votre obligation fictive.
Pour déterminer le taux fixe à payer, on doit déterminer le taux d’intérêt qui ferait en sorte que votre obligation fictive soit valorisée au « par », c’est-à-dire au juste prix du marché aujourd’hui. Pour faire ça on soustrait à 1 l’inverse de 1 + le taux américain à 3 ans et on divise le résultat par la somme de l’inverse de 1 + tous les taux spots sur le LIBOLes obligations d’Etat américaines pour chaque trimestre où on s’échange nos rendements. Dans notre exemple ça nous donne 0,076% du notionnel à payer tous les trimestres au banquier, soit 760 dollars tous les trois mois pendant 3 ans.

Le discount factor c’est 1/(1 + LIBOR(N))^N où N est la maturité.
Les 760 dollars resteront fixés jusqu’à la fin du swap. Disons que vous décidez de régler vos dettes quotidiennement, le SPX gagne 1% la première journée et la courbe du LIBOR se déplace de 0,5bp plus haut. On calcule donc la valeur présente de votre obligation fictive avec la nouvelle courbe des taux : (taux fixe * La somme des nouveaux discount factors + le dernier discount factor) * Montant notionnel. Comme les taux ont augmenté, votre obligation à taux fixe fictive a perdu de la valeur, ce qui représente une dette de 148,90 dollars envers le banquier, mais en même temps, comme le SPX a pris 1%, le banquier vous doit 10 000 dollars, donc le banquier nette le tout et vous verse 9851,10 dollars aujourd’hui.
Il y a différentes façons de structurer un equity swap. L’obligation fictive peut avoir un taux fixe comme dans notre exemple, un taux variable ou un mélange des deux. Dans ce swap, le SPX est ce qu’on appelle l’ « equity leg » et votre obligation fictive à taux fixe la « fixed leg » et si le taux était variable alors cela aurait été une « floating leg ». De votre point de vue ce swap est un « receive equity, pay fixed » (le taux fixe s’appelle le swap spread), mais du point de vue du banquier c’est un « receive fixed, pay equity ». Les contreparties de ces equity swaps sont généralement des banques qui détiennent des actions en trop dont elles ne peuvent pas se débarrasser sans faire brutalement bouger les prix et veulent se couvrir pour diminuer leur exposition au risque de marché.
La forme de l’equity swap qu’utilisent les ETF synthétiques unfunded est le « receive equity, pay equity ». Selon comment le swap est structuré, l’ETF va généralement payer un spread + LIBOR + le rendement d’un panier et va recevoir le rendement d’un autre panier.
Imaginons un ETF synthétique qui rentre dans un swap sur 5 ans avec une banque où il reçoit le SPX verse le SX5E (Eurostoxx 50) avec des payements trimestriels d’un EURIBOR 3 mois + 1bp de swap spread (0,25bp par trimestre). Le montant notionnel du swap est 1M EUR et la banque vous confère 1M d’euros de paniers de SX5E en collatéral et vous réglez vos dettes quotidiennement. Imaginons un scénario catastrophe complètement fictif, une grosse banque américaine a vendu trop de dérivés avec un levier énorme sur un sous-jacent qui s’est cassé la figure et avait maquillé ses comptes, mais se retrouve en défaut de payement aujourd’hui et devait beaucoup d’argent à la banque partenaire de l’ETF. Le SPX casse et s’écrase à -21% et s’arrête au troisième circuit breaker, le SX5E chute de 18% suite à la nouvelle, avec la plupart de ses actions sous-jacentes franchissant 2 circuit breakers consécutifs sur Euronext. La courbe des taux s’invertit et passe à 7% sur l’Euribor 3 mois et 5% sur le taux spot 5 ans, autrement dit c’est la catastrophe.
Vous vous dites, heureusement et malheureusement, la chute est amortie car vous payez un Euribor et un swap spread de 1bp, donc la valeur présente de vos paiements d’intérêts futurs vous fait bénéficier d’un gain de 8,755% en plus des 3% de différence entre les indices en votre faveur, pour compenser la perte de 21% de votre panier de collatéral. Le banquier annonce que sa banque est en défaut de paiement, donc tout ça ne veut plus rien dire, le swap est terminé. Etant donné que votre panier de collatéral est 3% plus bas que l’indice que vous êtes censé suivre et que celui-ci devient votre panier physique et vous décidez de le liquider le lendemain à l’ouverture, ce qui vous fait perdre 2% de plus.
Voilà l'illustration du risque de contrepartie d’un ETF synthétique. Je ne cherche pas à être dramatique, je maintiens qu'il faut vraiment que ce soit catastrophique pour en arriver là.


Être long sur un contrat à terme sur un sous-jacent est équivalent à acheter à crédit le sous-jacent, mais sans la liberté de l’exploiter comme on le souhaite pendant la durée du contrat, être court c’est comme emprunter le sous-jacent, le vendre et mettre le liquide sur un compte en banque. Si le prix fixé sur le contrat à terme est trop élevé par rapport à l’alternative, un arbitrageur (un investisseur qui corrige les décalages de prix d’actifs théoriquement équivalents) va acheter à crédit le sous-jacent et devenir court sur le contrat à terme et profiter du décalage. Si le prix fixé est, au contraire, trop faible, il va emprunter le sous-jacent, le vendre immédiatement et devenir long sur le contrat à terme, pour profiter du décalage. Seules les institutions financières avec des taux d’emprunts faibles peuvent faire des arbitrages efficacement.
Les créances contingentes reflètent les anticipations (de volatilité des prix du sous-jacent) des participants de marché et en les combinant on peut recréer un future. Acheter un call et ajuster le strike en fonction des mouvements de prix du sous-jacent, c'est un peu comme être long sur une fraction de future, cette fraction c'est le delta de l'option.
Un swap est équivalent à une série de contrats à terme avec juste l'échéance qui change entre chaque contrat.
Pourquoi faire un un swap et pas de la réplication physique ? Ça permet de limiter l'erreur de réplication et les frais de transaction, de ne pas faire bouger d'énormes quantités de capitaux sur les marchés et affecter les prix par la même occasion.
Pourquoi un swap et pas un contrat à terme ? La grande différence entre un swap et un contrat à terme est qu'un swap est comme un achat du sous-jacent à crédit pendant une période donnée, mais en payant les intérêts trimestriellement. On évite ainsi la capitalisation des intérêts à payer et cela fait en sorte que les frais du swap évoluent en fonction des taux d'intérêt, donc de profiter des baisses de taux. Les deux sont toutefois des dérivés delta one et exposent autant aux mouvements du sous-jacent. Les swaps sont beaucoup plus adaptés pour l'investissement long terme. Les futures sont beaucoup plus intéressants pour l'investissement court terme car ils minimisent les frais de transaction encore plus.
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2020.11.21 03:03 InfernoAA Switchblade Era Vol. II Part One: Ashes to Empire

Bullet Club is one of the greatest successes of the past decade, initially a group of 4 brash, uber-cool gaijin led by Prince Devitt, who spat on the long-standing traditions of NJPW, frustrated by the manner they were being treated. They since turned into arguably the hottest sensation worldwide, their influence spreading throughout the wrestling industry. However, recently, the group has slowly lost its lustre, big names moving onto greener pastures and the heat that catapulted it to top petering out. Currently being co-led by Jay White and EVIL, the Switchblade Era is in desperate need of an overhaul, so let’s take a look at how that can be fixed, starting with the road to Wrestle Kingdom 15.

Build to Wrestle Kingdom 15

Presently, the only Bullet Club related match-up announced for the annual Tokyo Dome show is the main event of Night Two, featuring Jay White facing the winner of Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi from Night One for both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships, earning the match after defeating Ibushi for his G1 Climax Contract. As for the rest of the faction, they’re currently split across the Best of the Super Juniors and World Tag League, looking to join White on the WK card with a prestigious title match.

Best of the Super Juniors 27
Representing the faction is IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori, who’s eyes are set on winning his first BoSJ, having made it to the Finals in his debut in 2018, before being the runner-up for his block last year. With a shot at Ishimori’s gold on the line for WK, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. He starts the tournament with a loss to the favourite to win the whole tournament, Hiromu Takahashi, before rebounding with three straight victories over Ryusuke Taguchi, DOUKI and Yuya Uemura, on a hot streak, only to suffer his second loss opposite Robbie Eagles.
Resetting his focus, he’s able to head to the final night with 12 points, taking down BUSHI, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion El Desperado and Master Wato along the way. With a tight victory over SHO, he sits at the top of his block with 14 points, only for Hiromu and Eagles to also meet him at 14 by the end of the night, their tie-breakers over him causing him to be eliminated from the running, finishing with an incredible campaign nonetheless. In the Finals, it’s Eagles who pulls off the upset against Hiromu, setting himself a date opposite Taiji for WK!

World Tag League
As for the WTL, BC have not 1, not 2, but 3 teams in the running, Guerrillas of Destiny, Back Luck Fale & Chase Owens, and EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi all looking to take the trophy for themselves. Fale & Owens have a tough run ahead of them, only able to record 4 points, whilst EVIL & Yujiro do considerably better, even leading the block in the early goings, but their momentum runs short entering the latter half of the tournament after a loss to their own stablemates, GoD. Upon being mathematically eliminated, EVIL decides to sabotage another team’s chance of winning, interfering in SANADA & Shingo Takagi’s penultimate match to also eliminate them from the running, setting up a heated WK match between the King of Darkness and the Cold Skull!
As for GoD, one of the faces of the Tag Division yet having never won the WTL itself, they perform brilliantly, even scoring a victory over the Tag Champs themselves, Dangerous Tekkers. Making it to the Finals, they meet long-standing rivals FinJuice, the teams 1-1 this year against each other. After an exhilarating Finals, GoD pull off the big victory, winning their first WTL and earning another round against DT, this time for the belts. However, with FinJuice also pinning DT, they lobby to be added to the match, bringing up their win over GoD at last year’s WK for the straps, as well as their near-flawless record this year, making it a Triple Threat to GoD’s chagrin.

Super J-Cup
The final tournament on the road to WK is the legendary Super J-Cup, all eyes on defending champion El Phantasmo as he looks to join GoD in bringing Bullet Club tournament success. In the opening round, he squares off against GCW sensation Blake Christian, picking up the victory, before clashing with Cruiserweight Classic Winner TJP in the Semi-Finals, another hard-fought win in the books for the Canadian. Making it to the Finals, looking to win his second year in a row, he squares off against Lio Rush, the two delivering in an epic bout which sees ELP fall narrowly short, unable to bring home the trophy.

Despite Bullet Club only winning 1 of 3 tournaments, they have a strong line-up of matches for them on January 4th & 5th in:

Night One
Night Two

Looking to undo the curse of last year where for the first time in the faction’s history, they left with 0 titles, having always left with at least 1 in previous years, an indication of the recent decline in BC’s dominance, Jay White rallies his troops and demands only the best from them up and down the card.

Wrestle Kingdom 15 – Night One

NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championships Scramble
A feature of the grand spectacle that is Wrestle Kingdom is the 6-Man Title match, featuring competitors from all factions vying for the trios gold. In a twist on the usual Gauntlet concept, a Scramble occurs instead, a new team entering every 5 minutes. The bout is kicked off by Los Ingobernables de Japon and Taguchi Japan, the two sides keeping themselves busy with each other before the reigning champions, CHAOS, are out next, Bullet Club’s Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens entering the fray 4th.
The first pinfall of the match occurs when Fale gets one over Taguchi, BC becoming the interim champions, only for Suzuki-Gun to become the final team to enter and immediately make a huge impact as they pick at the exhausted competitors, Taichi pinning Chase Owens to take the titles! It’s frantic in the ring as the clock reaches its final minute, pinfall attempts being traded left and right, BC doing their all to leave with the straps, but it’s YOSHI-HASHI taking the titles back for CHAOS by pinning El Desperado, CHAOS retaining!
CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & YOSHI-HASHI) retain the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship (20:00)

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Taiji Ishimori (c) vs Robbie Eagles
As a result of Eagles winning BoSJ 27, the match between him and Ishimori for the gold was made official for WK, Taiji 4 months into his 2nd reign. The two have quite the history between them, Eagles once a member of Bullet Club, teaming with Ishimori in the Super Junior Tag League back in 2018, though were unable to win the whole tournament. Whilst Ishimori moved on to winning the Junior Title at WK, Eagles was left directionless with BC. A spirited run in the BoSJ the following year lead him to a Junior Title match vs Will Ospreay, whom he would join forces with over in CHAOS, turning his back on BC. Whilst the newly-dubbed Birds of Prey fell short in their challenge for Ishimori & ELP’s Junior Tag Titles, Eagles had not forgotten about Ishimori, his recent BoSJ win leading him full circle back to the Bone Soldier.
Now, with the Junior Heavyweight Title between them at WK, the two do battle, Ishimori brutally stretching the Aussie out and using his shorter, nimbler frame to evade incoming aerial attacks, bringing him crashing down to earth instead with a massive Spanish Fly! Slapping on an Omoplata Crossface, Taiji keeps up his work on the challenger, wanting to torture him in reminder of Eagles turning his back on the group that once brought him in, only for Robbie to start making a comeback, the Sniper of the Skies taking it back to the Bone Soldier with Ace Crushers, before nailing a picture-perfect Warp 4.5, Ishimori kicking out with bare milliseconds to spare! A surprise Bloody Cross almost does Robbie in, but as the champ looks to seal the deal with a Revolución, a blindingly quick spray of kicks stun him, before Eagles cinches in the Ron Miller Special! Trapped in the centre of the ring with nowhere to go, Taiji taps out!
Robbie Eagles def. Taiji Ishimori to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship (20:37)

IWGP United States Championship: KENTA vs Jon Moxley (c)
As for the special attraction of the night for Bullet Club, it’s the long-awaited confrontation between KENTA and former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, having recently dropped his title to Kenny Omega en route to his third title defence of a 365 day long reign, more desperate than ever to clobber the loving hell out of someone to unleash all his pent-up frustrations, the Black Sun being that man for him. On the other hand, KENTA is just as equally chomping at the bit to fight for the US Title, having waited since his New Japan Cup USA victory back in August for this opportunity, now having it presented to him on the grandest stage possible. This match isn’t just about the title for him though, as after BC’s two losses earlier in the night, all the pressure is on his shoulders to help the allow the faction to leave with gold on Night One.
The two get down to action immediately, not even waiting for the bell to get into a hockey fight, seeming more like a NEVER Openweight Title match. Mox pounds KENTA into the mat in a Lou Thesz Press, only for KENTA to launch him off with his strong legs, before battering him back with shots all over the body, pressing him into the corner for a Hesitation Dropkick! A Roundhouse Kick straight to the jaw seems to knock out a tooth or two from Mox’s jaw, leaving the former Deathmatch competitor bleeding from the jaw, simply wiping the crimson away with a smile, just a day in the life of the champ. Leathering each other with strikes, Jon suddenly pulls KENTA into a Snap Death Rider, almost getting the 3 count, only for him to get his foot on the rope! A Pendulum Lariat is evaded, KENTA instead bashing his already dented NJC Briefcase over Mox’s skull as the referee is distracted, the imprint from cracking it on Hiroshi Tanahashi now widened by Mox, before nailing consecutive Go 2 Sleeps! 1…2…3! KENTA is the new US Champion!
KENTA def. Jon Moxley (c) to win IWGP United States Championship (23:02)

In Night One’s Main Event, Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi do battle for the IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championships, one year on from Ibushi’s challenge for Okada’s gold. Both men put it all on the line, balancing the more headstrong and reckless style with the required stamina to last in a Tokyo Dome main event. The most prestigious match in their rivalry sees the Golden Star finally capture the big one, 6 years in the making for Ibushi as he leaves January 4 with both of NJPW’s top titles. After the match, he’s confronted by the man he’s slated to face the following night, Jay White, who has a sneer on his face as he extends a Too Sweet to Kota, the champ shaking his head and raising his titles instead.

Wrestle Kingdom 15 – Night Two

IWGP Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny vs Dangerous Tekkers (c) vs FinJuice
2020 has been the year of Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi, the team of Dangerous Tekkers capturing the IWGP Tag Team Championships from Golden☆Ace back at Dominion, running roughshod over the tag division. Taking advantage of the likes of GoD and FinJuice being unable to travel to NJPW due to restrictions, they cemented their position at the top of the division and forged an elite chemistry, now prepared for all comers. With GoD winning the WTL for the first time, now also looking for their first WK victory and FinJuice out to reclaim the Tag Titles one year on from when they won them the first time at last year’s WK, DT are in for a tough defence.
As the bell rings, chaos reigns supreme in the ring between the 6 men, GoD completely disregarding rules, instead initiating a brawl with the rest of the competitors. Taichi opts to sit back and watch, sliding in when need be to save the match or double-team alongside Zack, whilst FinJuice fight from underneath, oftentimes finding themselves at somewhat of a handicap with both teams coming after them. GoD manage to isolate DT from FinJuice, sending Juice & Finlay far up the ramp to prevent them from interfering, leading to a 2-on-2 encounter between the BC and Suzuki-Gun tandems. A Super Powerbomb is thwarted by a Dangerous Backdrop from the Lord and Saviour, only for ZSJ to eat a Gun Stun from Tama Tonga to prevent a Zack Mephisto! FinJuice re-enter the fray, almost going two years in a row as a Left Hand of God/Acid Drop connects on Tonga, only for both members of DT to save the match for themselves! A Penalty Kick into a Holy Zack Driver connects on Finlay whilst Juice is thrown out of the ring, but before DT can do anything, GoD nail Guerrilla Warfare on them! 1…2…3! Guerrillas of Destiny have won at WK for the first time, becoming a record 7-time Tag Champs in the process!
Guerrillas of Destiny def. Dangerous Tekkers (c) and FinJuice to win the IWGP Tag Team Championships (16:30)

Almost 5 years of history lead to this match, the roots running deep between BC’s EVIL and LIJ’s SANADA. Once one of three initial members of LIJ alongside leader Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI, EVIL formed a tag team with SANADA upon the Cold Skull joining the faction the following year, the two becoming runner-ups for their block in the WTL, before capturing the 6-Man Tag Titles at WK, amassing 3 reigns alongside each other. Back-to-back WTL and subsequent Tag Title victories at WK12 & 13 established them as a dominant unit. However, that bond was all thrown away when EVIL turned on LIJ and jumped ship to BC, assuming co-leadership there. After EVIL cost SANADA the WTL, all signs pointed to a singles confrontation between them to settle the score, the two 2-2 against each other.
A stoic SANADA and a brooding EVIL meet each other inside the ring, SANADA with his Cold Skull mask in his right hand, EVIL with Dick Togo and Jado in his corner. To SANADA’s surprise, EVIL signals to them that he wants to do this on his own, who hesitantly oblige. SANADA is calm and steady in his movements, not letting the hatred for EVIL cloud his mind, instead putting his focus on winning the match, but it’s made difficult by the cocky, brutish nature of the King of Darkness, EVIL bullying SANADA about the ring with less wrestling moves and more ugly strikes, shoves and tosses. A thumb poke to the eye scouts a Skull End, EVIL instead clamping on the Banshee Muzzle, looking to drain the life out of his once partner, only for the Tokyo crowd to rally on the Cold Skull, who fights out and nails a picture-perfect Moonsault!
A Skull End attempt is stopped by Togo and Jado, making their presence known as EVIL retracts his initial orders, causing SANADA to take them out with a Moonsault to the outside, but as he slides back inside the ring, he’s caught with a low blow outside the ref’s view, leading to Everything Is Evil! 1…2…NOOOOO! SANADA somehow gets the shoulder up, the crowd firmly backing him as he lets it all out against EVIL! He nails a symbolic Destino, before transitioning into a Skull End, EVIL struggling in his grasp, arms waving frantically, yelling for Togo & Jado to help him out of his predicament, but he’s all alone this time, the road he made for himself when he turned on LIJ and joined a faction that hasn’t warmed to him so much. He caves in, tapping out, crowning SANADA the victor!
SANADA def. EVIL (17:25)

IWGP Heavyweight/Intercontinental Championships: Jay White vs Kota Ibushi (c)(c)
Jay White vs Kota Ibushi has been quite the rivalry to watch unfold over the past 1 ½ years, Ibushi defeating White in the G1 29 Finals, before meeting him in the Loser’s Bracket of the Double Gold Dash at WK14, White leaving Kota looking up at the lights as he got his win back. He didn’t stop there, defeating Ibushi in their G1 Block match later that year, before becoming the first competitor to win the G1 Contract from someone else, defeating Ibushi at Power Struggle to steal his spot in WK’s ME, forcing Ibushi to go through Naito to get to him. The series 3-1 in White’s favour, one of those being a win exactly 365 days ago in the same spot, the odds aren’t looking too good for Ibushi, but he isn’t going to let himself have the shortest IWGP Hvt reign in history.
Mind games are ever prevalent in White’s strategy, taunting Ibushi to come for him, only to roll outside the ring to toy with him, Too Sweeting Gedo and even Gino Gambino. Ibushi, however, has seen this too many times to fall for it, Jay almost impressed as he rolls back inside the ring to an unmoving Kota, not letting his guard down for even a second. White decides he’ll have to find his sweet spot in another fashion, getting into some straight-up wrestling with the Golden Star, the two evenly matched as the bout rolls on. To White’s chagrin, Kota still doesn’t crack as Gedo tries to work himself into the match, dealing with him handily, before turning his attention right back to Jay without even the slightest slip-up. The Switchblade becomes more aggressive in his attacks, cerebrally and meticulously picking Ibushi apart, using anything he can from his surroundings to his advantage.
He delivers a sick apron Saito Suplex, locks in a devasting Modified Reverse Figure-Four Leglock, and even drills him with Sharp Sensations to the chest in attempts of knocking him out if he can’t pin or submit him, yet Ibushi stands his ground, weathering the storm to fight back. A middle rope Deadlift German ragdolls White across the mat, a Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head damn near makes it lights out for Jay, and Golden Star Powerbomb brings him crashing down into the canvas, yet much like Ibushi, the Knife Pervert stays in it, wanting to do what he failed to do last year and leave with both titles over his shoulders. Getting frustrated, White starts pushing it further and further, putting Ibushi through a table with a Kiwi Krusher and bounces his head off the floor with a Blade Runner, but that only serves to tick Ibushi off even more, the Golden Star going into murder mode!
A nasty series of open palm strikes and blistering kicks that leave him black and blue all over allow Ibushi to hook both arms, looking to be done with White once and for all, only for BC to hit the scene in support of their leader. A mis-fired Roundhouse Kick takes out the referee, prompting BC to go to rip into the champion, but not letting the sanctity of the WK ME be sullied, NJPW’s Main Unit race out, the likes of Hiroshi Tanahashi, FinJuice and Tencozy fighting back! As the dust settles, all that’s left is the knackered pair of White and Ibushi… and EVIL! Looking to repay the favour from White trying to lend a hand in EVIL’s Heavyweight & IC match against Naito at Power Struggle, EVIL takes it to Ibushi, but as he goes for a Lariat, Kota evades, causing EVIL to take out White instead, Ibushi proceeding to remove him from the ring with a V-Trigger, before turning back to Jay, nailing a Kamigoye! Not settling for just one though, he calls for a second, only for White to nail a last-gasp Blade Runner! An attempt for two ends in a second Kamigoye though, Ibushi collapsing into cover! 1…2…3!
Kota Ibushi (c)(c) def. Jay White to retain the IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championship (36:46)

Wrestle Kingdom was a show of mixed success for Bullet Club, as whilst they secured the US and Tag Titles, all their other matches ended in losses, White particularly livid about his loss to Ibushi, getting into a shouting match with EVIL after the show backstage, the rest of the faction having to get in between the two leaders before things could go south, cracks running deep in the faction behind the veil of gold.

Build to New Beginning 2021

New Year Dash!! 2021
The night after WK sees BC compete in the night’s main event, a Tag Team match pitting the two leaders, White and EVIL, against newly crowned Hvt/IC Champ Ibushi and his partner, Tanahashi. Whilst Golden☆Ace work on the same page, maintaining great synergy, White and EVIL bicker between themselves, tagging themselves in and out as they please, leading them back into a shouting match. EVIL snaps, laying White out with Everything Is Evil! The White/EVIL partnership has imploded! Satisfied, EVIL walks out on Jay, allowing Ibushi to pin the Switchblade for the win!
As Golden☆Ace rejoice in victory, heading to the back, White pulls himself back to his feet, furious. EVIL cost him his match at WK and has now shown his true colours! It isn’t long though before EVIL starts making his way back, White bracing himself for action, only for the rest of BC to make their way out, once again pushing the two apart from one another, tensions running high in Korakuen Hall, the title successes from the previous night being sullied by the drama between the two leaders. The two yell across the arena, White challenging EVIL to a match, only for him to grunt and turn away once more, returning to the back as White demands him to return, but to no avail…
Whilst EVIL doesn’t immediately respond to White’s challenge, his response is clear already, more than happy to take the match and put down White, but only on one condition: If he wins, BC is his. Jay, though not so inclined to risk his leadership, accepts, knowing there’s no other way around things, the match made official for Osaka! As for the rest of BC, they’re involved in multi-man tags on the ‘Road To’ specials alongside White against EVIL’s branch of BC, whilst KENTA and GoD set their sights on title defences, the former receiving a challenge from SANADA following his victory over EVIL, whilst Dangerous Tekkers are out to take their titles back from GoD.

New Beginning 2021

IWGP United States Championship: KENTA (c) vs SANADA
The first major stop on the road to Osaka is USA, KENTA defending his newly-won gold against the Cold Skull. A contrast to the more physical match wrestled against Mox, KENTA and SANADA take things down the technical route, SANADA employing his ground game to look for an opening to cinch in the Skull End, eyes locked on the neck, whilst KENTA keeps his attention on SANADA’s shoulder, using precise kicks and stomps to wear it out. A Paradise Lock from SANADA allows him to toy with his foe, rolling him about the ring and taking clear shots at the neck.
As he calls for Skull End though, KENTA fights out and drops him on his shoulder with a German Suplex! The Cold Skull retorts with a Dragon Suplex, before scaling to the high-rent district, wanting to land a Moonsault, only for KENTA to stop him in his tracks, instead turning the predicament into an Avalanche Falcon Arrow! A Busaiku Knee Kick is evaded, SANADA going back to the well with Skull End, KENTA teasing tapping out, only to steal the arm and reverse into Game Over! Wrenching back in the Crossface, SANADA has no choice but to tap!
KENTA (c) def. SANADA to retain the IWGP United States Championship (18:11)

IWGP Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny (c) vs Dangerous Tekkers
With Osaka growing closer by the day, NJPW makes its next big stop in Sapporo, featuring the Tag Title match between GoD and DT. In a rematch from the WTL, GoD play the role of the aggressors in this match, backed by the confidence of being the champions. The longer-standing chemistry between Tama and Tonga allows them to assume control in the match, using frequent tags and double teams to leave their less experienced foes on the backfoot. A timely counter of a Tongan Twist turns the tide of the match, Sabre applying dual submissions on his foes as Taichi watches on in approval.
He goes on to work with the World’s Sliest Wrestler to reaffirm just why they were NJPW’s MVP Tag Team last year, surprising GoD with their fluidity as Taichi nails a Dangerous Backdrop on Tama, before ZSJ & Taichi score dual Penalty Kicks, a Guillotine Choke into an Axe Bomber ensuing, only for Tanga to block a Zack Mephisto, having seen enough. The back-and-forth action leads them to a fast-paced finish, a Gun Stun countered with a Rear Naked Choke, a Black Mephisto cancelled with a Spear, a Holy Zack Driver failing as Tama takes Taichi out with a Gun Stun, leaving ZSJ to eat the double-team Guerrilla Warfare! 1...2...3!
Guerrillas of Destiny (c) def. Dangerous Tekkers to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championships (21:33)

Jay White vs EVIL
Slowly brewing over the past 7 months is the eventual confrontation between White and EVIL, the latter joining forces with BC whilst Jay was away, proceeding to shoot them back to the main event title picture. Upon White’s return though, the issues between the two leaders simmered as they fought for power between themselves, looking to establish who is the one true leader of the faction. Both men, whether it was actually unintentional or not, cost each other shots at the top titles, so it only seems fair that they have a platform to solve their issues once and for all, with the added caveat that if EVIL wins, he becomes the undisputed leader of BC.
All of BC is already present at ringside as White and EVIL both make the walk to the squared circle alone, the faction members all keeping a close eye on the action as it could very well dictate their own futures too. As the match gets underway, the two opt to stall and trash talk in the early goings, taking their sweet time, knowing just how important it is to get everything right in this match and win. White approaches the King of Darkness, offering a Too Sweet and taunting him to back down, only for EVIL to swing for a Lariat, White narrowly evading, a smirk on his face. Using his size and power advantage, EVIL looks to take control of the Switchblade, but the slick counters and cunningness of White keep the bout even.
As BC watch on intently from ringside, the arena deathly silent in anticipation of seeing who BC’s sole leader will be, the two trade their signature manoeuvres, momentum swinging between them like a pendulum. EVIL brings a chair into the ring, wrapping it around the Switchblade’s head and going for Everything is Evil, only for White to fight back, removing the chair and dumping EVIL over the ropes to the outside with a Saito Suplex! With the match spilling to ringside, all it takes is one misfired shot to a bystander for it to turn into a Lumberjack match, all hell breaking loose as EVIL launches a chair at White, only for him to duck and for the steel to catch Chase Owens in the face! All the bodies duke it out amongst themselves, White and EVIL finding themselves caught up in the fray too, eating errant shots left and right, before trading some blows between themselves.
The referee desperately tries to regain control of the match, eventually White and EVIL returning back inside the ring, both going to the well with their finishers in an epic closing sprint. A Blade Runner is blocked, EVIL going for Darkness Falls again, only for White to slip out and nail a Kiwi Krusher, before hooking EVIL in once more, only this time it’s a low blow to counter it! Setting the chair up once more, the King of Darkness calls for Everything Is Evil on the steel, nailing it! 1…2…KENTA BREAKS IT UP! EVIL is taken aback, GoD following KENTA into the ring, then Fale, ELP, Taiji, Yujiro, Owens, everyone surrounding EVIL! He looks left and right frantically, before BC pounce on him like rabid wolves, dogpiling him! Feeding EVIL’s carcass to White, the Switchblade connects the Blade Runner! 1…2…3!
Jay White def. EVIL (20:12)
Too Sweets are shared all around the ring as EVIL’s body is disposed of, everyone seeming to have had enough of the King of Darkness. With BC uniting under White’s leadership once more, Jay cuts a promo, claiming that the Day of Reckoning struck for EVIL and BC has been rid of its vermin. Now, they move onto new beginnings, promising to restore the faction back to its once heights and rule New Japan with an iron fist. In order to rebuild their faction, they need new faces, new motivations, and most importantly, more titles. So, he’d like to make a declaration and put the locker room on notice. This year, he will enter the G1 as the IWGP Heavyweight Champ!

Build to G1 Supercard 2021

AEW Dynamite
On the road to winning the IWGP Title, White makes a quick detour, making a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite! With the NJPW/AEW relationship taking off, Jay takes it to his advantage to swing by, bumping into Jon Moxley backstage, who’s gearing up for his match against Kenny Omega this weekend at Revolution II for his once AEW World Championship. Mox, much like everyone else, is caught off guard by White’s appearance, the Switchblade proceeding to offer Mox a position in BC, stating that they could make do with one of AEW’s biggest stars, before promising to elevate him to heights he’s never been before. Handing him a BC shirt, Jay slinks back into the shadows, telling him he’ll be waiting for a response by the end of the night.
In the main event of the show, Jon faces off against PAC to warm up for his World Title match, the leader of Death Triangle also expressing his interests in challenging for the title, a considerable WL record on his hands. After a great showcase between the two, Mox seals the deal with a pair of Paradigm Shifts, pinning PAC for the victory. As he celebrates on the turnbuckles, a potential preview to what could go down on Saturday, White heads down to the ring, confronting Mox about his offer to join BC, reminding him it’s limited time. The Death Rider weighs the shirt in his hands, teasing putting it on, only to flip White off and drill him with a Paradigm Shift as well!
PAC returning to his feet, he leads Death Triangle in a 3-on-1 beatdown on Mox, White joining in as he recovers, switching to his ruthless side on a dime, nailing Mox with a Blade Runner, before threading his leg through a chair and Pillmanising it! He yells at him that he made a mistake, how they could’ve been so great together, but before he can run his mouth any more, he turns to see Death Triangle staring him down intently, proceeding to leave the ring to them before they go after him too. Whilst the recruitment didn’t turn out so well, he may have just made himself a dangerous enemy…

(Side-note: At Revolution II, Mox falls short against Omega, who’s back in his Cleaner phase with Young Bucks by his side, the Elite trio at AEW’s head. After the match, Death Triangle attack Mox once again, before staring down the Elite as the show comes to a close.)

New Japan Cup
After the visit to AEW, White and the rest of BC set their sights on winning the NJC, Jay, KENTA and ELP throwing their names into the hat for the 16-man tournament. In the opening round, White is tasked with taking on the man that eliminated him from the G1 last year, CHAOS’ Tomohiro Ishii. He strides into the match confident as ever despite never having defeated the Stone Pitbull in the past, the goal of winning the IWGP Title by the G1 lighting a fire underneath himself. The two battle for a full 29 minutes, going ever so close to breaking half an hour, but it’s a Blade Runner- Wait, someone seems to be heading to the ring from the crowd! Suddenly, Ishii spins White around and nails a Brainbuster out of nowhere! 1…2…3! WHITE IS OUT IN THE FIRST ROUND!
A phenomenal match between White and Ishii ends in a true shocker as Bullet Club’s Leader is out before the rest of his stablemates, a shot to the heart of White’s plans of winning the IWGP Hvt Title. He has no time to fathom what just occurred though, bigger problems on their way as the figure from the crowd slides into the ring and starts laying into Jay, pulling back their hood to reveal themselves to be JON MOXLEY! The Death Rider drills him with consecutive Death Riders, before going for some sweet retribution by trying to stomp White’s leg through a chair, the excruciating manoeuvre playing into Mox’s loss at Revolution, Jon now out for revenge! Before he can follow through though, White just about powders, leaving a seething Mox in the ring.
Whilst White’s run ended straight away, KENTA and ELP find more luck, advancing to the Quarter Finals, where the Black Sun is the next to depart in surprising fashion, leaving the Headbanga to make his way to the Semi Finals, the opportunity to win the whole NJC drawing closer by the minute, only to lose out to one of his rivals in Will Ospreay, the Assassin etching a spot in the Finals. Nonetheless, ELP’s breakout run doesn’t go under the radar, proving himself to be somewhat of a hidden gem for BC.

New Japan Cup Finals
IWGP Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny (c) vs FinJuice
Other members of BC having their hands full with the NJC, GoD put out the challenge to anyone to face them for their tag titles at the NJC Finals show, FinJuice stepping up to answer, not having had a rematch for the belts after not being pinned in the Triple Threat at WK. Another instalment in the GoD/FinJuice rivalry ensues, Juice and Finlay adamant to take the titles for themselves, whilst GoD are out to make FinJuice victims of their dominance once more. It’s classic tag team wrestling between the two sides, the 7-time Tag Champs bullying their opponents about the ring, the former WTL winners responding with babyface fire and aggression. In the end, GoD go for Guerrilla Warfare, only for a Left Hand of God to send Tanga out of the ring, allowing a Juicebox/Air Rad Crash combo on Tama to ensue! 1…2…3! FinJuice with the upset!
FinJuice def. Guerrillas of Destiny (c) to win the IWGP Tag Team Championships (19:10)

White is taken aback by BC’s recent losses, expecting to win the NJC with ease, and now GoD have lost them 1 of 2 titles they own, all hopes now riding on KENTA to keep a tight grip on his title as they gear up for the G1 Supercard event announced for April, NJPW returning to Madison Square Garden! They’re not alone though, as part of the NJPW/AEW relationship, stars from both companies will appear on the show! Which for White can only mean that all fingers are pointing towards one match…
Both on a collision course following recent events, White vs Mox is hyped up as one of the larger attractions, the night’s semi main event slot booked for two of both companies biggest stars! Also on the card in a match to watch out for, KENTA is scheduled to defend his US Title against the Empire’s Jeff Cobb, whilst the rest of BC are involved elsewhere on the card in smaller interpromotional bouts. As for the selling point of the show, NJPW’s Top Champion, Kota Ibushi, will face off against none other than AEW’s Top Champion, Kenny Omega! Set to be an incredible night of action in MSG, BC are looking to score big.

G1 Supercard 2021
IWGP United States Championship: KENTA (c) vs Jeff Cobb
In one of two large matches involving BC on the show, KENTA defends his title against Jeff Cobb, an interesting clash of styles between the striker and the powerhouse. KENTA plays to his own strengths, dragging Cobb into a striking affair and lighting him up with kicks all over, but he gets too overzealous in the face of the Hawaiian Hulk, who brings him crashing down to earth with Rolling Gutwrench Suplexes! KENTA fights back with a Fisherman Buster, before catching him with a High Knee on the jaw and a Tiger Suplex! As he heaves to get Cobb onto his shoulders for the Go 2 Sleep, Jeff slips behind, nailing a Headbutt right on the button, before connecting a Tour of the Islands! 1…2…3! Just like that, BC is left title-less!
Jeff Cobb def. KENTA (c) to win the IWGP United States Championship (16:28)

Jay White vs Jon Moxley
The arena is electric as NJPW’s White and AEW’s Moxley make their respective entrances, White clearly shaken by KENTA’s loss earlier in the night, his new era already seeming to fall apart as now BC have no gold to flaunt, making defeating Mox all the more necessary to keep face. Meanwhile, Mox is a man on a mission, wanting nothing more than the satisfaction of beating White. In a rematch from their G1 encounter, the two hot commodities collide, the two complementing each other well with a slow, grinding pace, White centring his offense around Mox’s leg, Dragon Screw Leg Whips weakening the base, whilst Mox focuses on the neck, softening up Jay for the Paradigm Shift with Rear Naked Choke attempts! Multiple dramatic near-falls and submissions ensue, MSG treated to a slobberknocker of an encounter, eventually coming to a close as White fights free of a Bulldog Choke, instead kicking out Mox’s knee to nail a Blade Runner, securing the 3 count!
Jay White def. Jon Moxley (20:29)

Moving onto the main event of the night, Omega and Ibushi are deep into their encounter, the story backing their encounter making it all the more interesting. After Omega left NJPW two years ago to aid in the formation of AEW, Ibushi set his sights on winning the title that Omega lost at that year’s WK, going through quite the journey to finally join the Best Bout Machine in the record books. In almost a dream come true for Kota, both he and Omega at the top of their companies, Kenny Kenny regressed back to his dark upon turning on Adam Page, leaving Ibushi now desperately trying to restore Omega back to the light. An epic struggle ensues in which Omega seems as if he’s going to return to Ibushi once more, but The Cleaner can’t bring himself to do it, ending up capitalising on Ibushi’s heartbreak on misery to nail the One Winged Angel and win!
He doesn’t have time to celebrate though as after the match, White heads to the ring with a microphone, which peaks Omega’s interest. The Switchblade states that two months ago he announced a new era for Bullet Club which would be illustrated by success on top of success. But as everyone can see, the opposite has occurred, the group losing all their titles. However, after his match against Mox, he realised that something was missing from BC, some sort of spark was lacking to kick start his plans. A fire needs all three components to burn, and much like a fire, BC needs its own triangle to set the world on fire once more… DEATH TRIANGLE hit the ring, laying waste to Omega, Young Bucks coming out to try and help him out but they’re taken out too, before they raise the Elite’s titles, White doing the same with Ibushi’s! As the 4 of them stand side-by-side in the ring, White tells the wrestling world to watch out, because BC & Death Triangle have united as one, and they’re coming for the thrones!
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I'm an Aussie upgrading my pc, atm I have an incredibly out of date CPU and a motherboard that is in huge need of replacement.
With advice from my brother (pc genius, but he prefers when I look around myself) I've decided on a Ryzen 5 5600x and all I need is a motherboard to go with it, except looking at the compatibility list on PCPartPicker there's so much trying to figure it out is overwhelming.
I'm here for suggestions and if able I would love to be taught a little bit more about motherboards and CPU's while we're at it.
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